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  1. Dandruff

    Skye Highland Outfitters

    I know very little about this vendor, but I have received solicitations from this vendor through PMs. That turned me off a bit. Best form of defense is "Deny Deny Deny." I believe buyer beware. Why would anyone "Fabricate" a poor experience with a vendor? Logic goes a long way sometimes, buyer beware.
  2. Someone needs to be sure the Forums advertisers know of the situation. A letter should suffice. I doubt they want to be associated with a business that is dishonest.
  3. Dandruff

    A Rant

    Maybe this merchant is busy out scaring people by how tough he looks?
  4. Well maybe you helped pay for that Red Pickup.
  5. Dandruff

    Kilting is a sin?

    Just don't throw poop Eric!
  6. Dandruff

    Kilts On Cracked

    SO many fine gentleman being adults in this thread. I will admit I do not have the patience. Especially for a man so full of himself to make up his own religion. Personal Attack warning: Chris Webb is an attention whore. And thanks to the ignore feature, I won't see "I am such a scholarly passive gentleman I am better than thou" replies. I thought kilts were for men? Self righteous "I am above you" reply in 3...2...1. Sorry I won't see it. F'ing loser.
  7. Dandruff

    Missouri Tartan Day 2010

    So I will get a chance to meet the Nickromonger?
  8. Dandruff

    Gals Charity Auction

    awww man I wanted a chance at that!
  9. may we still bash each other? especially people who drink whiskey to the point they forget how to spell it?
  10. Dandruff

    Gals Charity Auction

    when doies the auction begin for that sgian????
  11. Dandruff

    March Tree Planting

    haha I know bad joke attempt on my part. FAIL
  12. Dandruff

    March Tree Planting

    uh actually I was wearing a brown hoodie. Maybe your computer color settings are off a bit.
  13. Dandruff

    What Did I Do Wrong

    wait did you say $15?
  14. Dandruff

    The Skinny On The Skinny

    I think Tony may be on to something here. Sounds like a fix to me.