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    This is for people here who make things and want to sell them. Members who post fairly regularly can post here. If you think you can join the forum just to post here, and not contribute anywhere else...think again. Spammers are not welcome.
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    A few weeks ago someone on the forum got in touch over PM as we were talking he said there was a Black Watch kilt at a local thrift shop in Toronto's Kensington Market. The good news is with the recent weight loss it fit. The better news is I got a deal on it. The best news is that I was watching a few of these on EBay and this one was half the price of those online. As the weather has been cooling down I have had a few chances to wear it.
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    100 percent yes! I just happen to have been tidying the garage.
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    I was wearing a kilt in the 1940's as a boy in Scotland and so did my school friends. We all wore girls gym knickers as a matter of course. My sport was I ice skating so it was a sensible habit! Now the only thing I have done which is new is to sow in a 15 gram wheel balance weight in behind the corner of the front apron adjacent to the the silver citrine stone emblem. Just heavy enough to still let it fly up a bit - the under apron retains decency in today's PC world.
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