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  1. When I first got my Royal Naval Association kilt in honour of my Uncle McMurdo (Murdy) I wanted to get a Scottish Agate Anchor Pin. The problem has been that everyone I've seen on eBay has gone over hundreds of dollars completely out of my budget. Recently I decided to look on a different vintage site and found one suitable at a reasonable price. My only problem now was that the seller would only ship to the United States. I was lucky in that another member of xmarks graciously agreed to ship it to Canada for me. Now that I have the pin in place I will take a trip up to Uncle Murdy's final resting place. Thanks to Kilted Cole for all his help, it means the world to me. Without further ado from me, here are the photos.
  2. I just wanted to prove I don't always wear an Argyll jacket and tie with my kilt. I got nothing but compliments all day.
  3. I see nothing wrong with what you did, he tried to insult and decided to be ignorant, at best you defended yourself, at worst you responded in kind, either way, you can hold your head high. It's funny how it goes when you wear the kilt regularly you have good days and bad, a little while ago I had to defend my girlfriend against verbal attacks, she is in a wheelchair and gets targeted all the time as a result. I stepped in to try to stop it and diffuse the situation, the attacker decided to try to attack me for my choice of clothing, it did not go well for them. Yesterday on the other hand I got nothing but compliments on the kilt.
  4. Even though it was a cold wet day here on the 6th I always kilt up on Tartan Day, ok on a lot of other days too, but you know what I mean when you have an excuse to wear the kilt it makes it easier to explain in case anyone asks. Anyway this is what I wore, did anyone else wear their kilt on Tartan Day?
  5. God this is all wonderful, every bit of it, perfect wedding kit.
  6. It's Tartan Day today, so I thought I would post this. For the past almost 3 years we have been putting on a kilt night at the Caledonian pub in Toronto on the first Tuesday of every month. We call it Tartan Tuesday and May is our anniversary. We would love to see you come out and join in on the fun.
  7. Here is the group shot from last nights Tartan Tuesday.
  8. Thanks, it has taken years to get it and most of it was bought at least 10 years ago. This was a lucky break.
  9. A little while ago I was looking for a new Prince Charlie, my old black set was lent out to a friend and he never returned it, after trying to get it back unsuccessfully I went and started looking for a new set. Normally I would go out and purchase a black set, however I was lucky enough to find this claret set on for £20 which I thought would work wonderfully with the Scottish Wildcat Tartan. Having worn it a couple of times now I have to say I like it and think it helps set this outfit apart from the normal black Prince Charlie jackets that you see at any number of Scottish events. I may still get another black set one day, but have many other options including a black argyll with silver buttons, so may never do that at all.
  10. So yesterday was Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day, it was also the anniversary of the delivery of my Scottish Wildcat Tartan kilt. I knew I wanted to wear the kilt so I put it on and was ready to go out, it was then that I noticed my brother who has Cerebral Palsy posted about the day on facebook, I asked my girlfriend who also has C.P. what the colour was for C.P. Awareness Day she said it was green, so I changed into my Lovat Green Argyll jacket and Loden Green hose, we were out getting Vanessa's hair done so I took the opportunity to go get a photo at the Toronto sign in front of City Hall.
  11. I wore my kilt every day for 6 years or so, 5 years of that was at a place I worked. At the place I worked it was also Business Casual people would show up from t-shirts and jeans to suits depending on the person but most would fall somewhere between most normally wearing khakis and a polo or dress shirt, normally without a tie. Below are a few photos from back then: This photo was taken outside the office Just to show that you can wear a kilt with a polo shirt to work, here is another shot of an outfit I wore to work
  12. As Vanessa and I were walking down the street this afternoon I could not believe my eyes when I saw this gentleman walking toward me. Thomas is the Senior International Officer for admissions from the University of St. Andrews, and was in town doing a presentation, he was good enough to stop and talk for a wee bit and pose for this photo.
  13. Here are a couple of photos from Tartan Tuesday last night.
  14. I'd say go for the bottle green and maroon first then one of the blues.
  15. I was out today in the Scottish Wildcat Tartan kilt suit and had was able to get a photo taken, just thought I would share it with you all.