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  1. Hello all, Stop by Got Kilt's shop today at Scarby. Saw the awesome BotK kilts. Got to get my self one buy Amy is pushing me toward the box pleat with the hidden tartan. Attached is a couple "Boo" pics with the booth manager and one of the BotK kilts.
  2. Oops, we've been PMing on a blade. Sorry, Jim
  3. Now for the good news, the set is for sale. $300US free insured postage in the Continental US.
  4. Hello all, Combined 2 hobbies to make the ultimate dress set. All are made from Scotch barrel staves. Sgian dubh Kilt pin Pen Pocket watch Cuff links. Jim
  5. Very nice. Wishing them a long happy life together. Drac
  6. Amy and I are joining the craze. That is getting off our butts and if nothing else just get walking. Drac
  7. I love mead! Prefer the sweeter ones but definitely my favorite wine. Drac
  8. Dont you know that bare foot running is the latest? yes, I will have shoes on but let's not get to carried away with that whole "run" idea. While faster then a walk my running is hardly WR level. Drac
  9. Got my new one in from USA Kilts. Nice as always. This is a casual model, with Velcro but no buckles. This is going to be my new athletic kilt. First trial "run" will be a 5k Sept - https://www.classy.org/fundraise/team?ftid=85225 Edit- updated link Drac
  10. Favorite for fancy is my Dress Gordon. My go to is my acrylic Hamilton Grey (which I got told recently is "NOT a true Hamilton tartan) because of wash ability. Hoping my new sporting one for 5ks and such will be here tomorrow, a new Navy tartan. Drac
  11. Amy has a very bad reaction to poison ivy as well and on top of that she is allergic to it. Add to that antihysimens make her feel like she's running a marathon She recently got a bad case. Her doc recommended domeboro. Works wonders. I quote "it's the bomb" Drac
  12. While I love Scotch I'm normally in a bit of a bind. On a whole I like sweet drinks, rum, ice wine, sambuca, and such. With Scotch I run into an issue. The older a bottle the drier it is but it needs the age to get those flavors that make it worth drinking. I normally compensate by the heavy peat and smoke ones. Found this one that seems to meet me half way. This was aged in a barrel the gent sad "makes ice wine look weak". Tastes nice. Definitely has a sweet finish with mid-level smoke and peat. Nice burn when sipping but smooth going down.
  13. Yep. Can't figure out how I missed it. Thanks.