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  1. I have one of the BOTK Kilts. Very nice.
  2. Greetings from The Great State of Texas
  3. Greetings from The Great State of Texas
  4. Kilts are like Tribbles , they multiply quickly
  5. Welcome to the Brotherhood from Texas. Warning tho , Kilts are addictive.
  6. at my oldest daughters wedding.
  7. when you push it over , everything free floats
  8. Coolness
  9. WooHoo
  10. Current fav is Brotherhood of The Kilt go to kilt is Camo from utkilts.
  11. Mine won't talk to me any more. I wonder if it was something i said?
  12. USA Kilts is good as well
  13. I've got a night stalker sporran and it carries a fnp-40