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  1. Mcmurdo

    Any Kilt Nights Out There?

    You are more than welcome the next one will be Tuesday June 5th we meet at 8:00 at 963 Kingston Road at The Feathers Pub. Join the facebook group for all the information
  2. Mcmurdo

    Any Kilt Nights Out There?

    In Toronto we have been having a monthly kilt night the first Tuesday of every month for over 4 years now. We call it Tartan Tuesday, here are a couple of photos Facebook group is here:
  3. Mcmurdo

    Safe accessible home

  4. Mcmurdo

    Safe accessible home

  5. Mcmurdo

    Safe accessible home

  6. Mcmurdo

    Safe accessible home

    I haven't updated this thread in while but thought I would get back to it now, below are some more of the #kiltingforacause photos
  7. Mcmurdo

    Safe accessible home

    The weekend outfits. I think these two outfits show the versatility of the kilt from casual to more dressy day wear Saturday Sunday
  8. Mcmurdo

    Safe accessible home

    Here is today's outfit #kiltingforacause PM me for details. Every donation helps and will ensure I continue the kilting adventure. More important however is that my friend gets a safe accessible home.
  9. Mcmurdo

    Safe accessible home

    I have not posted here in a bit, sorry about that, I am still wearing the kilt daily and am on day 15 of the month. Here are some photos from the past few days.
  10. Mcmurdo

    Safe accessible home

    It was -21 degrees Celsius here today, but I did say I would wear the kilt every day for a month and one day thereafter for every donation received regardless of the size. Today was day 8 and I've got a month left so far. Here is the outfit for today and yes it was cold but worth it.
  11. Mcmurdo

    Safe accessible home

    Day 7 It was a bit warmer this morning but it did cool down as the day has continued. Donations are needed. Every bit helps even $5 or $10. Please help my friend with multiple disabilities breathe clean air and thrive. Every donation means another day of kilting after the first month.
  12. Mcmurdo

    Safe accessible home

    Day 6 of daily kilt wear for a cause. Warmer than yesterday but I could use a couple of donations to keep me warm. The snow was a treat this morning. Please help if you are able. Every donation helps whether its $5 or $10.
  13. Mcmurdo

    Safe accessible home

    Day 5 of daily kilt wear for a cause. It is -20 celcius out here today, I could use a donation or two to help keep me warm. Looking forward to continuing this journey. If you want to help me continue then remember that for each donation I will wear the kilt for one more day.
  14. Mcmurdo

    Burns Day 2018

    Here are some photos from the Burns Night we went to on Saturday.
  15. Mcmurdo

    Safe accessible home

    Day 4 of daily kilt wear to raise awareness of the gofundme campaign it’s starting to snow. Please consider donating and sharing this cause. Any amount helps, there have been a lot of shares and we are grateful for them but we still need donations to ensure that this happens. We want her to be able to move into a place that is fully accessible and able to breathe. I cannot stress how critical this is. Please donate here Thanks for all your help.