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  1. A B Graham

    Kilted At Work

    Details??? As I said it was a party set up for my wife's florist. I was wearing a PV kilt from Heritage of Scotland in the Freedom tartan. Graham
  2. A B Graham

    Kilted At Work

    Since I can't wear a kilt to work and wouldn't even if I could. (Kilts just don't work in a prison environment). My beautiful wife gave me the opportunity to wear a kilt to work. She owns a florist and needed help with a party set-up. Graham
  3. A B Graham

    Wayne Duplin Scots

    Some friends and I are starting a Scottish Heritage group in Wayne and Duplin Counties in NC. Anyone in the area (or not) interested in joining please email us at Wayneduplinscots@gmail.com. Also any suggestions are greatly appreciated. We are planning a whisky tasting for later in the year. Graham
  4. Hey guys and girls, I have recently started writing a story that has since become a novel...or perhaps will be one day. It is posted on line for comments and suggestions. I would love to hear what you have to say about it. I only have seven chapters posted for now, but more to come soon. The later part of the book is set in Scotland, or a fictional version thereof, and there may even be a kilt or two to come. Thanks for your reading and comments. http://www.writerscafe.org/writing/abg0819/1057168/ Graham
  5. A B Graham

    Advice About Tartan Ribbon

    I was wondering how to incorporate tartan ribbon into my kilted outfit since my kilt is solid black. (Graham of Montrose Tartan, 1 in wide) Check out the picture and let me know what you think. Thanks for the help Graham
  6. My beautiful soon-to-be-wife and I attended the closing day of the Loch Norman Highland Games this year. The weather was beautiful (too pretty apparently, her shoulders are fried), the games were fun to watch and the vendors were numerous. This is the second year we have attended and already we can see the games growing by leaps and bounds. Thanks to everyone who helped organize them and keep them coming.
  7. A B Graham

    Kilted Cookout

    The weather is finally warming up, mind you my Scottish blood does better in the cold, so we invited a couple of friends over for a play date. Four adults, four kids, and hamburgers on the grill. Great time...
  8. A B Graham

    My New (And First) Flashes

    Try again
  9. A B Graham

    My New (And First) Flashes

    I decided to try to make my own sock flashes. They are not perfect but workable. Any advice??? Graham
  10. A B Graham

    A New Ghillie Brogue

    That's cool. Now there's a pair of ghillies I would wear. Graham
  11. If you like that check these out. I have a friend that wears them with his kilts, and I just bought my fiance a pair and she loves them. Graham http://www.vibramfivefingers.com/products/products_KSO_m.cfm
  12. A B Graham

    Balmoral Vs. Beret

    Thanks for the info gentlemen. I do understand and respect the "earned" beret colors (green, maroon...). I am the son of a Vietnam vet, the grandson of two WWII vets, the great grandson of the WWI vet and the great great grandson of a Civil War vet. While I did not serve in the armed forces, choosing instead to serve at home in a law enforcement capacity, I have a great respect for those men and women who serve their country. I would never do anything to insult or belittle their sacrifice. I was thinking of either a black (with no blue flash) or a yellow beret with a clan crest where any military insignia would be worn, or perhaps a pin I have that says "My dad is a Vietnam Vet." I wore a military beret (white) in ROTC and really like the look. Any other comments are certainly welcome. Thanks again, Graham
  13. A B Graham

    Brain Picking Again

    I'd love to see the pics if you can dig them up...I'm not sure I have the metaphorical guts to wear cowboy boots or my hat with my kilt. I defiantly have the physical gut to understand the girdle bit. Graham
  14. A B Graham

    Balmoral Vs. Beret

    Ladies and Gentlemen of the forum. I posted a similar post on X but it was shut down due to inflammatory remarks made by one particular gentleman (I use the term loosely). From what I have seen balmorals are very similar to a typical beret, except for the toorie. I understand that it is not traditional in the tightest interpretation of the term. I am considering a military style beret. It must be noted that I understand that using any military decorations, rank, so on and so forth would be wrong. I am also aware that that certain colors have a strong meaning to current and former military guys. I would never do anything to offend the men and women who protect us and our freedoms. So opinions please. Thank you Graham
  15. A B Graham

    Live Long And Kilted

    OMG what have I done...I came here to get away from you people...Ok not really. My name is Graham and I'm from NC for those of you who don't know me from the other site. Still relatively new to kilting and the obsession that comes with it. I like to have a good time and I tend to be irreverent (caused me some issue on the other boards). If you are wondering I am still stalking the halls of Xmarks to make good on my promise to terrorize the stuffed shirt types. Anyway that's me. Questions, Comments or Concerns should be addressed to God Almighty...I think he's the only one who can save me at this point. Graham