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  1. donpsyd

    Greetings from Ohio

    Greetings From NW PA
  2. donpsyd

    Hello From Western New York

    Welcome from Erie PA
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    Welcome from PA
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    Greetings From Florida

    Welcome to you from PA
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    Hello and welcome
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    The Scotsman's Kitchen

    Welcome from Northwest PA
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    A Noob From Alberta

    Welcome from Northwest PA
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    New Kiltie From Southeast Michigan

    Welcome from Northwest PA
  9. donpsyd

    Irish Hooley

    The annual Irish Hooley sponsored by the Irish cultural society of Erie is March 1st. See the society's facebook page for details. I'll be there along with the usual horde.
  10. donpsyd

    Hello From Kodiak, Alaksa

    Welcome from Erie PA.
  11. donpsyd

    The Frugal Corner - Back

    It appears they're back up and running. He commented that he'd be streamlining his new inventory and try to take care of old outstanding orders. REceived an e-mail later from Mark that he would make good on the BOTK kilt I had ordered from him.
  12. Welcome from Northwestern PA
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    New From Ri

    Welcome from Northwest PA
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    Hey To All From A New Guy

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