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    I hate cameras, don't mind the confused look. Small town in Argentina - used to the stares and questions, luckily when your arms are larger than most people's legs the insults are very rare - very prejudiced small town. Wife loves it and I love it so nothing else matters
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    Congratulations on starting the long journey to "mastering", or at least gaining competency, on the Great Highland Bagpipe.
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    I need to shift the buckles on a few to get a little more use out of them, but I will have to replace them in a couple months.
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    What is her pricing like? I was going to have USA Kilts do one for me once I reach my goal weight. The thing is, their selection of tartans from the PV isn't as good as the wool. I want Buchanan Ancient, but in PV they have muted buchanan. Similar, but not the same.
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    Those are some intense pleats on a very nice tartan.
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    I'm more of The Quiet Man. I don't say much to people and if they leave me alone, I leave them alone. Some may smirk or even laugh, some may like it, some may just say good morning. Thing is, I've never had someone start trouble with me. Not over wearing a kilt at least. Maybe they understand the humor and irony of getting their ass kicked by a man in a skirt or maybe it doesn't matter to them. It's none of my business really. The key is to live according to one's will limited only by the equal rights we all share. That's something the musterbating in society could learn.
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    Fountain Hills now, originally from Long Island, with time in Iowa in between.
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    Just wear it People are people I live in a very prejudiced, small minded small city - they stared because I am not one of them, they stared because I am heavily tattooed, they stare because if it is not 0 (32) degrees outside I don't feel the need for a jacket, they comment because of the above, they run across the street like I am going to eat them. Now add a kilt - they take pictures after I walk past, stop conversations and stare more. If I was doing it for the attention I would wear my landsknecht (google it, stop laughing - I love it) kit that I use for reenactment and fighting purposes. Most people don't say too much and know I will scrap - beat the ever loving Jesus out of my wife's adopted brother in the town square after her father's funeral and he tried to steal stuff, almost got shipped back to Arizona for that (a friend is a big attorney here, he spoke with the police about everything.... "Men" here are passive aggressive, lots of bark but very little bite - I don't care about feelings and love to throw hands). The people who know me or the people who want to know me know I am VERY playful, always a joke and like to have fun. Taxi drivers drive by and honk, flash a little leg. When waiting for a taxi or friends - flash a little leg to have the stop. If you see my photo as avatar here or on Facebook, next time I am in Cordoba - gonna do it (wife is shy, hates attention and she ended up with me...... Poor girl is going to have a meltdown). Hell, I even played like a hooker, bending into a window in my buddy's car for laughs. Women love it, my wife is an artist and teaches art, I am around women a lot here (zero refinement, I will still crack dirty jokes and watch them blush or try to make me leave by getting dirtier, you can take Tarzan out of the jungle, but you cannot take the jungle out of Tarzan). The key things is, be you, own what you do, I am just irritated all I have is Black Watch - I need more colors in my life, maybe Black Stuart If I can do it here, it will be easier there - trust me, just do it
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    I probably took off almost a minute a mile hiking in a kilt.
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    Welcome from S.E. Wisconsin. John
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    Welcome, from Oklahoma.
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    Looking good Sir. john
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    no excuse for the delays. Everyone who joined in the past year will be upgraded to full lifetime members. Life can't stop the responsibilities of the business.
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    I was lucky enough to be given a sgian dubh that my girlfriend's grandfather carved. I will never need another, Bill was an award winning carver and it is an honour to have it as well as some of his other stuff.
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    Well I lost 111lbs so far and I have been lucky enough to find a kilt maker who also does alterations. I have two in right now and in November, I'll give her three more when I pass through while going to Canada. These weren't simple move the buckle alterations either and considering the cost of a new kilt....well I can get three altered (maybe four) for the cost of one new one.
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    I have been searching and praying for a friend who I could train for the highland games and other heavy games for a few years now. Well now I have one, and to make it even better, I have him getting a kilt in the near future! Games are easier and more fun to train for when you have someone who can help you and push you. I expect my games performances to go up in the near future.
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    My mother's family came from(or were kicked out of) scotland generations ago, fetching up in Canada. There must be a geneological instinct that has made me search back on that side of my lineage. Otherwise I have considered myself more on the scandinavian side of things(Swedish/Finnish). As I am discovering, I am more mongrel than anything else....thats OK, we make the best pets!
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    I drank both Maclelland and The Glenlivet last night, does that count?
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    I just can't stand it when folks act like the Modern Scottish Traditional Kilt was the first and only Kilt there ever was or has been. There were precursors to the Modern Scottish Traditional Kilt and postcursors too. It ain't the only kilt, it ain't the first kilt and it ain't the last kilt. It is one kind of kilt occupying one period of time and now hanging on by a thread by the efforts of those who want to honor and celebrate that particular kind of kilt as part of their history and heritage. Kilt ON! Chris Webb Oops, I just realized I might have been off topic. Both sides of my family are what we in Texas often call Black Dutch. Black Dutch is the term applied to those of mixed heritages including Scots-Irish, American Indian and/or African American. I'm about 7/8 Scottish and about 1/8 American Indian ... I say 'about' because I also have a smattering of African American from about 5 generations back.
