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  1. You are missed my friend.

  2. I did that once in Columbus, GA. I was on a running drunk and decided to take at least one drink in every honky-tonk and dive on Victory Parkway. I don't remember the name of the joint, but it was the last one on the right at the east end of Victory Parkway. I walked in and noticed there were nothing but guys in the bar. Then I looked into the billiard room and saw some guy in hot p@nt$ plant a big old wet juicy kiss on one of the guys shooting pool. I knew right then that I'd gone into the wrong saloon, and I headed for the door. Between the door and my car, I encountered a real swishy guy who said "Hi, anything going on in there?" in the perkiest imaginable voice. My reply was, "Not a damned thing that interests me." and I kept going.
  3. Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats. H. L. Mencken The temptation grows stronger and stronger!
  4. Doc Hudson

    Kilted Men - The New Rebels!

    IMO, there are three main types of men who wear kilts: 3 - Punks who are trying to be rebels and non-conformists by copying rock stars who wear kilts. 2 - Gay men who are wearing kilts simply because they don't have as much stigma as cross-dressing. 1 - Blatantly heterosexual Alpha-Males who don't give a d@mn what society thinks of them. The wear kilts because they re comfortable, they are a tribute to ethnic heritiage, and because women like men in kilts. There aren't many Punks here, and I don't know of many gay men who are regulars here. The amazing thing is given the high percentage of Alpha-Males, there are no more arguments than there are.
  5. Doc Hudson

    Sent message box always empty?

    OK, Di, I'll take your word about the save button. But my "Sent Box" is not empty. There are copies of four messages I sent months ago, and this is the first I've heard about being required to save sent items. Is this a new feature or one that has always been there?
  6. Doc Hudson

    So bad......

    DAMNATION!!!!! I GOT'S TA MAKE ONE OF THOSE!!!!!! Maybe make a Double Bacon Fatty Melt Burger.
  7. Doc Hudson

    Another Greetings from Wisconsin

    Shalom Brother! Welcome to the wacky ward. There is still not a minyan here, but I think we are getting close to having enough Masons to apply for a BotK Lodge Charter.
  8. Doc Hudson

    Indestructible dog toys?

    I know it isn't the same as a stuffed squeaky critter, but have you considered rope bones? You the things I'm talking about, the very large diameter (1-inch or more) lengths of cotton rope with big knots and frayed ends at each end of the rope. Our dogs love them. In fact, it is about the only toy they play with on a regular basis.
  9. Doc Hudson

    The Scots and the Egyptians

    You can run faster with your kilt up than you can with your p@nt$ down.
  10. Doc Hudson

    The Scots and the Egyptians

    I would respond to that comment, but not enough of the message would get through the profanity filters to be intelligible.
  11. Doc Hudson

    Forrest Gump explains mortgage backed securities

    The big problem with Forrest's analysis is that he forgot, ignored, or didn't know that many of those Wall Street Criminals had been high level Clinton Administration appointees, and they were acting in concert with Clinton Administration mandated procedures. Forrest is also forgetting, ignoring, or didn't know that a number of occasions Bush or members of his administration, and even John McCain and other Conservative Senators, have pointed out the approaching calamity and were ignored by Congress. And Forrest is correct, there should be lots more investigation, indictments, and trials. BTW smelling the chocolate is always a good idea when you can't trust the person offering the box.
  12. Doc Hudson

    Coming soon...

    (In my best Jewish Grandmother voice) At least you're not gefilte fish.
  13. Doc Hudson

    official notice

    If you get that bored, my phone number is 662-246-8838. Have fun and take a snort for me. BTW Baywatch is much better without the audio.
  14. You mean besides joining in the spirited discussions here? I am a voracious reader. I read lots of non-fiction as well as science-fiction, and historical fiction as well. The local librarian used to tell me that I was the primary user of the non-fiction section of the Indianola Public Library. I also have a penchant for calling a small circle of friends and discussing politics, current events, history, guns, and writing problems. Sometimes the calls last for a couple of hours. Thank God for unlimited long distance calls!!!! Occasionally, I will watch something of interest on History, or an old movie, but there are only three current TV shows that I take pains to watch, other than Good Eats and Paula Deen's Food Network shows. Occasionally, I go back over a manuscript trying to get my story moving again, and I have monthly meetings of my Masonic and Order of the Eastern Star Lodges. In addition, I have a couple of dogs who insist on taking regular walks, and that often leads to some interesting meetings.