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  1. Mcmurdo

    New.... But Not... Las Vegas Lion!

    Welcome to this side.
  2. Mcmurdo

    Tartan Tuesday November 2018

    its growing back
  3. Tartan Tuesday November 2018 Group Shot
  4. Mcmurdo

    Tartan Tuesday October 2018

    Anytime you get up here you are welcome to join us.
  5. It was a great night, we had 2 visitors first Graham from London, and Colin who is back from Cork for Thanksgiving, so good to see old friends again. Colin was in from Cork Ireland, it was great to see him, even though his kilts are still in storage, he was able to wear a tartan tie.
  6. Mcmurdo

    Black Watch Military Kilt

    A few weeks ago someone on the forum got in touch over PM as we were talking he said there was a Black Watch kilt at a local thrift shop in Toronto's Kensington Market. The good news is with the recent weight loss it fit. The better news is I got a deal on it. The best news is that I was watching a few of these on EBay and this one was half the price of those online. As the weather has been cooling down I have had a few chances to wear it.
  7. Today this happened He is the second other kilt wearer I've seen this week, besides Tartan Tuesday of course, his first comment was "My kilt has pockets." To which I replied "My kilt has a sporran." I love it when I bump into other kilt wearers.
  8. Mcmurdo

    Isle of Skye part 2

    When I started wearing the kilt over a decade ago I was really taken with the Isle of Skye tartan it was one of my first kilts and I loved it. My ex-wife decided to throw it away along with another kilt from What Price Glory when we were going through our divorce. I was sure I would never replace it and tried to move on. Fast forward to a month or so ago while I was checking out EBay I came across an Isle of Skye kilt at an affordable £35 I put it on my watch list and waited, at the last possible moment I put a bid on it and won it for £40. This was a far cry from the over $800 the original cost me. I am very happy with the purchase. I've worn it a few times since it arrived and I am so glad I decided to replace the kilt that was lost to me. Here are a few photos from the past couple of weeks.
  9. Mcmurdo

    Happy Canada - Maple Tartan

    It really is a nice tartan, I'd say my top 3 favourite tartans are the Scottish Wildcat Tartan, the Isle of Skye Tartan and the Maple Leaf Tartan. All really are wonderful representations of the subject matter. We had a good night at home making sure our wee dog was not too freaked out over the fireworks.
  10. Mcmurdo

    Happy Canada - Maple Tartan

    Happy Canada Day to you as well. I'm wearing my Maple Leaf today as well. Mine is P.V. from Canadian Casual Kilts. I don't think Pete is making them anymore but he is a great guy and made a nice kilt.
  11. It does, I would like to know which regiment it was from originally, as there are a few that use this tartan, but I don't think I'll ever find that out. I'm just glad that it is military weight tartan.
  12. Thanks, I think I need to look for more military kilts for the winter.
  13. I got this old military kilt from eBay a while ago with the intention of wearing it in the winter. My old What Price Glory Gordon Highlander kilt was never returned to me from my ex-wife. At any rate I got this for a song and it came with kilt extenders that I don’t need. With the recent weight loss it is one of the kilts that actually fits without adjustments. I am trying it today for the first time with a pair of Argyll hose that Kilted Cole sent up as they did not fit him just to see if these work with the Hunting Stewart tartan. I think this kilt will see lots of wear in the colder months. The label inside is faded to the point where I can not read it so idea of the provenance of the garment.
  14. Mcmurdo

    Any Kilt Nights Out There?

    Please join us for next month's Tartan Tuesday at The Feathers Pub 962 Kingston Road Toronto