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  1. KiltedTexan
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    Last week my wife and lost our first child, Fiona Michelle, was stillborn.  

    We have a small idea of what happened, but not 100% sure. We are in pain, but our faith in God and the support that we have surrounding us. Time will heal our hearts, but we will always miss not having our Fiona girl to hold and love.

    I think I am writing this not to invoke sympathy, but so that I can come back in the future and see where I have grown from this point I time.

    My heart swells with the thought of entering Heaven's gate and seeing my Fiona standing there waiting for me to pick her up, and love her for eternity in a perfect world void of sin and death.

    As hard as this has been it will hurt less with time, but my plea to all parents is to cherish the time with your children. I will never take LIFE for granted after this moment in our life.

      I also know with Fiona watching me that I must live a life that will make her proud of her daddy.


  2. Kerbyg
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    I enjoy wearing my kilt to social functions. A good friend, and kilt owner by his own admission, asked me, "Why do you keep wearing a kilt all the time?" I just smiled and replied, "Why do you wear p@nt$?" I explained it was part heritage, part just being me, and a whole lot more comfortable than the constriction of jeans.


    Now that fall is arriving here in the Tennessee Valley, the cool breezes helped too.