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    21.1,18. Hello, I am a newbie from S.W. England. U.K..................Been wearing the Traditional Scottish Kilt for Years. Latest Kilt is a made to measure 8 yard 16oz made by a Scottish kilt maker in the Highlands of Scotland..... My thoughts are; if one is going to invest in a new Kilt , make sure it fits and will last a lifetime. Some time ago there was thread on Boy Scouts KIlts.... In My old Scouting For Boys It stated that Scottish Scouts may wear their Family Tartan as part of the Scottish Boy Scout Uniform.......'''This is the same statement that many Scottish Grammar Schools made regarding Family Tartan Kilts as an alternative to Shorts as part of their school uniform......You will note that the Youngster could wear his Family Tartan For two separate purposes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Regards..........wee laddie 18
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    Pace yourself. 16 weeks of jonesing can't be good for ones health.
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    Looks good! Keep up the good work!
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    Day 7 It was a bit warmer this morning but it did cool down as the day has continued. Donations are needed. Every bit helps even $5 or $10. Please help my friend with multiple disabilities breathe clean air and thrive. Every donation means another day of kilting after the first month. https://www.gofundme.com/safe-accessible-home
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    My Burns day started with the annual celebration at the Burns statue in Allen Gardens in Toronto. It's put on by the St. Andrews Society, I was lucky enough to have the day off today. Here are some photos from the statue and the lunch afterward. I decided to break up the tartan kilt suit and wear the kilt and waistcoat with my Burns Check tartan jacket. This was my first time at the Burns Day celebration at the statue and the people were simply wonderful making me feel like family, it was a great day.
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    Long over due up date. The thing is hot! I never wear it. I stick with my others. I'm planning a Great kilt now
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    Recently i have been looking for ways to get more involved with in my community. I was at my local library yesterday and saw they are looking for volunteers to come in a couple Saturday morning a month to read to the kids in the reading hour. I decided to sign up and start reading to kids for an hour 2 times a month. I go in the first Saturday of February.
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    Thanks already some a couple hrs a week at the library with a dozen or so women in the knitting group i joined so this will be another reason to be out. It is fun to go tot he knitting group since i am the only guy that goes and i am always in a kilt
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    Good for you I don't have much time for anything. john
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    Oh I plan to. I even debated taking his instructions and adding pics to it to help show what goes on where. Still give the original writer credit, but just try and give more information. That is the one thing I don't like about those instructions. Great pics on the easy stuff, not a single pic on the tricky stuff.