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  1. harm

    Large Hose?

    Been a while since I measured my calves. Apparently gym has been good because they aren't 20" they are 22". So I renew my plea for information regarding custom hose makers. Thanks.
  2. harm

    Large Hose?

    Thanks for the input. Do you know anyone who makes custom hose? I'd pay 60 for a pair that fit. I've got pipers hose and I can't get them on my calves.
  3. harm

    Large Hose?

    I'm asking for help from my fellow Kilties. I need some hose that actually fit. I've bought regular Hose. Pipers Hose, even a garden Hose and I can't find a pair of hose that will fit my calves. I'm a former football player with the calves to match. My lower half is truly a difficult region to cover correctly. Even boots are challenges with my feet/heels (15EEE) then it heads up my leg and hits my calf, which baloons to over 20" around. Does anyone make Hose for legs/feet this big? Does anyone make customs I ought to contact to correct this? I'm tired of wearing my kilt to formal events with jury rigged hose.
  4. twisting my custom holster makers arm into making me a sporran for Christmas with a holster for my Sig 239 and he's going to emboss (I think thats what its called) the family crest on the flap. He's also giving it a series of pouches and slots inside for all the gear I carry on a daily basis i.e. my phone, wallet, keys, knife, flashlights, etc.
  5. harm

    Kilting.. For Freedom!

    This is an interesting discussion. I've alwasy looked at my kilt as an expression of freedom in that I can be different in spite of the grief other guys give me - the reaction from women has been mostly positive. Freedom is extremely important to me. I've chosen to "opt out" completely in regards to airports. I won't use their service. I won't fly. And my family no longer does either. Its a choice. I've chosen. That said I wonder if anyone else found it interesting that the guy who designed these backscatter x-ray machines that the TSA is using was a personal guest traveling with Obama on his tript o India last year. And now India is implementing these machines too. But my tinfoil might be on a little tight.
  6. harm


    Those are awesome!
  7. harm


    It just struck me today that for a kilt forum that there is no Kilted Smiley. I know their little guys but somewhere someone has to have made an exaggerated Smiley wearing a kilt, right?
  8. harm

    Apoco-Kilts on teh webz

    This is actually the link that brought me to both Needle Pimp and BotK.
  9. harm

    Kilted Concealed Carry

    Well I know you said that you don't want/like IWB carry but I love the Comp Tac MTAC (minotaur)for my SigP229. It tucks it in very close and the gun completely disappears. Now I have a hard time carrying concealed with a kilt and only go this route when Iam going to toss a sweater on. It's very similar to the Crossbreed Supertuck but I liked the clips better. I also like the Galco Summer Comfort for my full sized guns, namely my SigP226. I've been debating a drop leg holster of some kind but don't know about a mounting system inside the kilt. Still experimenting. Contacting a couple of Sporran Makers for my BUG Sig239 (detecting a pattern? ). I'm not a fan of shoulder rigs as they are expensive and your going to muzzle something important to someone with them.
  10. harm

    December 2009 Caption Contest

    Ok who left this rock here!? Seriously that was supposed to be over THERE!!!
  11. harm

    Sgian Dubh Ramblings...........

    might be in the minority here, and I don't mean to step on anyone who has the sgian's I'm mentioning I don't intend to. But I have no use for an ornamental knife that cannot be used. Too many of the ones I see for sale are POS's. Blades wiggle or the handles are screw on (WTH?!). I like a practical knife. One I can use and I'm not afraid of dinging up, in other words I don't like a show piece. My current Sgian is a Cold Steel Braveheart. Hate the name, love the knife. It balances well, has a great edge, black rubber grip that holds well to my hand even in the rain, and has proven incredibly durable. Not a huge fan of the sheath as it's simple kydex and doesn't feel great in hose. That being said I'd love to some day add a custom from Raptor! ETA: I completely agree with Puffer. i hope I never face a pulled knife again. SCARS and SCARES!
  12. harm

    Restrictions On Kilting At Work

    That is imminently frustrating. I've been trying to get approval for Kilting at work for a couple of years now. Frustratingly my company does not have a single individual who can approve it, with numerous individuals able to veto.
  13. harm


    I'm a big guy, and AmeriKilt was happy to make one to accomadate me. Told me it'd be three weeks and I had it inside of 2. I've been kicking around in it for almost 2 years now and am ready to get some more. Planning on a couple of Needle Pimps kilts in January. But I still won't give up my Amerikilt. Great kilt to kick around in. And in black it matches almost everything and is extremely comfortable in the Arizona summer.
  14. harm

    Wild A$$ Idea thread.

    thanks Megs!
  15. harm

    Wild A$$ Idea thread.

    Alright total newb to the Brotherhood forums, and to Needle Pimp. I actually got routed here from the gun blog about Everyday updates (or something like that). Anyways, I've been Kilted now for a little over 2 years. Looking to buy some new kilts in the future. As soon as I figure out what I want... So many kilts and guns... so little coin. Anyways I've been thinking, the last shooting class I took was a Tac Carbine class and I would have loved to wear my kilt for it, and I enjoy wearing my kilt on coyote hunts etc. But I was thinking a Tactical Sporran would be SWEET! Pouch for an STANAG mag or 3. Maybe a pistol mag. Knife. Phone etc. Done up with cordura or some other durable material with molle loops for customized attachment points etc. Anyways thats my 2 bits...