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    scotland, kilt wearing, all things celtic, photography, outdoors, men's issues, christianity
  • Gender
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    Fuquay-Varina, NC, USA
  • Interests
    scotland, kilt wearing, all things celtic, photography, outdoors, men's issues, christianity

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  1. furrycelt

    Some Photos I've Done

    awesome stuff!!
  2. sorry i am so late in seeing this. i live 3 hours from Charlotte. i can help as well. let us know how it goes.
  3. furrycelt

    I Must Radiate It

    normally i am kilted full-time. the past three jobs luckily have allowed kilts at work (geez this is going on seven years, and before that i was kilted on the weekends for a couple of years). but there are times when i will wear shorts/p@nt$/jeans. like if i am climbing under the car or yard work. basically i don't want to mess up my kilts, these things aren't cheap. and there are times when i just do not want to draw attention to myself. most common reason: if i am going to my kids' school, i want the focus to be on them. recently, a good friend was returning to the area for a visit. i hadn't seen him in about 10 years. he lives near Allentown PA now and is a priest in the Orthodox Catholic church. while he was here in Raleigh NC, he was asked to do services at the local American Orthodox church (the one he used to attend). i wanted to attend the saturday night vespers, but since it is not my church, and Orthodox services are very meditative and subdued, i thought i should just blend in and not wear my kilt, i wore some dark blue shorts with subtle grey pinstripes. (i wear my kilt to my church all the time, everyone there is cool with it.) after vespers there was a gathering of old friends at someone's house, and of course it was a mix of folks i've known and a few new faces. one person whom i had never met before, and she had never seen me before told me that when i came in the house she said it looked like i had a kilt on. and i said... funny you say that...
  4. my utilikilts can go for several days without needing to be washed. i have a desk job so i don't get sweaty. i keep my shirts tucked in so no worry there. they air out at night, and even air out during the day. i shower regularly so yeah... kilts: good for the environment cause they don't need washing as much as p@nt$.
  5. furrycelt

    Photo Session

    what a view... where is that?
  6. furrycelt

    Second Scrollsaw Project

    that looks great.
  7. furrycelt

    Balmoral Bonnet #1

    good job. looks great.
  8. furrycelt

    Hello From Pa

    welcome! great idea, which charity(ies)?
  9. furrycelt

    How Many

    can't have too many. ummm... not sure how many i have, i would need to count them up. (i'm a daily kilt wearer.)
  10. furrycelt

    My Tattoo Blog

    very cool concept. i'll definitely have to check it out.
  11. furrycelt

    Dealing With Kilt Haters

    in English (and most other languages) the answer to the question: "What is the definition of ____?" is "Whatever the majority agrees upon." ... which begs the question: "What is 'the majority'?" ... and when that last question is hard to answer, so will the first one.
  12. furrycelt

    One Night At The Bar

    awesome. :-)
  13. furrycelt

    Good News! Found A House!

    w00t as the kids say.