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  2. I have one of the BOTK Kilts. Very nice.
  3. When I first got my Royal Naval Association kilt in honour of my Uncle McMurdo (Murdy) I wanted to get a Scottish Agate Anchor Pin. The problem has been that everyone I've seen on eBay has gone over hundreds of dollars completely out of my budget. Recently I decided to look on a different vintage site and found one suitable at a reasonable price. My only problem now was that the seller would only ship to the United States. I was lucky in that another member of xmarks graciously agreed to ship it to Canada for me. Now that I have the pin in place I will take a trip up to Uncle Murdy's final resting place. Thanks to Kilted Cole for all his help, it means the world to me. Without further ado from me, here are the photos.
  4. Welcome from S.E. Wisconsin. John
  5. Cool I will have to check it out when the Ren Fair opens. John
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  7. Looks like it is next to the Leatherneck pattern.
  8. Very nice.
  9. Hello all, Stop by Got Kilt's shop today at Scarby. Saw the awesome BotK kilts. Got to get my self one buy Amy is pushing me toward the box pleat with the hidden tartan. Attached is a couple "Boo" pics with the booth manager and one of the BotK kilts.
  10. Oops, we've been PMing on a blade. Sorry, Jim
  11. I am Mike, life got in the way and kept me from frequenting the site for almost a year. I Have returned. I am a Wood Badge Life member of the Clan MacLaren Society of North America. Still punishing my Royal Purple Sport Kilt in every run, Warrior Dash, obstacle course I can manage to get to. My wool kilts get treated much nicer. Happy to to be back lurking in the shadows.
  12. I just wanted to prove I don't always wear an Argyll jacket and tie with my kilt. I got nothing but compliments all day.
  13. To add to my comment above. Society has changed for the worse due to the way we interact with one another. I have watched how people have become bolder and bolder with criminal activity and disrespect due to society frowning upon self-defense. Basically you can't defend your honor or your person these days without having to worry about going to jail or getting sued! People are afraid of getting sued or going to jail because they defended their person from robbery or assault and now insult. I remember better days when you gave your insulter a black eye, bloody lip or both and sometimes even became friends afterwards. Or simply having the right to use deadly force to defend your home and family! There are some places here in the states and throughout the world where you still can do these things and not have to worry..... but it is becoming increasingly difficult to defend even your honor or dignity from insult because society has been brainwashed into believing that violence isn't the answer...... The only way to defeat violence of evil men is to deliver righteous violence in return! Our ancestors knew this and were better off for it! If that person that insulted you had been smashed in the mouth, he would have thought twice about doing it again ..... yet he knows that he can insult someone and get away with little more than verbal judo. If it was accepted that insulting others would get a justified physical response, you would have fewer insults! When you show weakness your enemy will take advantage of it! I'm probably beating a dead horse here but I thought I should elaborate upon my earlier comment.
  14. Who are you trying to get hold of?
  15. I see nothing wrong with what you did, he tried to insult and decided to be ignorant, at best you defended yourself, at worst you responded in kind, either way, you can hold your head high. It's funny how it goes when you wear the kilt regularly you have good days and bad, a little while ago I had to defend my girlfriend against verbal attacks, she is in a wheelchair and gets targeted all the time as a result. I stepped in to try to stop it and diffuse the situation, the attacker decided to try to attack me for my choice of clothing, it did not go well for them. Yesterday on the other hand I got nothing but compliments on the kilt.
  16. Welcome. I'm in Columbus, GA.
  17. Excellent. Hello from Columbus GA
  18. I am interested in a sgein dubh no have sent a message.
  19. Hello and welcome from Colorado
  20. Please delete, double post.
  21. Hello all, I usually wear modern kilts. Stumptown being my favourite. But I do wear traditional on occasion. I hike, bike and lounge in kilts. I am retired and rarely wear shoes.
  22. Welcome from S.E. Wisconsin. John
  23. Even though it was a cold wet day here on the 6th I always kilt up on Tartan Day, ok on a lot of other days too, but you know what I mean when you have an excuse to wear the kilt it makes it easier to explain in case anyone asks. Anyway this is what I wore, did anyone else wear their kilt on Tartan Day?
  24. Now for the good news, the set is for sale. $300US free insured postage in the Continental US.
  25. What's the best way to accessorize a custom kilt? Custom shoes! Three styles, three sole options, and available in a wide range of colours. An exciting new way to put your best foot forward. @NOHkilts #livelifekilted
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