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    Locust Grove, Virginia
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    Traditional Archery & Bowhunting.
    Classic Cars even though I don't have one.
    Some computers
  • Gender
  • Location
    Locust Grove, Virginia
  • Interests
    Traditional Archery & Bowhunting.
    Classic Cars even though I don't have one.
    Some computers

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  1. Eugene Slagle

    Kiltology #508 - Kilted Plumbing

    Good exercise or work never goes beyond someone gaining some entertainment from it.
  2. Eugene Slagle

    Concealed Carry Sporran

    I need a good jacket or vest so I can carry my normal piece while Kilted.
  3. Eugene Slagle

    Renaissance Run Heavy Games

    Wish I was in Texas bro because I'd be there.
  4. Eugene Slagle

    Fitness Tip: It's All About The Diet!

    I know that this is a 100% fact. I lost 35 pounds inside of a 6 month period, partly due to me working out like riding my bike & what not but mostly due to what & how much I ate. I use the Loose it app along with Runkeeper on my phone to track my intake & my exercise & was amazed that even though I ate 2400+ calories of good food, I needed to eat more to maintain the 170* weight that I am at now, sometimes depending on my activities of the day I may need up to 4000 calories. Eating good stuff is the key but part of it is planning so that you can still be eating the right stuff at about the right time so that you get what you need. For me, my goal was to reduce my sodium & cholesterol intake so that I not only reduce the level of Lisinipril I take for my B.P. but also to lower my risk of needing to take any cholesterol meds. (I hate to take meds.)
  5. Eugene Slagle


    LOL, that has got to be the best.
  6. Eugene Slagle

    Camping Stove: Coleman Classic Vs. Coleman Triton

    I'm with Amadan in that I have the ole reliable green Coleman stove for years & no issues. Now back pack camping I use a folding stove designed to burn most anything solid but could use it with a penny stove to keep the cooking pot elevated from the flame too.
  7. I have 4 of Bryce's Utility kilts like you have linked & you will not be disappointed with the quality or the service. I highly suggest them.
  8. Eugene Slagle

    Hillbillies, Rednecks, Crackers, Gringos.....

    I know I have Scottish & Irish ancestry but am definitely a redneck 100%.
  9. Eugene Slagle

    Went To A Horror Convention

    That is cool man, Loved the Piper.
  10. Eugene Slagle

    Technically I Didn't Make It...

    WOW!!! Impressive.
  11. Eugene Slagle

    Technically I Didn't Make It...

    WOW, you have to dig your toes in for the throw? Forgive me but never done any of the Highland games.
  12. Eugene Slagle

    Usa National Tartan Day Monday April 6Th

    I'll be Kilting up.
  13. Eugene Slagle

    Website Update Coming

    Doesn't get any better than this.
  14. Eugene Slagle

    Hello From Arlington Va

    Welcome from Central Virginia area.
  15. Eugene Slagle

    Are You Man Enough?

    I wear mine as often as I can except that now I need to get some traditional kilts in a slightly smaller waist size.