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    I've updated www.designsbydes.com with a whole new look and a lot more code put into it. http://www.desigsbydes.com
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    No, I don't believe that kilts are only for men. According to mine research kilt is a unique and traditional clothing style. Either it is a Scottish kilts for sale in USA or Utility Kilts For Women. And i think that "the greatest prison people live in is what the other people think". SO we should just come out from this.
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    I use a magnet for a couple of mine.
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    So it has been over a year now that i have been wearing the kilts 24/7. I was very self conscious of what people would say at first, but now i have gotten over that. I loo forward to gatherings and parties and being the only one in kilts. I used to be the guy in the back that usually didn’t say much, now i get questions about the kilt and get pulled into conversations i never used to. It is awesome to get noticed. A couple weeks ago i got stopped by a guy in Target and was asked if i was wearing a Utilikilt. I said i was and he said it looked awesome, then he asked if i would mind if he got his sons to see the kilt. I ended up talking to him, his wife and 3 boys for about an hour. We talked about my being embarrassed at first and growing to like being in the kilts and the acceptance of my friends and family. He told me he was a high school teacher and asked it i could come talk to his classed about the kilts and being accepted for who i was and what i decided to wear. I was lucky enough to have some time off i needed to use up so i spent 3 days talking to classes about the kilts and how i had started wearing them and gotten acceptance. It was awesome to go in talk to a bunch of people about being in the kilts and hear how i was able to show that it is ok to be different than those around you and kilts are awesome. I want to say thank you to all my friends that have encouraged me to stay in the kilts and all the positive comments i have had on here that have inspired me to stay in the kilts.
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