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  2. How Many?

    Update. I have two UTs, one standard II, one deluxe. Knocking around, summer kilts. I had a UT wool Scottish national. It was cheap and ok but I undergrew it and donated it to Heather Brock Dancers. I have a Heritage of Scotland PV modern kilt in 16 oz Gunn Modern. Yes, I am a Gunn and this is a nice kilt. Half of my festival/games kilts. I have a Celtic Croft all wool economy kilt in 13 oz MacWalmart grey and black--mistake, wrong non-clan pattern. My hiking kilt. I have a Bonnie Kilts breachan mhor/great kilt in 13 oz Gunn Weathered. The other half of my festival/games kilts. This is a very cool kilt but kind of a pita to put on and also to drive a truck in. I'm looking for a hot deal on a Cunningham (my mother's clan) red mostly for hiking, etc.
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    Greetings! Welcome aboard.
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    Looking good.
  5. How Many?

    Just two: One standard utility kilt from UTKilts, black watch and a poly 5 yard in heritage of Scotland from heritage of Scotland. I like the traditional one better for fit and comfort, but the utility kilt is better for working around the house. I haven't gotten anything else as I am losing weight and I don't want to buy something I'll only wear a few months. My next one might be a Utilikilt Mocker or spartan switchback as it has an adjustable waist as does the Stumptown Kilt, which is coming out with a 25" length, which is something I am waiting for. When I get down to my goal weight, then I will get a custom made tartan kilt, in Buchanan which is my wife's tartan and also Anderson, which is in my family history. Scott is too.
  6. I always wear underwear. Just habit.
  7. need our help to choose

    green or white.
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    Welcome from AZ
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    Welcome from AZ
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    Welcome from AZ.
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    Welcome from AZ
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  13. Length And Height Of Your Kilt

    19 1/2 and that is what I ordered the 2 I am waiting for. thank you
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    Welcome from Georgia
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    You are looking very good indeed.
  16. Length And Height Of Your Kilt

    Let me know what you measured when you measured your length.
  17. New Kilt Pin

    Wow, I like it.
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    Looking good.
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    Welcome, from Oklahoma.
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    Welcome, from Oklahoma.
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    Looking Good as Always. John
  23. New to the Brotherhood, experienced Kilt-man

    Welcome From S.E. Wisconsin. John
  24. Length And Height Of Your Kilt

    I am new to kilts I only have Utkilts I am short 5'4",so off the rack are too long. so I did a special order deluxe utility at 17 1/2 drop it is above the knee a little on the short side.I do like it at my jean waist, so I special ordered 2 more acrylic and a deluxe utility at 19 1/2 drop.I am waiting for them to get hear to see how I like the length, but then was looking at UT'K's clearness page and got a wool one at 18 drop ,it is at top of knee i like it.
  25. Been a while

    Lookin' sharp.
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