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    Went to some secluded lakes in Northern Ontario, a lot farther North than the big wildfires we are currently having around Parry Sound, although I did drive past those. The kilt didn't see the inside of the boat, mainly to avoid being hit with fish slime and all that good stuff. However, I did take time to wear it on a morning hike and snap a few shots while dismantling my tent before the camera battery died. Hiking in the Canadian shield in the kilt is glorious. Advice In the photos I am still wearing normal socks. Wear proper kilt hose to cover more of your leg from mosquitoes and horse flies. Bring a nice wool kilt to wear while not fishing, but have an acrylic, or even older, more worn wool kilt if you plan to do activities where you expect to get filthy.
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    As long as it's keto friendly, I would give it a try.
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    Although the wife & I have plans, that weekend, we're going to try to partake of the McLain Festival, near Carlisle, PA. This is a basic, grass-roots Scottish festival; always a pleasant time. McLain Festival McLain Festival (FB)
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    Looking Good as Usual Sir. John
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    A ripstop fabric utility kilt is a cool thing , no pun intended........wait...... yes it was LOL.