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  1. Welcome from the other side of PA! I want a Jones of Wales badly, but the cost is a bit more than I can handle at the moment.
  2. misfit762

    I Love My Boss

    That's Awesome!
  3. misfit762

    American Heritage Kilt Is Here!

    Love the kilt and the sporran!
  4. misfit762

    Some Days Are Humbling

    I try to thank every Vet I see for their service. And I feel the same way you do, I couldn't have served like I did if those who came before hadn't. They blazed the trail.
  5. misfit762

    Lost My Uncle Today

    You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.
  6. misfit762

    Submitted My Tartan!

    Thanks guys! I am really happy that yinz guys like it!
  7. misfit762

    New To The Brotherhood

    Welcome from Pittsburgh!
  8. misfit762

    Hey To All From A New Guy

    Welcome to the Brotherhood from Pittsburgh!
  9. misfit762

    Submitted My Tartan!

    I'm open to anyone who wants to wear it in honor of those that served. I left it unrestricted so that anyone can wear it.
  10. misfit762

    Submitted My Tartan!

    I'm open to anyone who would wear this honorably!
  11. misfit762

    Submitted My Tartan!

    Thank you!
  12. misfit762

    Submitted My Tartan!

    After having to make several changes to the name, I am please to report that the tartan has been REGISTERED! We had to change the name to the Shawn Jones Afghan Memorial Tartan due to the previous name being too close to the Official military name for the war in Afghanistan. I would like to thank all of you for your support! It means so much! The next step is to get a kilt made!
  13. misfit762

    Pittsburgh Irish Festival

    I only made it Friday night. It was insane, the lines were huge!
  14. misfit762

    My Army Grows!