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  2. Got my Scot on...


    [Scottish Nat'l tartan]


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  4. I disagree here. Sometimes idiots bells need rung! I am a polite and respectful person even in situations like you described but there just comes a time when you need to put people in their place and remind them that respect goes a long way!
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  6. Well played. He picked the duel, you won.
  7. Excellent. Kilt on.
  8. Very happy to help, yes based near Kingston SW london
  9. Thanks, Captain! So far, I haven't ever received a negative comment when I've ventured out kilted. I received my Borealis Black Hiking kilt Wednesday as expected - and it's great! I was actually out and about in kilts most of this weekend and got a few comments, but all were positve or at least good natured in tone and delivery - more out of curiosity than anything. Like anything else, the more you practice doing something, the easier it gets. During this afternoon's run out the grocery store felt like a standard everyday trip. I'm sure I got some looks, but I didn't feel like people were watching me or staring. Doug
  10. Have just found out about Paul Henry Kilts who are based, I understand, in SW London.
  11. I am considering purchasing a new kilt but always prefer to be measured by the kiltmaker rather than attempting it myself. Do you offer personal consultations? I can easily get to Kingston, which is where I believe you are based.


    Best wishes,



    1. paulhenry



       yes I'm always happy to talk about kilts, and happy to meet up and discuss details

    2. Gerry


      Hi Paul,


      Am wondering if you could manage lunchtime on Saturday, 25th March. 


      I'll be travelling by public transport from North London. What is your address?


      Best wishes,



  12. I went kilted to the Gaelic Storm concert in Milwaukee last night, with my wonderful wife. After the show as we walked to the car some idiot started in with comments about my skirt and whether I had on underwear. In deference to my wife ignored him and he went away to his friends scolding. Unfortunately idiots are everywhere.
  13. I Know What You Mean. John
  14. Just bugs me, that I stooped to his level (which doesn't feel like a "win", to me). Normally, I would simply give an ambivalent glance, and ignore. What perturbed me, more than anything, was rudely interrupting the conversation of 6 people, with his sophomoric remark. I can take insults, all day long, and laugh at it. But display a lack of basic manners (especially towards my friends), and I have issue.
  15. Sounds to Me Like You Won. and it Might Have Been That Liquid Courage on His Part. john
  16. Sometimes the snap response IS the best. He dealt the hand, you just played it out. You had the better cards.
  17. Today, we celebrated St. Patrick's Day, at our favorite pub, which was packed. (needless to say, I was kilted, in Irish National Tartan, with appropriate hose, shoes, shirt, vest, tie, and leather 'cycle jacket)( I received many compliments, and photo requests) The wife & I were slowly making our way to leave, and we stopped to say goodbye to a small group of friends. As we chatted, I heard a voice, behind me say: "Mom?" I paid little attention, until I noticed my friends' eyes looking behind me. Again, I heard "Mom?", which interrupted our discussion. Turning, I behold an unknown gentleman, around 45 years of age, slight stature, nicely dressed in a manner that would lead me to believe he was of otherwise decent decorum "Excuse me?" I responded. "Is that you, Mom?", he further queried. "Does your Mom have a beard, sir?" (I have a rather thick blonde/white beard) "No, but she wears a skirt, too, like you", was his reply. "Really?" "Did your Mom ever beat your a$$?" I questioned. The gentleman nodded. "Well, then, I might actually have something in common with your mother, after all." His facial expression went from smug smile to concerned apprehension. "Sir, I have never, ever worn a skirt - this is a kilt". "Yes, I know that." he admitted. "So, you cannot feign ignorance; therefore that was an intentional slur.", and I returned my attention to my friends. As he walked away, he muttered something about "...just kidding..." Those who know me, understand that I am not of a belligerent nature - I can shrug off insults, and tend to defuse situations with self-deprecating humor. The few negative remarks I've experienced (kilted) usually came from 14-year-olds - not gentlemen dressed like a college professor. Normally, I just ignore, and move on. For some reason, this caught me so off-guard (and ticked-me-off) that I felt compelled to respond. Feel like a bit of a jerk, as I try to be a positive example of kiltdom. I guess I can attribute it to alcohol.
  18. I know of only three makers of contemporary kilts here in the UK: 21st Century Kilts - Based in Edinburgh but is able to see customers in London (and elsewhere?). Definitely top of the range in price and quality. Skilts - Based in London. Good range of contemporary kilts at mid-price. Union Kilts - Based in North Wales. Quality kilts at reasonable prices. Is anyone aware of any other UK-based makers of contemporary/modern style kilts? Gerry
  19. Welcome from S.E. Wisconsin. John
  20. Hi everyone, Greetings from London! I have been wearing kilts of all sorts - traditional, contemporary, tartan and plain - since about 1970. I have recently purchased a new kilt from Richard at (this is me wearing it outside the Design Museum in London) and am in the process of purchasing another from Union Kilts in North Wales. These are mainly to replace my older kilts that now no longer fit me - such is the toll of passing years. I like some of the North American designs but the cost of importing them to the UK makes it uneconomic. Best wishes, Gerry
  21. Seven Nations is coming to Columbus GA tonight for a free outdoor concert on Broadway. What a great Saint Patrick's Day gift. I'll be there kilt and all. Starts at 6:30 pm with a traditional band before them.
  22. Hello from Georgia
  23. As Vanessa and I were walking down the street this afternoon I could not believe my eyes when I saw this gentleman walking toward me. Thomas is the Senior International Officer for admissions from the University of St. Andrews, and was in town doing a presentation, he was good enough to stop and talk for a wee bit and pose for this photo.
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  25. Hello and welcome from Columbus, OH! I've traveled to Indianapolis for work and other things, and have worn my kilt there several times. I wouldn't expect any problems.
  26. Welcome from S.E. Wisconsin. John
  27. Welcome from Colorado
  28. Just wanted to say thank you for the cool kilt pin and sticker!
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