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  1. Welcome, from Oklahoma. I'm not sure how UT kill s are with adjustability, Sport Kilt does work well with the fluctuating waistline. Paul Henry will drop in here from time to time. You might see if he has some options available.
  2. Welcome, from Oklahoma.
  3. That wildcat looks sharp.
  4. I hope you all had a great time. I Keep expecting my office to send me up there, but they keep sending one of the other guys.
  5. Sounds like a grand time. To bad I'm no where near.
  6. Welcome, from Oklahoma.
  7. SirHaggis. Have fun at Jambo. Wish I was able to go.
  8. Welcome, from Oklahoma.
  9. I would think something more durable than a towel would be a good thing. I've actually just started looking into something for my dog myself.
  10. Been good. Welcome back. It's been a little slow around here.
  11. They are still around though it is summer. Lots of vacations going on.
  12. Hard to say. It's whenever KT decides to have another.
  13. Welcome, from Oklahoma.
  14. Hi

    Welcome, from Oklahoma.
  15. Welcome, from Oklahoma.