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  1. Nubster

    My PM's?

    I apologize for being an ######. It was uncalled for and I took out personal frustrations on the first target I could find. I sent Gary a personal apology as well. I should not even for a second thought he was trying to rip me off as with the great praises everyone here sings of him, I should have no reason to think he is anything but a decent person.
  2. Nubster

    My PM's?

  3. Nubster

    ¿noʎ ʎouuɐ sıɥʇ sǝop

    ˙ɹǝʌǝʍoɥ ʎzzıp ʇıq ɐ ɯɐ ı ˙ʇsod ɹnoʎ pɐǝɹ oʇ ǝןqɐ sɐʍ ı ʇnq spuoɔǝs ǝןdnoɔ ɐ ǝɯ ʞooʇ ʇı
  4. Nubster

    Might be in DC on Friday night...

    Not sure, probably 5 or 6ish. We would be leaving here around 3:30 and 2.5 hours to get to DC not counting traffic.
  5. Nubster

    Back to school !

    WOW...what I terrible place you live could only wish to be so unlucky.
  6. Nubster

    I want it

    I NEED a new computer. I would LIKE to get a new bike ( Cannondale CAAD9 - 5) I would LOVE to get a new camera (Nikon D300)
  7. Possibly heading in to DC Friday evening to met up with the g/f's aunt and uncle who are coming in from MI. Hoping to hit up Granville Moores for some Moules Frites. I'll be kilted of course. Also, for anyone that lives in the area, how is traffic coming in to the city in the late afternoon around 5pm?
  8. Nubster

    GeoCaching in a kilt...

    I am thinking about upgrading my gps so I might be selling my Oregon 200 if anyone is interested. It is a gps pretty much designed for paperless geocaching.
  9. Nubster

    Howdy from West Virginia

    Hello from WV, eastern panhandle that is.
  10. Nubster

    GeoCaching in a kilt...

    I started geocaching this year and it can be addictive. I too have a long ways to go for 1000. Congrats on the milestone. I finally met my first cachers while out on the trail and one had 4700 finds and the other was working on hitting 8000 that night. Incredible. I have not been caching kilted.....yet, but sounds like a great time.
  11. Nubster

    My PM's?

    Understandable. I'll shoot you an email and I appreciate the response. Hope things calm for you soon.
  12. Nubster

    My PM's?

    Sent you a couple PM's about my kilt I ordered back in June and no return. Just checking to see if you got them or not. Thanks.
  13. Nubster

    Best concert you've seen.

    Dave Matthews Band all time fav. I really enjoyed NIN and David Bowie as well, what I can remember of it anyways and Clan An Drumma was pretty intense too.
  14. I always like Clarion stuff but it has been so long since I have messed with car stereo I really don't even know what is out there anymore. My music setup these days is in the form of a pretty nice headphone rig. As far as Clarion, this is all I see on their site. Not in dash though.
  15. Nubster

    Another Fun Funeral

    Maybe it WAS him checking in to see how everyone was doing.