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  1. argyle64

    Kilts And Accessories

    These are still available guys.
  2. argyle64

    Kilts And Accessories

    These are still available.
  3. argyle64

    Kilts And Accessories

    Here is another sporran of his I forgot to post with the other stuff. This looks brand new! Price: $50
  4. argyle64

    Kilts And Accessories

    When I measured they were 23" but Stillwater kilts says they're 24".
  5. argyle64

    Welcome Back Megs.

    Who's Megs?
  6. argyle64

    Kilts And Accessories

    Hey everyone. My father passed away last September and I finally received his kilts and accessories from his estate. My dad was 6'4" so these will never fit me since I'm 5'8". All of these items are less than a year old and are new or like new. I can ship and buyer pays actual shipping costs. Stillwater Kilts MacDonald Tartan Standard Kilt. 42" waist 23" length. Price: $90 Stillwater Kilts Scottish National Tartan Standard Kilt. 42" waist 23" length. Includes matching flashes Price: $90 Stillwater Kilts Nightstalker Nylon Sporran Price: $20 SOLD Sporran Chain Belt (black leather) Price: $10 Kilt Hangers (wood). 3 shown but only 2 are available since one is already sold. Price: $12 for the two of them. J. Higgins Ghillie Brogues with tassles. These have been worn but are in excellent shape. Size 10. Leather soles and leather upper. Price: $50 I have some size large hose that are available as well. I will have to double check on the exact colors but I believe there is a white pair, black pair, and red pair in size Large. Those are $10 each. Please message me or email me ( if you have any questions.
  7. My business, Argyle Armoring, LLC, is not an official merchant on here but I give a 5% discount to members on here. Just ask Bob.
  8. argyle64

    How Often Do You Wear The Kilt?

    This wasn't an option but my vote is for "Not Often Enough".
  9. argyle64

    Oklahoma Kilt Night!

    I had a blast. Way more people showed up than I expected. Next time I will make sure to call ahead and get us enough space. Thanks for the pics and hope to see everyone in April.
  10. argyle64

    Oklahoma Kilt Night!

    Yeah, I'm not planning on making the rounds either but I'm pretty sure we can be the life of the party.
  11. argyle64

    Oklahoma Kilt Night!

    Just a reminder. This superiffic gathering is THIS Friday night. One of my wife's co-workers is a fellow kiltie and will be joining us as well. If anyone cares to get a rough head count maybe we can call in advance and get a table ready.
  12. "Hung like a horse? More like hung like the Sun."
  13. Now try and stick it where the sun don't shine.
  14. argyle64

    Oklahoma Kilt Night!

    Nevermind. I'm retarded.
  15. argyle64

    Kiltology #492 - Cougars

    I do love me a nice hott cougar.