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  1. I have to agree awareness and prevention is key to beating cancer. I have/had too many friends that ignored the signs until it was too late. For some it was a personal decision to ignore it and for others it was plain denial. I paid attention and have been through the treatments and two surgeries starting at age 35. Yeah, the treatments and surguries stunk, however I have a family that wants me around for awhile so it was worth it. Some things you just have to man up and do when you have others to consider. Been five years and still cancer free, just missing a few internal parts
  2. Taygrd

    Stag Horn Sgian Achlias

    If I remember it was about 11 inches long overall so as a Sgian it would be a bit too long. I like keeping sgians to about 7" and they are much lighter and thinner plus this one had the crown of the horn facing the wrong way
  3. Taygrd

    My Wyvern Sporran

    You really do not understand the quality of Donnie's work till you have held it in your hand. Seanachie thanks for your suggestion, I do have a leather strap for it just not showing it in this pic, however I never really knew how bad the chains were till someone metioned it to me.
  4. Taygrd

    Stag Horn Sgian Achlias

    Thanks fellas, I really like how it came out. The horn I found at a brush fire so it had that color to it when it buffed out. I think that gave it a lot of character. Sorry Eugene it already has a home Thanks again.
  5. Taygrd

    My Wyvern Sporran

    Donnie made this for me awhile back and I forgot to show it off here. It is top notch, top shelf, top dog, top quality, top....err, You get the point. I love it!
  6. Taygrd

    Stag Horn Sgian Achlias

    It has a 6" cutting edge and is 7" with riccasso. Long enough to get arrested in Texas
  7. I just finished this blade up and wanted to show it off. It is forged 1095 tool steel that I left the forge marks on for that period look. The guard is bronze and copper that fits over the horn. Used a clip that I manufactured that aloows the knife to be worn behind a belt or sash or in the pit
  8. Taygrd

    Sword question and advice needed

    I am fortunate to be a keeper of swords dating back 1678 with the most recent made in 1881. I have found and use only Renaissance products, however there is even debate about it. Naval jelly and the like to be very harsh so I purchased their metal decorroder and it works great. It is a bit pricey however I used it on etched blades dating back to 1796 and found that it does not harm them. Then once the blade is cleaned use the micro polish then the wax and this is a process I do on the blades that leave my shop as well. This is a clear non-harmful way to protect them without using oil. Oil can damage scabbards if used in excess but I do use it in blades kept in metal scabbards. I would stay away from emery cloth and stick with a very, very fine steel wool and a soft brass brush. Of course this is just another opinion to add to the rank and file. OYE, Leave it to the new guy to resurect a 2 year old post
  9. Taygrd

    Another Howdy From Texas

    Thanks fellas, Glad to be here. Ron aka "Riverkilt" mentioned this forum to me awhile back saying I would like the atmosphere here, I do believe he was correct.
  10. Hello all, Just wanted to stop by and say hello. I was referred to this site by a member and it looks like a great place to hang out. Been wearing kilts for close to 20 years now which means my first kilt has been "let out" two times with a few additions to the kilt collection as well. Glad to be here. Thanks Nathan
  11. Taygrd