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  1. WV7159

    Kilt In Latest Harry Potter Movie

    I missed it too when I saw the movie, but that's pretty cool that Albus's bro wore the kilt
  2. WV7159

    Best Ad Ever!

  3. WV7159

    Free Kilt For The Needy

    K, thanks for the heads up.
  4. WV7159

    Kilt Newbie Needs A Kilt!

    Arvald I have another member helping me out so I should have a kilt in July. Thank you for the offer, give the kilt to another newbie like me they will appreciate
  5. WV7159

    Kilt Newbie Needs A Kilt!

    I have no problem taking care of the shipping, thanks for the help!
  6. I'm still saving up to get my 1st kilt , I saw that sometimes you all give away used kilts to the kilt needy for free/near free. My waist is 42', hips 44' and length is 24' Is there anyone willing to part with a kilt they don't want anymore ?
  7. WV7159

    Free Kilt For The Needy

    Is this still available? It fits my measurements perfectly and I haven't got my 1st kilt yet.
  8. The tilted kilt looks like the happenin place,
  9. WV7159

    1St Time Kilt Buyer, Deciding On Belt.

    There were some affordable ones on Stillwater kilts i saw.
  10. WV7159

    Advice from an old kiltie....

    James, I read your "kiltie advice" I'm fresh and new to the kilt world I will have my 1st casual kilt kit from USAK in in a few weeks, I just found out about Stillwater kilts and from the reviews I'd say the stillwater kilts would be a good buy for a poor college student like me Great information, for a newbie like me, this advice is worth it's worth in gold!
  11. I am in the process of getting my 1st kilt, it's from USA kilts and it's the casual kilt. Now I would like to have a belt for my kilt and I did not know if regular belts with buckles look ok, or if I need to get a wider belt. The kilt belts are more pricey on the USAK page and I'm looking for the cheap route, not wanting to pay $70 for a kilt belt and buckle just yet. I'd appreciate any suggestions
  12. WV7159

    New Guy From Huntington , Wv

    I'd have to abandon the duster and wear something else , but it would be interesting to see a kilted snowie, I was thinking like a renissance shirt or highlander shirt...it's white and would rock the kilt on the snowtrooper
  13. WV7159

    New Guy From Huntington , Wv

    Now to figure out how to make a kilted snow trooper.....hmmmm
  14. WV7159

    New Guy From Huntington , Wv

    That friend would be you Runewolf Guys I am split between the black watch tartan or the McDonald Clan tartan(my Shannon part of the family is a Sept of the clan), I'm going with USA Kilts , the casual kilt(poor ass college student) I think the casual kilt will work for now, it's affordable and from what I've heard they are nice! I'm going to rush the shipping so you all will see some pics sometime in June
  15. Hi all! I am new to kilts , getting my 1st one next month, I'm pretty excited. A friend referred me to here, said this is a great forum and place for all people who love the kilt. I'm an Appalachian Mutt, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, and German, and asked myself a few days ago...you know why do I not own a kilt yet. So here I am making the plunge