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    Welcome, from Oklahoma.
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    Welcome from AZ. You'll have to go custom I would imagine. Take a look at USA Kilts. They can probably help you out and they do very good work from all accounts I have read. When is the wedding? Custom stuff can take a couple months.
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    Work has been good about it. I kinda found out by accident just after I started wearing the kilts that i could wear them to work. I work in a call center. had a Dr. appointment one day and took time off thinking it was going to take till noon, and i got out at like 9 so i headed to work early figuring i could save my time off for later on. I found my supervisor and said i am in early and need 15 minutes to get changed and i can start work. She looked ant me and said you know you dont have to change the kilt is and acceptable thing to wear. I said that is great and have been wearing them to work since. I know i get a few laughs behind my back but i have made a number of friends From being stopped and asked questions.
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    I got my spirit of Scotland wool 13oz kilt and a Rob Roy sporran from UT kilts yesterday. Love them both
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    Kilt looks good. Good luck, and have fun at the meeting.
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    After many years of not feeling that I had a life that would be good for dogs, we now have two. To backtrack a bit, however, when I was a kid, we had a Basset Hound named Grover. He was, in many ways, a Basset's Basset. Many Basset people think Basset Hounds should have names with a certain ostentatious ring to them, and while Grover was part of our family, I happened on the thought that two Basset Hounds named after the Wright brothers would be fun. Fast forward to my fifty-fifth birthday a year and a half ago, and Jenn has been wanting another dog since Cisco passed away in 2013. We have Wilbur and Orville!