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    I just wanted to prove I don't always wear an Argyll jacket and tie with my kilt. I got nothing but compliments all day.
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    Just in case anyone missed it, Thursday is a national holiday honoring all the contributions the Scottish people have made. Be sureto wear your kilt.
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    So yesterday was Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day, it was also the anniversary of the delivery of my Scottish Wildcat Tartan kilt. I knew I wanted to wear the kilt so I put it on and was ready to go out, it was then that I noticed my brother who has Cerebral Palsy posted about the day on facebook, I asked my girlfriend who also has C.P. what the colour was for C.P. Awareness Day she said it was green, so I changed into my Lovat Green Argyll jacket and Loden Green hose, we were out getting Vanessa's hair done so I took the opportunity to go get a photo at the Toronto sign in front of City Hall.
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    I have been asked dozens (hundreds?) of times over the years what the difference is between Modern and Ancient (and muted and weathered) tartans. Recently, I wrote an article about it if anyone would like to read up on the differences: http://usakilts.blogspot.com/2013_08_01_archive.html I hope you find it clear and informative.
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    When I first got my Royal Naval Association kilt in honour of my Uncle McMurdo (Murdy) I wanted to get a Scottish Agate Anchor Pin. The problem has been that everyone I've seen on eBay has gone over hundreds of dollars completely out of my budget. Recently I decided to look on a different vintage site and found one suitable at a reasonable price. My only problem now was that the seller would only ship to the United States. I was lucky in that another member of xmarks graciously agreed to ship it to Canada for me. Now that I have the pin in place I will take a trip up to Uncle Murdy's final resting place. Thanks to Kilted Cole for all his help, it means the world to me. Without further ado from me, here are the photos.
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    I'm finally making progress on another sgian dubh, I have plans that I can't do this round but it's a learning curve anyhow so I will just attempt my grand vision on the NEXT one! The blade is another file knife as I have a stockpile of them for just this purpose. The handle material is up in the air, maybe some curly maple, maybe cherry, or possibly a hunk of the lightning struck timber from my near death as a child. But it's going to look fairly traditional, So here is a pic of the blade so far... It needs polishing, sharpening, file work, and to neck the handle down to fit in the bolster and handle...
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    When ordering from Official Brotherhood of the Kilt Merchants, you need to be sure that you include your Member Registration Number so the merchant can verify that you are in fact a member of the Brotherhood. If you are shipping your items to an address other than the one you used to sign up with the Brotherhood, please let the vendor know and include the address you signed up with for verification purposes. If you don't include this, you will not be able to use your discount without some serious legwork on your part. slainte!
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    Yep, BB, some folks just love to be offended ... thankfully there's folks like us who are willing, able, maybe even gifted at doing it. Kilt ON! Chris Webb
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    Welcome from S.E. Wisconsin. John
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    Here are some photos from our last Tartan Tuesday, it was very hot so casual was the order of the day.
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    No surprises. You are always so well turned out.
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    That wildcat looks sharp.
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    When they do send you please let me know.
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    That's stunning!! As a member of the RNR, I feel I need something like this in my life!!
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    Just a quick post to say I've got some full mask (and non masked) sporrans available in my store just now. All animals are either roadkill, ethically sourced from zoos or were shot as food by local gamekeepers. Have a look if you fancy www.thedapperdead.com