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  4. shoogle

    CBC Music Service

    A free music streaming service ... As of today you scroll down to "world" and then across to 'celtic' and press the play button. Not sure if it is geographically restricted outside of Canada but it is worth a try. No sign ups or other nonsense required just listen and enjoy.
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  6. PatRidenour

    Business Casual

    Business casual. The general manager of our market hasn’t told me no and all of my chain of command are fine with it, but I wear something like this most everyday.
  7. macmanjim

    Kilted Chronicles 8: Kilted Fishing Trip

    I haven't fished in decades. My experience is limited to northern Maine and Long Island. Very different from each other.
  8. macmanjim

    Science Behind Reconciliation With Ex Girlfriend

    As long as it's keto friendly, I would give it a try.
  9. Although the wife & I have plans, that weekend, we're going to try to partake of the McLain Festival, near Carlisle, PA. This is a basic, grass-roots Scottish festival; always a pleasant time. McLain Festival McLain Festival (FB)
  10. The Amadan

    Science Behind Reconciliation With Ex Girlfriend

    I hear it's great, fried with eggs & toast.
  11. KiltedYaksman

    Kilted Chronicles 8: Kilted Fishing Trip

    Cool. I haven't done any paddling like that. The fishing was really bad in all of the lakes I tried, which a few years back were quite reliable. Has to do with the dry summer and extremely low water levels.
  12. FJR1300

    Kilted Chronicles 8: Kilted Fishing Trip

    Looks Nice up There I Have Paddeled the B.W.C.A. and into Canada but not too far in.How was the Fishing. John
  13. Went to some secluded lakes in Northern Ontario, a lot farther North than the big wildfires we are currently having around Parry Sound, although I did drive past those. The kilt didn't see the inside of the boat, mainly to avoid being hit with fish slime and all that good stuff. However, I did take time to wear it on a morning hike and snap a few shots while dismantling my tent before the camera battery died. Hiking in the Canadian shield in the kilt is glorious. Advice In the photos I am still wearing normal socks. Wear proper kilt hose to cover more of your leg from mosquitoes and horse flies. Bring a nice wool kilt to wear while not fishing, but have an acrylic, or even older, more worn wool kilt if you plan to do activities where you expect to get filthy.
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  15. Elden Peterson

    Catch KT everyday

    Kilt on my brothers and sisters
  16. Elden Peterson

    Kilted Chronicle 4: Custom Kilt For Exericse/Hiking

    I have one of his sporrans I say do it you won't be sorry.
  17. Elden Peterson

    Happy Canada - Maple Tartan

    You 2 look great love the colors
  18. Elden Peterson

    Isle of Skye part 2

    I really like the colors in it .it is sad that people do things like that to one another glad to see it you have it again.kilt on
  19. KiltedYaksman

    New kilts

    Looks good. Was the 2 month wait because you custom ordered? Hope it stays in your wardrobe for a long time! The pin is really cool too.
  20. Elden Peterson

    New kilts

    After a 2 month wait I got my new kilts from UT kilts a 13oz wool Macmillan back,and 16oz wool Cambell And my sister got me a tam from the Southern Cal Rinn fair.and I got the pin for my Tam on eBay. will wear my Macmillan back to chuck for a class on the end time.
  21. FJR1300

    Isle of Skye part 2

    Looking Good as Usual Sir. John
  22. Mcmurdo

    Isle of Skye part 2

    When I started wearing the kilt over a decade ago I was really taken with the Isle of Skye tartan it was one of my first kilts and I loved it. My ex-wife decided to throw it away along with another kilt from What Price Glory when we were going through our divorce. I was sure I would never replace it and tried to move on. Fast forward to a month or so ago while I was checking out EBay I came across an Isle of Skye kilt at an affordable £35 I put it on my watch list and waited, at the last possible moment I put a bid on it and won it for £40. This was a far cry from the over $800 the original cost me. I am very happy with the purchase. I've worn it a few times since it arrived and I am so glad I decided to replace the kilt that was lost to me. Here are a few photos from the past couple of weeks.
  23. KiltedYaksman

    Kilted music

    Bumped into this song by a band called the Irish Rovers while listening to music from the East coast of Canada. Donal where's your troosers? Do you know of any kilted songs? Post em.
  24. macmanjim


    Welcome from AZ.
  25. macmanjim

    New member

    I've been a member for a year and never received anything.
  26. cb750kman

    Kilted Chronicles 7: Kilted Daily

    A ripstop fabric utility kilt is a cool thing , no pun intended........wait...... yes it was LOL.
  27. cb750kman


    Greatings from the Great State of Texas
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