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    It Will Happen When The Time's Right One Day You Will Wake Up And Decide Today Is The Day. john
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    Seven Nations is coming to Columbus GA tonight for a free outdoor concert on Broadway. What a great Saint Patrick's Day gift. I'll be there kilt and all. Starts at 6:30 pm with a traditional band before them.
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    Mine's not traditional by any means, but I typically opt for the "flat cap".
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    You wear them well brother
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    Down here the black beret is worn by our Armoured Corps, & some support units to the SAS. As I was in the navy, I never officially "earned" a beret, but when I did a stint in a "private security" team, we wore a red beret on parade & an infantry green one in the bush. I would personally never wear either black or sand, as I have close mates in those two particular regiments, but outside of that, I've seen combat in both regular AND irregular military units, & I consider I've earned the right to wear what the I like. Anyone who tells me I cant will be needing to explain their logic physically.
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    Having come to X Marks 4 years after the OP here. I mentioned something similar over there and was also met with strong opposition. I didnt understand since I dont wear kilts in the traditional way at all. My wife is take it leave it on the kilt. She isnt for it, but also isnt opposed if I want to wear it. She does however LOVE the beret. I bought a black US mil spec and a tan one for use on different kilt outfit combos I plan to put together. I was in the US Army, 4th Inf Div but did not earn any berets. In fact I didnt earn anything but knees that have ached every day for the past 15 years. When I asked if I "earned" a beret my attitude more like this. "No, I didnt earn a beret, but what I did earn is this. I have a job, where I went to work and EARNED the money I used to buy my berets from a legal distributor".
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    Fascinating since for the longest time the black beret was the symbol of passing through Ranger training but now the brown beret is. l personally still wear the black beret I got in college for being part of Rudders Rangers at A&M. I wear it as a remembrance of those friends who have passed on and as a reminder of my college days. I did not get to go to Ranger school as I expected due to an injury which even now all these years later is the one great regret of my life.