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Brotherhood of the Kilt - KiltsRock.com

The Brotherhood of the Kilt is a global co-ed organization dedicated to the kilt and the people who wear it. We strive to positively impact the affordability and variety of kilted products availalble by providing an open venue for small and large Celtic or kilted businesses to promote their products and services. We also endeavor to educate the global community about the history of the kilt and its impact on people and cultures around the world. Utilizing online forums, live discussions, kilted social events and growing merchant support, The Brotherhood promotes the modern use, appearance and image of the kilt regardless of type and style to further its worldwide acceptance.

It is our belief that you do not need be Celtic to wear the kilt, you just need the courage to put it on!

For more information about the Brotherhood of the Kilt, and the benefits of membership
( such as merchant discounts )

Brotherhood of the Kilt - KiltsRock.com
Save 10% or more with the Brotherhood of the Kilt

As a member of the Brotherhood of the Kilt, you not only get to enjoy access to members-only items like custom kilt pins, sporrans and kilts, but you get 10% or more off merchandise from many of our Official Brotherhood of the Kilt merchants! These merchants are all honest companies and kiltmakers, and will definitely not rip you off!

Become an Official Merchant of the Brotherhood...

If you want to become a merchant, please visit the merchant page to see our current merchants and the criteria to become a merchant. (there is no fee to be a merchant)

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