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    Don't believe everything you read on Wikipedia, at least not at face value. The kilt wasn't called a kilt until the 16th century. ("Kilt" is not a Gaelic word, BTW.) The history of Celts wearing blanket-like garments goes back to Roman times, as described in several written Roman works including (Julius) Ceasar's Gaelic Wars. A bas-relief stone sculpture of Roman origin also illustrates a loose, belted, blanket-like Celtic garment. The Irish had a similar garment called the liene, and ironically, the Roman toga may have influenced the origins of the kilt. What we now consider the kilt (tailored, pleated and waist-to-knee) didn't come along until circa 1725, and was possibly the invention of an Englishman, looking to improve the productivity of his Scottish tennants. In short, there is no way to place an exact date on the first "kilt". It was a long evolutionary process.
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    My Grandmother McCracken was off the boat from Scotland but through investigation it turns out her mother was Scot her father was An Irish McCracken and up his Family line his Great grand uncle is Henry Joy McCracken of United Irish rebellion fame. His grandfather on his mothers side is Francis Joy the founder of the Belfast News-letter. The rest of my ancestry all leads to Scotland, Wales, England, and Ireland. Mostly Scotland and Ireland. The News Letter – the oldest continuously published daily newspaper in the English-speaking world Belfast Newsletter Edited to add info
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    On my dad's side, 100% second generation Irish American. My grandparents grew up 15 miles apart in County Cork, my grandmother emigrated in through Boston, my grandfather Nova Scotia. He worked his way west on the railroads, came into the US somewhere in the Midwest. He then worked his way back east, and they met (for the first time) in Boston. Neat, huh? On my mother's side it is 50% third or fourth generation Italian American, and then things get confusing. We are positive there is some Dutch and German in there, but we have suspicions of Norwegian, Iroquois, and Danish. That said, my grandmother is clearly and "Italian Grandmother" despite not a drop of it in her. But the kilt was mostly a style/comfort based decision. So yeah, Gaelic and garlic. That's me. jim
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    Well I have wrapped around my waist right now my new 8 yard 16 oz Royal Naval Tartan kilt by Barb Tewksbury, this kilt, rather the idea of this kilt has been on my mind for close to a year now. Last summer Alex published on of his wonderful photo threads the one I'm referring to was his coverage of the Harpenden Games in that thread there is a picture of a gent wearing the Royal Naval Association Tartan, when I saw it I thought to myself I must have that tartan, as my Uncle was in the Royal Navy during WWII, after he passed away last October my obsession with it grew. I really had to have this to honour him. I decided for this kilt what I wanted was 8 yards hand sewn 16oz's. So the question was how could I get to do it? I decided on getting Barb Tewksbury to sew it up for me, so I got in contact with her, and set the wheels in motion, Barb then got in touch with DC Daglish to do the weave, and I am so glad she did as the wool is softer than any of my other wool kilts. The tartan was ready at the beginning of March and Barb got to work, asking me questions along the way to ensure that everyone would end up happy. Over the past few weeks and days the emails have been flying back and forth, yesterday I received the email I had been waiting on, Barb said she would be done with it and send it out in the morning, I asked her if I could pick it up instead as Canada customs already has my sporran I did not want them getting a hold of my kilt as well. Barb was fine with that so I decided I would go to bed early and get a fresh start in the morning, only problem is I was so excited I could not sleep very well, after finally turning in around 11:00 I woke up at 3:30 I was on the road by 4:30 and across the border and in the States before 6:00. I reached the College where Barb works just after 9:00. We had planned that I would be later in the day however that would have meant dealing with rush hour traffic and I was not to fond of that idea, as a consequence Barb was not quite done with the kilt. So as we talked she finished it up in front of me, if you've never seen the basting that goes into a kilt like this you would be amazed it's more than just the three rows across the pleats let me tell you. Barb before I get to the photos I just wanted to say what a treat it has been not only to have you do this kilt for me as it is very important to me but also to meet you and David this morning, it was definitely worth the drive down. So without further ado the photos First the pleating choices Barb sent me, we decided to go with the first one, but it was nice to see the choice When I arrived this morning, I found Barb with my kilt As I said she was not quite done yet so as we talked she sewed, I hope I didn't rush you Barb Barb then painstakingly took out all the basting stitches and the kilt was laid flat After those photos were taken I was able to try it on, the fit and finish of the kilt were perfect, Barb was kind enough to take these photos the infamous side view with the foot up on something, as there was nothing to be found we improvised And a shot of those lovely pleats Thanks again Barb for doing such a wonderful job on this kilt it really does mean the world to me, my Uncle McMurdo would have absolutely loved it and I will be sure to wear it the next time I see my Aunt, I am sure she too will love it.