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  1. traveler03

    September Caption Contest - ENTER FOR FREE!!!

    With two cockpits, it is hard to figure out which stick to pull.
  2. traveler03

    August 2016 Caption Contest - Win a FREE KILT

    WOA, I feel a breeze. Are my balls and pin showing?
  3. traveler03

    Pics From Vader!

    Great pics. Cool to have your son in a matching kilt.
  4. traveler03

    Roll Call

    Upstate NY, lol
  5. traveler03

    August Double Contest!

    At last all the kilts are washed. I sure am lucky the clothes line is low so no one will see me naked while hanging them. The feeling is almost better than when in a kilt.
  6. traveler03

    New From New England

    Welcome from updtate NY.
  7. traveler03

    Hello From Wa State

    Hello, welcome to the site, enjoy.
  8. traveler03

    Hello From Oregon

    Weclome, enjoy the site.
  9. traveler03

    How Many?

  10. traveler03


    Got less than an inch in NY state where I live, just cold temps 10F this morning.
  11. traveler03

    Us Winter Storm

    Getting a little snow/ice this morning in NY (north of the City) with temps around 34. I will leave a little earlier for work today. Too many folks out here do not know how to drive in these conditions.
  12. traveler03

    Kilt Kompliments

    Had a "nice kilt" in the parking lot at Walmaart this morming.