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  1. Duke66

    May 2013 Caption Contest!

    My what a large oxpecker you have!
  2. Duke66

    Hello From The Chicago Area!

    Welcome from Orland Park!
  3. Duke66

    June 14Th And 15Th Itasca Highland Games

    I was the guy carrying the Scottish flag in the color guard, Chicago Highland Rifles.
  4. Duke66

    My First Sporran

    My first sporran. I made it out of deer hide purchased on ebay. So let me have it, what do you all think?!
  5. I got my packet yesterday! Thanks, KT!
  6. I haven't received my membership packet yet.
  7. No worries! I read about the divorce proceedings, and having been through that myself a long time ago... Well, suffice it to say, I understand! Thanks, Duke
  8. I've been waiting since July...