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  2. knoxy10, if you are serious about your family history, I highly recommend having your DNA tested. I like you waited till later in life to dig into my ancestry. Aside from having your DNA tested, your best research tool is the internet! You can find what your looking for, books, articles, genealogy sites etc! If you do decide to test your DNA I highly recommend Family Tree! Good luck!
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  4. macmanjim, I am 6'5" and I have several kilts from Sport Kilt and the length that fits perfect on me is 25" . I would try that first. I am also Irish/Scottish/Danish and you would represent well in any of the Irish district or Irish designs!
  5. I plan to go under hers, but I haven't bought a new kilt as I am in the process of losing weight. I don't want to buy something that will be too big in 3 months as kilts don't have a lot of play. In her case, Watt falls under Buchanan. It's a very colorful tartan. I was never in the military really. AROTC for two years and then figured out I wasn't meant for it. I didn't find a tartan design app on Scotweb, I think it was. I made something that incorporated my Irish and English ancestry, but boy, it's a fortune to have it made. I don't think my schools have Tartans (SUNY, NYU and University of Phoenix), but I'll have to look. The states I've lived do, but I haven't found somewhere that sells the AZ tartan. I'll have to look harder.
  6. macmanjim, you CAN go under your spouse's tartan, if you were in the military you could use theirs. Some colleges have tartans as well. There are several national tartans. The field is wide open.
  7. I find the handles too short on the sgian dubhs that a lot of places sell. Funny thing is I bought some new knives for the kitchen and I love the paring knife. It would make a great sgian dubhs, but some would say the handle is too long, but I like the way it feels in my hand. I am not really a knife person per se, so I don't claim expertise at all, but I do appreciate quality. Might be neat is someone made a japanese style forged blade sgian dubhs. I saw Cold Steel has one. Lynn makes ok stuff. I'd want something fully functional.
  8. They're great bikes. I wish they fit me. Same with the C14.
  9. No Scottish that I know of. Dad's family was Napolitano. Mom was a mutt. Her maternal grandmother was from London and her maternal grandfather was Irish descent, with her great great grand father coming here during the famine. Her dad's side had german, french, danish and probably more anglo mixed in along the way, some here before the revolution. I've trace my mom's maternal grandmother line back to the 15-1600's. I got to John Locke's paternal uncle. My wife's maiden name is Watt, which falls under Buchanan. She's Scottish, Irish and German.
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  11. I'm new to immersing myself into the Scottish culture and my family heritage. My dad died when I was 11 and wanted to learn more about where my family came from. I have a kilt in my ancestors clan's tartan but I want to get the full look and full emersion, books to read on, accessories for my kilt, etc. I appreciate the help in advance! knoxy10
  12. Yep 2004 I love my bike. John
  13. I'm guessing you ride a FJR1300...I ride a 2009 RT.
  14. Welcome from S.E. Wisconsin. John
  15. Thanks for the welcome from you all. I finally expanded my profile and formally joined.
  16. Welcome, from the south-central valley of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania!
  17. Welcome, from Oklahoma. I'm not sure how UT kill s are with adjustability, Sport Kilt does work well with the fluctuating waistline. Paul Henry will drop in here from time to time. You might see if he has some options available.
  18. New member here. A couple months ago I bought a utility kilt from UT Kilts in Black Watch. Being 6'5 and not waifish, I find it a bit short when I sit down. Looking to get something longer and different. I am not Scottish (half Italian and the other half is English, Irish, German and French), but my wife is as her maiden name is Watt, which is under the Buchanan Clan. I was thinking of getting a custom one at UT Kilts in Buchanan with a length of 26 or so inches in length. Holding off until I lose more weight though. I wonder if it would be better to get my second kilt in something adjustable as I've lost 38lbs and I have a lot more to go...Any pointers would be appreciated. I'm going to make my own kilt pin too. Seems like a lot of the stuff for sale out there is the same. We'll see. Anyway, I'm originally from Long Island, lived in Iowa before moving to AZ.
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  20. Here are some photos from our last Tartan Tuesday, it was very hot so casual was the order of the day.
  21. Here are some photos from our last Tartan Tuesday, it was very hot so casual was the order of the day.
  22. It's not an idea, it's a reality. I have already raised AUD$7500. People just donate to my cancer council fundraising link and they handle the payment and receipts.
  23. No surprises. You are always so well turned out.
  24. Business casual means taking my jacket off.
  25. This is a nice idea, but how does one monetize the wearing of a kilt?
  26. Welcome from Colorado
  27. Greetings and welcome to the forum
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