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    I just wanted to prove I don't always wear an Argyll jacket and tie with my kilt. I got nothing but compliments all day.
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    Hello all, Combined 2 hobbies to make the ultimate dress set. All are made from Scotch barrel staves. Sgian dubh Kilt pin Pen Pocket watch Cuff links. Jim
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    Here is the group shot from last nights Tartan Tuesday.
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    Just in case anyone missed it, Thursday is a national holiday honoring all the contributions the Scottish people have made. Be sureto wear your kilt.
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    I am Mike, life got in the way and kept me from frequenting the site for almost a year. I Have returned. I am a Wood Badge Life member of the Clan MacLaren Society of North America. Still punishing my Royal Purple Sport Kilt in every run, Warrior Dash, obstacle course I can manage to get to. My wool kilts get treated much nicer. Happy to to be back lurking in the shadows.
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    To add to my comment above. Society has changed for the worse due to the way we interact with one another. I have watched how people have become bolder and bolder with criminal activity and disrespect due to society frowning upon self-defense. Basically you can't defend your honor or your person these days without having to worry about going to jail or getting sued! People are afraid of getting sued or going to jail because they defended their person from robbery or assault and now insult. I remember better days when you gave your insulter a black eye, bloody lip or both and sometimes even became friends afterwards. Or simply having the right to use deadly force to defend your home and family! There are some places here in the states and throughout the world where you still can do these things and not have to worry..... but it is becoming increasingly difficult to defend even your honor or dignity from insult because society has been brainwashed into believing that violence isn't the answer...... The only way to defeat violence of evil men is to deliver righteous violence in return! Our ancestors knew this and were better off for it! If that person that insulted you had been smashed in the mouth, he would have thought twice about doing it again ..... yet he knows that he can insult someone and get away with little more than verbal judo. If it was accepted that insulting others would get a justified physical response, you would have fewer insults! When you show weakness your enemy will take advantage of it! I'm probably beating a dead horse here but I thought I should elaborate upon my earlier comment.
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    Even though it was a cold wet day here on the 6th I always kilt up on Tartan Day, ok on a lot of other days too, but you know what I mean when you have an excuse to wear the kilt it makes it easier to explain in case anyone asks. Anyway this is what I wore, did anyone else wear their kilt on Tartan Day?
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    Greetings from Atlanta. I've worn the kilt off and on for about 15yrs (traditional kilts). I've made a few as well. Only this month did I order a 'modern', the 5.11 TDK which apparently is sized like britches, so I'm pretty sure I'll have to return it for another size. Bummer. Anyway, I'm a 40yo paramedic in Atlanta. Like hiking, camping, hunting, shooting. The usual. I'm kind of a refugee from another kilt board I mostly lurk on because it gets more and more obvious that their list of topics to avoid isn't because 'we're all free to hold our own opinions but they have no place on a kilt board' but more 'if you're not one of us keep your mouth shut'. Coming from a 4chan background, it gets more and more obvious to me with each new swing of the ban hammer. Anyway, although I'm an opinionated curmudgeon, I'm also a live and let live, quick with a joke kinda fellow. Anyway, once I saw how many threads on concealed carry have went down here, I knew I had to migrate.
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    Hello everyone! Just signed up here at the Brotherhood. I've been wearing a kilt for a few years now when hiking or lounging about the house (in my SportKilt comfy kilt). I've had a few ventures out on day to day errands kilted, and haven't experienced any negative comments. I'm expecting delivery of my new hiking kilt this week and can't wait for the weather to warm up again so I can get out to our state parks and get more treking in the woods done! Like others who have posted here it took my family a little bit to get used to seeing me in one, but it's become part of my regular attire by now. I even got my future son-in-law to get a kilt and we both wear them when we have family get togethers. Anyway, glad to be here and looking forward to hearing other's stories and feedback on being a member of the kilted brotherhood. Doug
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    ...particularly since I've already thrown my two cents into a discussion that's been going on since well before I joined. But anyway, hello. My name is Ian, and I live in South Jersey, just across the river from Philadelphia. I bought my first kilt (a UT Standard in Highlander Grey) last August and haven't worn †rousers since. I've since graduated to making my own kilts in 16oz tartan, albeit in the same 4-yard RevK style. So far I have them in Murray of Atholl and Murray of Tullibardine (my surname), and MacCallum (via my paternal grandmother). Next will be MacDonald*, and I'll most likely obtain some Connaught Crest and German Heritage fabric from USA Kilts in the near future to represent the rest of my paternal heritage. Meanwhile, I'm debating if I wanna save up for custom weaves of Grey Breton and Scozia from D.C. Dalgliesh, particularly the latter as my mother's entire family came from Italy... Sorry, I do tend to drone on. Nonetheless, I look forward to spending more time here, and actually joining in rather than merely lurking like I have for the past few months. * a more recent discovery from digging deeper into my ancestry...though not all that surprising, considering the claim that Somerled has the second highest number of living descendants of any known person after Genghis Khan.
