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  1. Piipriker

    My Annual Salutation

    terms and conditions accepted. Best wishes to you too.
  2. Piipriker

    Golf Tourney

    have fun laddies
  3. Piipriker


    welcome from Germany.
  4. Piipriker

    Greetings From Tn

    welcome from Germany
  5. Piipriker

    Golf Tourney

    how about Tartan trews or Plus4s for the ladies? Everybody who is hitting the bunker (correct term?) has to down a dram. And you have to brew something up for a hole in one
  6. Piipriker

    Howdy From Texas

    for a bit of variety: Welcome from Germany
  7. Piipriker

    German Brothers

    same here, with Safari
  8. Piipriker

    German Brothers

    Don't worry too much. I found a celtic font that's called "Gaelge 2". i used it in the design for a badge for another forum (not that, that shall not be named)
  9. Piipriker

    German Brothers

    Mine was in my mailbox yesterday. Great quality of shirt and production. Like Mike S. I think the yellow could have been more "substantial, but that is a minor thing. Personally I have a problem with the font, because it is very similar to those that the neo-nazis in in our neck of the woods are using. If you decide to make a new batch you should consider changing the font. My personal choice would have been a celtic font. As I don't wear t-shirts outside of the house, expect below a polo or button-down shirt, I will be safe.
  10. Piipriker

    Laying Claim To Certain Tartans.

    I think that guy doesn't even know how the real Black Watch looks like. Every shirt that has a faint resemblance in the colours is called Black Watch. A friend of mine is breeding Westies. As a soldier at the Bundeswehr he came in touch with the Black Watch Regiment in Germany. He wanted to call his flock "Black Watch" and asked the Regiment for permission, which he got granted. He even was immediately sent to the Regiment's kiltmaker to get measured for a kilt. Now he is a proud wearer of a original regimental Black Watch kilt.
  11. Piipriker

    Howdy From The Land Of Cheese Heads

    welcome from Germany
  12. Piipriker

    German Brothers

    I'm in, but we have to check how to get the money to you as you don't have paypal. Happy St. Patrick's Day (with Red Breast Cask Strength)
  13. very nice Iron John. here is another one of mine. This knife with Damaskus blade was fitted with a briar handle by a german pipe maker. The picture was stitched together with focus stacking using 23 exposures in Photoshop Damascus Blade with Briar Handle (Focusstacking) by s_maclately, on Flickr