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  1. Fedgunner

    Consensus Re Irish Wearing Kilts?

    First, there are no kilt police. There, that is out of the way. There is a lot of good advice posted. I agree with Joe Bro. Be confident in your wearing the kilt. This comes with practice and will do away with the constant "adjusting" that is common in all folks. My advice is worth exactly what you paid for it.
  2. Fedgunner

    Length And Height Of Your Kilt

    Top of the knee here... I just prefer the look and feel
  3. Fedgunner

    Tartan And Fabric Choices Wool And Polyviscose

    I almost always wear PV if I wear a kilt to work because it is more easily washable. On St Andrews day I wore a wool kilt because I was going to be shooting and didn't want to take a chance on hot brass melting in. I think it all boils down to different fabrics for different purposes.
  4. Fedgunner

    Doune Pistols

    I have one of those "fancy" repros...It occurs to me that you really couldn't put a clip on the other side. It would interfere with the lock work.
  5. Fedgunner

    Kilt Night In Minneapolis

    Great I'll be looking for you!
  6. Fedgunner

    Atk Is Kilt Freindly

    Many of you know the story, I'm posting for the new folk. I work at ATK/Federal. We make ammunition. I shoot guns for a living. I'm in QC and love it. (Think Neo in the Matrix movie, "guns, lots of guns." I yell at the screen "Is that all you got?" I wear tartan kilts on Scottish "high" days, Tartan Day, St. Andrews day, The anniversary of the repeal of the act of proscription .. you get the drift. I also wear my UtilIkilts on days above 95degrees with high humidity. I am the token Scot. Cool.. I like it... My manager called Safety and asked if my kilt was OK...(He was worried about image and loose fabric around running machinery) Head of Safety replied," No problem...We allow females on the floor with skirts... you want us to get sued?" It seems a bit back handed, but "Tommy" knew how to phrase the question. (Did I mention I turn "Tommy loose with military hardware at the range?) (99% of the folks at work approve.. the 1% .. I don't have to say anything... the 99% hush them. At first I got all the comments you would expect... But that was years ago. I have now heard there is a Kilted Brother in Lewiston ID.. From the sound of if he wears a UK s Survival kilt daily to work. I'm now the resident Scot.. and any kilted questions come to me. From the very top of the company to the FNG. Your milage might differ.
  7. Fedgunner

    Kilt Recommendations

    I've found a couple of options.. NeoKilts makes a "snapon" pocket that will hold a 1911 very comfortably. It is a "kidney carry" with no other options. I can make a full size Beretta 92 dissappear in the pocket of a Utilikilt "Mocker" (Do not dance or do anything other that walk in this configuration... or your "boys" will pay a heavy price) Galco makes a holster that is designed to be worn under a skirted garment. I'm looking at it seriously. That all I got.
  8. Hello All, Friday May 14th at 7 pm, is the first St Andrew's Pub Night of the summer. This is always a fun event to welcome the summer and another round of Pub Nights. The first one will be held at Merlin's Rest, 36th and East Lake Street in Minnea;pois, starting at 7:00pm. Merlin's had promised us some wonderful treats, like specials menus such as Bridies or Shpeard's Pie, specials on single male whiskeys, and live music. Please join us for a great evening in kilts...oh did I mention KILTS... We hope to see everyone there and if you could get this out your organizations that would be wonderful. Look for more information on the other Pub Nights as information comes available. Can I hope to see some of the Brotherhood there?
  9. Fedgunner

    Kathy Lare Brown Tank

    Ron, I thought this would move in a heart beat. .. I'ts "big guy" and a sweet tartan. I guess I'll have to keep wearing it.. just with sweaters or jackets. (d@mn! LOL)
  10. Fedgunner

    Kathy Lare Brown Tank

    Ron, The only reason this kilt is on the block is to afford another KL in Strachan tartan.
  11. Fedgunner

    Kathy Lare Brown Tank

    Lads and Ladies. I have a Clan Brown kilt that must move. First and foremost I have lost 30 pounds, you know what that does to a good kilt fit! The second consideration is that family ledgend ran smack dab into geneology. The kilt is a Clan Brown Modern made by Kathy Lare. Hand sewn with her "keith" mark. It also includes a Tie in the clan Brown tartan (on the bias) Flashes, pocket square, and a rosette for the lady and a bit of scrap tartan from the build. It was built for a 46" waist It has a 23 inch drop It is a custom 16 oz weave. I really like this kilt.. if it doesen't move I'll nae loose a bit of sleep. I'm asking $550 for the works. This includes all original paper work( to in clude all e-mail I still have.) These are the best pictures: [ I await your questions.
  12. Fedgunner

    Formal Kilt attire

    This is as dressed up as I get. On a Burns night I might swap to a black bow tie with appropiate shirt and collar. edited to add: I'll also be wearing a belt in the future as I've lost a bit of weight and while I agree that a killt should stay up on it's own, I refuse to scrap 7-8 kilts because I lost a couple inches!(This explains the odd hang of the kilt. This is the evening I discovered that I need a belt with this kilt.) In keeping with the thread, from head to toe: Balmoral bonnet with modified flash, Argyle jacket and vest with tartan tie matching the kilt, 16 oz Scottish, handsewn wool kilt, semiformal sporran with dress chain, black hose and a comfortable pair of black dress shoes. (A kilt pin is optional, some dislike the origin and don't wear one)
  13. Fedgunner

    suggestions please

    Are you a member of Parachutists Over Phorty?
  14. Fedgunner

    Fun game

    Idunno... no input ... you get what you get...I stick for a couple days.