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    I'm finding that the more I look at old photos of Scots in kilts, I see more and more variations of all the things that are considered wrong by those who enforce the "must do it right, or don't wear it at all" attitude. Kilt too long, too short, hose too high not high enough. Sloppy hose tops, sloppy sporrans. One of the big "no nos" Dress coats way beyond the waistline (I see this one in a lot of photos). Waistline worn below the bellybutton. I can see a desire to want to look appropriate for perhaps your wedding photos. But who can really tell you that you did it wrong for your own wedding? Or to your own graduation, or an award ceremony? I can also appreciate a helpful suggestion that maybe your white shirt hanging out below your waistcoat may not look the neatest. But we are talking about careful suggestions with the best intentions. I can also see a need to enforce a pipeband "everyone must look the same, do it this way". Seems reasonable. But otherwise, why can't we just try to appreciate a man's personal flare, comfort and courage to wear a kilt his own way? And encourage him for doing so.
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    I wear what I want how I want and really don't pay anyone any mind if they disapprove!
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    That looks really good! Every time I see one of your posts here I am wanting to up my wardrobe ........ the wife gets fussy when I start talking new kilts and attire....
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    My son and I last Saint Patrick's Day. One very much "correct" by most standards and the other more casual. Both kilted and proud; keeping it alive.
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    I do agree that there is a time and place for "correct" wearing of the kilted formal outfit but those who want to apply military standards to casual civilian kilted dress need to be honest and consider what other items do they apply these military standards? Your shirts have military creases? What about your jeans? Checked your belt alignment lately? No, then quit trying to militarize my daily wear of kilts. It is clothing. Standards for clothing change. Unless you want to see kilts die or just become a cute cultural costume then please don't mock the casual wearer. We are helping keep it alive. Kilt on brother & sisters.
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    Thanks to all for the welcome and advice - I appreciate it
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    I have been searching and praying for a friend who I could train for the highland games and other heavy games for a few years now. Well now I have one, and to make it even better, I have him getting a kilt in the near future! Games are easier and more fun to train for when you have someone who can help you and push you. I expect my games performances to go up in the near future.
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    So yesterday was Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day, it was also the anniversary of the delivery of my Scottish Wildcat Tartan kilt. I knew I wanted to wear the kilt so I put it on and was ready to go out, it was then that I noticed my brother who has Cerebral Palsy posted about the day on facebook, I asked my girlfriend who also has C.P. what the colour was for C.P. Awareness Day she said it was green, so I changed into my Lovat Green Argyll jacket and Loden Green hose, we were out getting Vanessa's hair done so I took the opportunity to go get a photo at the Toronto sign in front of City Hall.
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    I wore my kilt every day for 6 years or so, 5 years of that was at a place I worked. At the place I worked it was also Business Casual people would show up from t-shirts and jeans to suits depending on the person but most would fall somewhere between most normally wearing khakis and a polo or dress shirt, normally without a tie. Below are a few photos from back then: This photo was taken outside the office Just to show that you can wear a kilt with a polo shirt to work, here is another shot of an outfit I wore to work
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    We are having a wee little lass in July. I can't wait to meet her. There will be plenty of pictures coming. I need more guns, swords, and axes.
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    Having an accepted standard is reasonable. Rejecting those who choose to deviate from the standard is not reasonable.
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    I was in the military. I understand how this works. Apply the same uniform requirements to kilted uniforms and I understand the mindset. I'm not in the Army anymore. I wear my military-ISH clothes how I please. If I HAD TO wear my beret or boots or anything a certain way. Then I just wouldn't wear it at all. I've never been to ANY formal event anywhere. If I were to go to one, I would indeed want guidance from someone about the proper standard. I'd probably look to the professional who I was renting my goods from. Just as when I got I married. The ONE AND ONLY time I ever wore a tux. I needed guidance from the sales lady what to wear and how to put it on. And I was grateful to have it. But after having her input, if I decided I preferred an aspect of the outfit a different way, who can tell me I am doing it wrong at my own wedding? I am a t-shirt and jeans kinda guy. I care about as much for someone else's opinion of MY PERSONAL kilt fashion as I much as I care what someone thinks of the way I choose to wear my t-shirt and jeans. Or whether or not they even like my Metallica shirt. Again, if I HAVE TO wear a kilt a certain way, I just wont wear it at all. Approval and acceptance are in fact good and important things. But they have never been anything important enough to me that I have ever been willing to sacrifice my own way, my own path my own individuality of who I am. If acceptance were ever THAT important, I never would have put a kilt on in the first place. (because kilts aren't accepted in general, khakis are) I have worn kilts constantly (not exclusively) for over 2 years in a major metro city. And have yet to ever once run into another kilted man "oot n aboot" with the exception of festivals. Seems to me all these kilt elitists only dressing up for festivals, or burns night, or some very rare ceremony (though that's fine with me) they are the ones in costume. Not me. I hope that the tone wasn't insulting. It's not meant to be.
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    KT are you MacBlood or MacCrip?
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    It's common amongst us gangsters...