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    some seller you need a code you contact Kt and he give you a code (Example to buy on sport kilt or on got-kilt ) i got a discount code from KT
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    Welcome from S.E. Wisconsin. You could look at Sporkilt they are pretty lite but they will make one to fit. John
  8. New to the site

    UT Kilts if you're on a budget and good for first timers. I've heard good things about Stillwater Kilts too. If you want something more special, better quality and made here, USA Kilts is one, Freedom Kilts is another.
  9. Greetings

    Welcome, from Oklahoma.
  10. New to the site

    Welcome, from Oklahoma.
  11. Greetings

    Thank you good sir! Wedding date isnt set as of yet so its a good ways away. Looking up USA Kilts now.
  12. Greetings

    Welcome from AZ. You'll have to go custom I would imagine. Take a look at USA Kilts. They can probably help you out and they do very good work from all accounts I have read. When is the wedding? Custom stuff can take a couple months.
  13. Greetings

    I have a best friend who will be married soon and there will definitely be kilts at that wedding. Im new to the particulars of kilt terms but my ancestry is Clan Stewart and I wanted to go with the Great Kilt style and Im 6'0 and a wee bit north of 415. Just looking at my options.
  14. acrylic kilt

    I got it last night. 25" helps, maybe a little more if I went custom. The 8 yard wool is a lot different than my 5 yard PV from Heritage of Scotland. Heavier, yet a little softer and the color is a little toned down or the brightness. The straps could be a little longer, but I like it. It came with flashes too. Right now, the only other kilts I see getting are a Workman from Utilikilts and a couple custom ones I am leaning towards USA Kilts, when I get to my goal weight. Anderson and Buchanan tartans, preferably 8 yards. The only other thing that may interest me is stumptown kilts. They are coming out with one in 25" drop and they are adjustable. If I get another bang around tartan, who knows.
  15. Recently Enlightened

    Thank you, Oh great Wisecracker! It's been a week for me in a kilt in the Redneck Riviera with nary a negative comment. Even the local yocals have given me positive comments. So I ordered a UT Kilt and look forward to all its pockets. I'm thinking I need some alternatives so I'm not wearing the same kilt every day, but dad gummit, here I am buying clothes again ! At least it'll be kilts from now on P.S. Is there any real $ benefit to membership here? I donated, but I've only seen a bunch of dead links so far . . . Not a big worry for me, but just wondering?
  16. acrylic kilt

    I have 2 clearance wool kilts from UT kilts they got 2 me in 2 days I love them.I order 2 more acrylic kilts from them on Monday. Brotherhood of the kilt and a grey watch. Won't see them for a month to month and a 1/2.I am 5'4"os I need the L 22 1/2"
  17. Recently Enlightened

    Welcome, from the southcentral valley, of the pleasant Commonwealth of Pennsylvania!
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    Welcome, from the southcentral valley, of the pleasant Commonwealth of Pennsylvania!
  19. acrylic kilt

    I bought my PV/Acrylic from Heritage of Scotland. It's loosened up a little. I just bought a wool in clearance at UT Kilts and I am waiting for it. Hopefully today or tomorrow. I can't wait as it's 25" drop and I want to see how the extra length works with my height(I'm 6'5). 24" isn't quite enough and the standard utility from UT Kilts is a little short at 22", but I don't wear kilts below my navel. My p@nt$ either.
  20. acrylic kilt

    It should loosen up.
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    welcome from Massachusetts
  22. New to the Brotherhood

    welcome from Massachusetts
  23. New to the site

    UT Kilts has videos on measuring as well.all of my kilts are from UT kilts,I have 5 with #6 and 7 order last Monday.I got my first kilt in September of 2017.Good hunting for your first kilt.
  24. Year in a kilt

    that is cool,keep it going
  25. acrylic kilt

    I have a acrylic kilt from UT kilt, and it is a little stiff. Will it loosen up at all or will it stay stiff?
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  27. Year in a kilt

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