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  1. TribalWolf

    New member from Wisconsin

    Welcome, from Oklahoma.
  2. Tons of bonus points for wearing Gordon Lightfoot with your kilt.
  3. TribalWolf


    So is it free Arab sex in a public house, restaurant, or guest house? Just trying to figure out how it relates to the board location before I click the link.
  4. TribalWolf

    Utility Kilts | Finest Quality of Kilts

    Mmmmm spam and eggs. Now I'm hungry.
  5. TribalWolf


    Welcome, from Oklahoma.
  6. TribalWolf

    New member

    Yeah. KT is a busy guy. I'm sure that he will get the member packet out in the near future.
  7. TribalWolf

    scottish festival

    Appreciate the invite. But that's a bit of a drive from Oklahoma.
  8. TribalWolf

    New member from SoCal

    Welcome, from Oklahoma.
  9. TribalWolf

    The importance of a good tailor.

    Looking good. I agree with you opinion on the length of the waistecoat.
  10. TribalWolf

    Howdy from Argentina

    Welcome, from Oklahoma.
  11. I keep forgetting about the White Lion, but when we did have get togethers for kilt night we usually met at McNellie's downtown.
  12. I guess that would really depend on the occasion. But a pair of cream/off white hose and a pair of ghillie brogues should do just fine.
  13. TribalWolf

    Newly kilted in florida

    Welcome, from Oklahoma.
  14. TribalWolf