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  1. Mcmurdo

    Argyll jacket & waistcoat from 1900

    Thats great see you there.
  2. Mcmurdo

    Argyll jacket & waistcoat from 1900

    Please feel free to join the group to keep up to date on everything. I am trying to figure out door prizes & such so this one should be special.
  3. Mcmurdo

    New Member

    Welcome to the forum.
  4. Mcmurdo

    Argyll jacket & waistcoat from 1900

    Chris It is a pub that is fully accessible.
  5. Mcmurdo

    Argyll jacket & waistcoat from 1900

    You can come to Tartan Tuesday in a sweater or dress shirt it doesn't have to be a jacket. May 7th is our 5th Anniversary.
  6. Mcmurdo

    Argyll jacket & waistcoat from 1900

    Chris you might want to check out Tartan Tuesday
  7. Mcmurdo

    Argyll jacket & waistcoat from 1900

    Chris I found this set on Facebook Marketplace. I was extremely lucky to find it. I looked into the jacket a it more, here is some info for it Samuel Duncan, Tailor and Army Clothier, 39 Frederick street ; Lived at a house, 12 Jordan Lane. Listed in the post office directory books 1894-1905
  8. I have been in talks for this jacket for a few months it finally arrived today just in time for this months Tartan Tuesday. It dates from 1900 so is my oldest piece of kit. I am honoured to be the custodian of this set & will treasure it for the rest of my life.
  9. Mcmurdo

    New.... But Not... Las Vegas Lion!

    Welcome to this side.
  10. Mcmurdo

    Tartan Tuesday November 2018

    its growing back
  11. Tartan Tuesday November 2018 Group Shot
  12. Mcmurdo

    Tartan Tuesday October 2018

    Anytime you get up here you are welcome to join us.
  13. It was a great night, we had 2 visitors first Graham from London, and Colin who is back from Cork for Thanksgiving, so good to see old friends again. Colin was in from Cork Ireland, it was great to see him, even though his kilts are still in storage, he was able to wear a tartan tie.
  14. Mcmurdo

    Black Watch Military Kilt

    A few weeks ago someone on the forum got in touch over PM as we were talking he said there was a Black Watch kilt at a local thrift shop in Toronto's Kensington Market. The good news is with the recent weight loss it fit. The better news is I got a deal on it. The best news is that I was watching a few of these on EBay and this one was half the price of those online. As the weather has been cooling down I have had a few chances to wear it.