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  2. Welcome from Colorado
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  4. Welcome from S.E. Wisconsin and what TribalWolf said. John
  5. Welcome, from Oklahoma. A kilted steampunk western medicine man magician sound like one hell of an interesting show.
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  7. Just wanted to say hello. Im Kyle Lewis in Euless, Texas. I am a performing magician and have recently developed an old west style medicine show/steampunk style, and am going to employ the kilt into my show. Cant wait to get some pics together, but I am waiting for the seamstress to complete the upper portion of the costume, then I will will be posting. Take care
  8. Welcome, from Oklahoma.
  9. Hey pvjr, I'm in Temecula. Im gonna have to check out The Shamrock. There is a little place in Old Town Temecula called Lucky Stone Irish Pub, but I've never been there. I've tried twice, but they were closed. Total bummer. The place looks really cool.
  10. Welcome from Colorado
  11. Welcome, from the south-central valley, of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania! (and thanks, for choosing your vocation: An air-evac crew was instrumental in saving my wife's life, a couple years ago)
  12. Thanks FJR1300!
  13. Awesome and Welcome from S.E. Wisconsin John
  14. Carl It looks great with the new jacket and waistcoat, well done.
  15. Just got my first kilt, something I've been wanting for years! My wife got me a utility kilt for Father's Day...yep, I got it early. I quickly decided that p@nt$ suck! Ha! I don't think I'll be able to pull it off at work, I'm a Pediatric Intensive Care Flight Nurse, and I spend most of my day in a helicopter or airplane. I have to wear a flight suit, but, I can wear it for training, meetings, & hospital events. Now it's time to save my pennies for a sweet wool tartan kilt!
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  17. This was the outfit for today, we had a memorial to go to for an elder in the church I work at, Bea was a wonderful woman who did much for the community in Toronto starting an Out of the Cold program to get people a place to sleep and the churches on the hill food bank which helps feed those same people. Her smile and laughter are missed already she was truly one of a kind. I decided on the black barathea argyll as the tweed was simply too hot, this was also the first time I've ever worn a semi-dress sporran, this one belonged to Vanessa's Grandfather and is from Nicholl Brothers.
  18. Welcome from Colorado. I to started wearing them in my 40's........ better late than never!
  19. This was taken before the rain yesterday, I had planned on wearing this outfit for Tartan Tuesday, I thought as it was June the 6th, the 73rd Anniversary of the D-Day landings that the Royal Naval Association tartan would be appropriate. We did get caught in an absolute deluge which caused a migraine. I changed as soon as we got home but was unable to make it to Tartan Tuesday last night. We rescheduled it for the 13th as there was only Nathan and myself confirmed.
  20. GranPap's was a 1912 Indian. My cousin still has the sales receipt.
  21. That is Great my Grand Father road an Indian.
  22. Very cool.
  23. Approaching 100th anniversary of this photo. June 17, 1917 My Grandfather is driver of 6th 'cycle from left (with sidecar) Just an old photograph, I know. But much beloved, within my family.
  24. Hello, I like your traditional dress, specially your hat. I have some queries about which I like to know, Can i buy this type of hat from any online shopping website or not??? Thanks
  25. wellcome to the kilted world from a fellow kilted folks from Québec Canada
  26. Welcome to the Brotherhood, I know what you mean about shorts, I never wear them. I think it comes from riding a motorcycle, and yes a kilt is different from shorts, not sure why.
  27. YES! it feels incredible Now to figure out how to wear on my trike (my primary vehicle). I'm thinking a piece of velcro sewed in as a "modesty snap". I recently volunteered to be a bugler playing Taps at our local national cemetery for brothers & sisters being laid to rest....I'd like to get a formal setup to wear whilst doing so
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