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  1. Catdad

    Who Likes Free Stuff?

    I saw this posted on Facebook and it got my attention! Yes, I like free stuff.
  2. Catdad

    Wounded Warriors Kilt Auction

  3. Catdad

    New Job

    Good luck on the new job and here's hoping casual Fridays includes kilts!
  4. Catdad

    Allergies Be Gone!

    It's been an unusually mild Spring for me as far as allergies go, still I thought I'd give the Cayenne Fruit capsules a shot to see what they would do. I've only been taking one at time three times a day and I will say, they have helped. My sinuses do feel clearer and no side effects. I paid just over $2 a bottle for 100 and that price is certainly cheaper than any other allergy medication. Since I am not that bad off this year, I can't say how they compare to a prescription medication (since I haven't had to take any), but for me, right now, I am very pleased with the results. The bottle claims they are supposed to help with metobolism, and for that, I have noticed no real difference.
  5. Catdad

    Allergies Be Gone!

    I will be and will report back on my results in a couple of weeks.
  6. Catdad

    Progress On My Sleeve

    If I remember correctly, I once read a Navy SEAL quote: "Pain is just weakness leaving the body."
  7. Catdad

    Allergies Be Gone!

    Would you find them in the section with all the other vitamins and suppiiments?
  8. Catdad

    Progress On My Sleeve

    That is going to look wicked awesome when finished!
  9. Catdad

    Visitor In My Backyard

    Maybe he thinks you are a nut?
  10. Catdad

    New Ink.......

    Great job on the cover up and a good looking ink job too!
  11. Catdad

    Frugal Corner

    That certainly doesn't sound like the Mark I know and have dealt with. Even if something was backordered a long time, he'd keep you informed if only to say he didn't have anything new to report.
  12. Catdad

    Punisher Sporrans

    I wish I could afford one, but right now that ain't gonna happen. Those look so cool! Maybe once series three comes out.
  13. I started out on XMTS until I met Spartan who "enlightened" me about this wonderful place (and I mean that in the best way).
  14. Catdad

    Windows Recall

    One minor correction....start is known as cut on.
  15. Catdad

    Botk Poster #2

    I wouldn't go there if I were you...