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  1. Pain

    Big news

    Congrats!!! Fatherhood is such an amazing time.
  2. Pain

    Win A BOTK Kilt from Got-Kilt

    Can't wait to see what's cooking.
  3. Pain

    Get A Badass Sporran!

    Very nice
  4. Pain

    Pa Celtic Fling 2015

    Wish I didn't have to work this weekend, would have been nice to get up there and to see you Tony.
  5. Pain

    Mojo Needed

    Glad to hear you both are fairing well, hope to hear more good news soon
  6. Pain

    Happy Birthday Amadan!

    Happy Belated birthday Tony, get well soon!
  7. Pain

    Mojo Needed

    Will keep the two of you in my thoughts for a speedy recovery. Hope things can get worked out so you can see each other soon.
  8. Pain

    Straight Wip

    Wasn't sure if they were something you were adding to your line of blades, which is why I was checking on how much you would charge.
  9. Pain

    Straight Wip

    Those are amazing. How much do you charge for them?
  10. Pain

    Botk Tartan Kilt Revisited

    Awesome news on the weight loss and refound kilt.
  11. Pain

    I Wrote A Book

    Those are usually the most common mistakes that are made these days, if you want to have someone proof a book/story for you just let me know. I tend to be the guy who finds all the issues with fully published books.
  12. Pain

    I Wrote A Book

    First that me start with awesome job, and congrats! Second.... Saw one wrong word typo in the preview of the story... 'First Rover chased Sammie, they Sammie chased Rover.' Since the word isn't spelled wrong it wouldn't be picked up by software for being wrong, but I assume you had meant 'then Sammie chased Rover'
  13. Welcome from not to far from you, near KoP.
  14. Pain

    Awesome Kilt Outfit - Celeb

    It's definitely a black Utilikilt. You can see the embroidered pocket in one of the other pictures. The do look like older tanker boots, and my only question is the 'tights' as they call them on the page. Not that I don't like argyl, but are they tights or just over the knee socks...
  15. Pain

    Kryptek Typhon Apocokilt (Or Two)

    I'm extremely tempted.... Just not sure if I'd ever end up wearing it. I've been working so much that I haven't had a chance to wear anything other than work clothes.