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  1. TartanSparky

    People Have Been Asking, Now It's Happening

    Is there a update on the new kilts? Still looking for a mid July release. Thanks
  2. TartanSparky

    Magnetic Kilt Pin?

    Recently I have been trying the magnet thing. The rare earth magnets seem to work well. I have used them on my heavy wool without losing any. I glue a strap of leather on the backside to help removal
  3. TartanSparky

    Tactikilt Digital Camo Tactical Kilt

    Received my kilt today! It is great! I also liked the extras. Thanks again. I will be posting some pics as soon as I can. Put in on right out of the box,must say this is my first light weight kilt and it is perfect for the 100 degree temp outside today. Well heading back out, Later.
  4. TartanSparky

    New Rock Boots

    Hi, Just signed up. Looking to order,but not sure about the size. Seems like everytime I buy new shoes their a differnt size. I wear brikenstock boots in a 42, Can you tell if their close in size? Thanks
  5. TartanSparky

    Keith Ancient Kilts

    Botk memebers still get the 10% off?
  6. TartanSparky

    Keith Ancient

    I would like to get one too.
  7. TartanSparky

    Pics from Kentucky and Illinois

    Just a few from downtown. Thanks
  8. TartanSparky

    Pics from Kentucky and Illinois

    just a few more
  9. TartanSparky

    Pics from Kentucky and Illinois

    double post
  10. TartanSparky

    Pics from Kentucky and Illinois

    One of the Locals few more
  11. I have been working near the Ohio river at a local power plant. The area is really nice,I have always liked it . Their is a lot of history around. I thought you might like to see some pics. This is a reproduction of Fort Massac .It sit near the original. more to come
  12. Love the in case of emergency sign!! hilarious and yet, not so much if true. ;)

  13. TartanSparky

    Small town and kilted

    I live in a small town in North Alabama. I get a lot of negative comments. Last week while getting my mail a car drove by and the passenger points his finger out the window laughing and yells,"look that guys thinks he's scottish."Odd they didn't stop to talk. I'm just glad my covers not blown yet! Oh! the horrors if they find out that I......... am.......... really ......................
  14. TartanSparky

    Clan Keith

    I am also Clan Keith. The most common tartan I've seen is the Keith ancient. I have a box pleat by matt newsome. It is pleated to the black stripe. A 5 yard knife pleat.but no longer in business. I'll post pics as soon. Matt has a very long waiting list.( But it is worth all the torment) Kathy Lare She went to the Keith kilt making school. My next one will be by her. Hope this helps. Jared K.