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  2. Greetings from Louisiana

    Welcome, form Oklahoma.
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  4. Black would work then. A Stumptown black would work. Antique brass hardware...They come in 25" drop now.
  5. The policy specifies "navy blue or black p@nt$, like Dickies or Dockers..." They won't allow denim.
  6. If it's not against policy, let her have a hissy fit if your boss says it's ok. There are black traditional kilts and utility kilts too. True navy blue, DK. UT Kilts has dark blue. I work for a university, so I could probably wear whatever I wanted. I put it another way, jeans and sneakers are ok. Some guys I work with wear shorts.
  7. Oh, the store manager would be fine with me wearing a kilt and has said so. Sadly, it's a retail environment, and there is a published dress code/uniform standard (among other things, this suggests that a kilt that I would be able to get away with would be navy blue or nearly black, and I don't have a Utilikilts Workmans in black--yet). The HR harridan would have a hissy fit (although we don't see her on a daily basis--we are one of five or six stores in her district).
  8. I think we have the luxury more often than not and never even try to find out if we can do X. People forget that interviewing and getting a job is a two way street. Ingrained manorial attitudes still exist in a lot of places and then there's the intransigence to going to when work is or even something better. When I lived in Iowa and Maytag went under, a lot of folks thought they were entitled to the lifestyle they were used to and it didn't enter their mind to go where there are better pastures, no pun intended. Our ancestors came thousands of miles at a time when it was like going to the moon now and somehow we've lost that adaptability. A good person to follow as far as career advice is Liz Ryan. If you are on Linked In, she writes there. A different mindset and right as rain about a lot of stuff people think is just the way it is. SO, if you want to wear a kilt at work, it's good to find out policies RE dress code and even more importantly what the culture is at a company one is engaging. Again, it's a two way street.
  9. At the time, I was more interested in returning to having a revenue stream than I was in making sure I could work in a kilt. Sometimes we don't have the luxury of saying, "I'll only work for you if I can wear a kilt." I don't have a money tree in my back yard, and don't assume anyone else does, either. And, to be fair, there are places where kilts aren't the best choice of work wear.
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  11. The key is finding that out before you get the job offer. People forget that the hiring process is a two way street.
  12. I've been a little busy... Got laid off a week or two before Thanksgiving. Started the new job the Monday after Thanksgiving (at better pay than any job I've had for the last five years, and better than most I've had). Had three or four weeks at six-day work weeks (the overtime has been quite helpful...). We still have two Basset Hounds (Wilbur and Orville), and the key difference between raising two dogs and raising two kids (aside from that the dogs never grow up) is that I can take the dogs places on leashes and nobody gives me the stink-eye. Leash a kid? Now to get work to allow me to wear Utilikilts...
  13. Safe accessible home

    The weekend outfits. I think these two outfits show the versatility of the kilt from casual to more dressy day wear Saturday Sunday
  14. Safe accessible home

    Here is today's outfit #kiltingforacause PM me for details. Every donation helps and will ensure I continue the kilting adventure. More important however is that my friend gets a safe accessible home.
  15. I know that truck. It's the one that got me to join here. I use to see it all the time, I use to see the drive of the truck at the grocery store every weekend. But then he decided to move back to Massachusetts. That is the truck of our leader KT.
  16. Safe accessible home

    I have not posted here in a bit, sorry about that, I am still wearing the kilt daily and am on day 15 of the month. Here are some photos from the past few days.
  17. Kilt pins

    A lot of pins look the same to me. I wish that there was some more original designs. I made a couple using a magnet. One if a ram DIMM and the other is a small wrench.
  18. 2018 Burns Dinner AZ

  19. Kilt pins

  20. Kilt pins

    I think any place that sells traditional kilts usually also sells kilt pins. Don't think I've ever seen a kilt pin on a utilikilt.
  21. Well im not new but its been a few years

    I am in MA but it wasn't me what town are you in
  22. Newbie from U.K

    welcome from MA
  23. 2018 Burns Dinner AZ

    very nice
  24. Kilt pins

    where do I go to fine good kilt pins
  25. Just signed up on this forum, new member to the Brotherhood of the kilt. Just ordered a new kilt from ANGRY BASTARDS and I pray that it is as nice as the video review done by Bearded an Kilted. Hope to get to know more people who are into kilt, beginning to think I’m the only one in Ohio.
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