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  1. I've been needing an inexpensive hobby. Off to see if there are tutorials for these on the YouTubes.
  2. Nyckname

    Pirates Or Ninjas

    Are we talking real or sexy pirates?
  3. Nyckname

    Kiltology #134

    They were hanging out in the SCA. Kingdom of the West, c. A.S. X to XV.
  4. Nyckname


    That's because I think he just whacked the ends off some horns and stuck them over the drones.
  5. Nyckname

    Kiltology #123

    I got off lucky one time by being bitten on the ankle by a grasshopper (yes, a grasshopper) when the woman I was speaking with was bitten high on the thigh, and she was wearing tight jeans.
  6. Nyckname

    Kiltology #122

    Back in the '80s when latex clothing was drastically less common than it is today, my girlfriend borrowed a skirt from a friend of hers. She decided to snap it up the side instead of in front. You know how you tend to spread as you sit? The snaps all gave at once and the thing shot a good six feet to the left.
  7. Nyckname

    Yesterdays F Minus By Tony Carrillo

    Who's going to buy a kilt from a guy in troo$er$?! (Love the script. One site I'm on, we had a lot of trouble with spam from this one source, so the sys~op wrote one that would automagically change her name to "A Smelly Fish". In red. And bold.)
  8. Nyckname

    Golfing Scotsman

  9. Nyckname

    Blue Ribbon

    Still love that joke. And remember, it's always going to be new for someone.
  10. Nyckname

    Day In The Life Of A Piper

    :th700d7c2b: :th700d7c2b: :th700d7c2b:
  11. Nyckname

    Never Mess With A Nurse!

    They did that on an episode of E.R. She walked away from him leaving the curtain not quite closed.
  12. Nyckname

    Cool poster creating site.

    Which is why I'm thinking it's probably a free service provided by a consortium of printer cartridge manufacturers. But it is way cool.
  13. Nyckname

    Kiltology #119

    Anyone want to admit to doing that Queen of England holding~the~sides~to~keep~it~from~blowing~up thing?
  14. Nyckname

    Mentos Powered Vehicle

    Those guys, the guys from Mythbusters and the guys from . Freakin' hilarious. And they get paid to do it.
  15. Nyckname

    Kiltology #118

    There must be a way to build an "electric fence" into the (outside) bottom edge.
  16. Nyckname

    Didn't God Make Oil?

    BP used to be the Anglo-Persian Oil Company. When Mossadeq was going to nationalize the mineral resources of Iran, APOC went running to the British government. The British government called the CIA. The CIA engineered the overthrow of Mossadeq and installed the Shah. The Shah was every bit as brutal, but maybe didn't rack up as high a body count, as Saddam Hussein. You should know the rest. Thanks BP.
  17. Nyckname

    Safe Sex Bagpipes

    Man, is he going to be in a fix if he "gets lucky" that night, and it was the last one he had.
  18. Nyckname

    Didn't God Make Oil?

    What I can't figure out is why G_d put our oil under so many other countries and in places it's so hard to get at.
  19. Nyckname

    Homemade Bagpipes

    Silly goose. (You may need to look at the bag again.)
  20. Nyckname

    Once Upon A Time...

    there were two Picts running down a lane and they tripped and fell. One got really serious abrasions and the other didn't. His was the woad less gravelled.
  21. Nyckname

    Interesting & Funny Picture
  22. I'm already supposed to be working a booth, but I still haven't heard if the money's there for the trip.
  23. Nyckname

    Yuengling Black And Tan

    Snicker. Think I'll just pop down to the distributor a couple blocks away and pick up a case.
  24. Nyckname

    Kilted In Tokyo...

    I'm finding this very amusing. There used to be a running joke in the S.C.A. "Samurai Celt". Great kilt, katana and wakizashi. Although one time I did show up in kimonos with claymore.
  25. Nyckname

    Words Of Wisdom By Thomas Jefferson

    I hope we shall take warning from the example [of England] and crush in it's [sic] birth the aristocracy of our monied corporations which dare already to challenge our government to a trial of strength and bid defiance to the laws our country. * Letter to George Logan (12 November 1816)