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  1. Greetings

    Welcome, from Oklahoma.
  2. New to the site

    Welcome, from Oklahoma.
  3. acrylic kilt

    It should loosen up.
  4. New kilt and sporran

    Looks good.
  5. Need someone's historical knowledge

    Most clans can be traced back to the 11th -13th century. The Saltire was adopted in the 15th century. Unless you are going for 100% historical accuracy, I would think you would be fine using it. i would imagine that if there we any complaints, they would be way fewer than the number of people that like the product. But that's just my opinion.
  6. New to the Brotherhood

    Welcome, from Oklahoma.
  7. Kilt looks good. Good luck, and have fun at the meeting.
  8. Fraser of Lovat Sporran

    That's a nice looking sporran.
  9. OCR & kilts

    I do all my runs (road or OCR) in a kilt. There's is a post somewhere around here from one on the Warrior Dash races. I do that one every year. I do some local ones as well. As soon as I can find a Spartan that is close and on a non prior obligation weekend I will do one. I've been wanting to get one of those under my belt for a few years.
  10. WDW Kilted

    Heck yes you can wear your kilt at the mouse house. Many of us have done so, Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise, they are all good with it.
  11. Kilts And Boy Scouts

    The MacLaren is the official tartan of the scouts, they don't have an official kilt. And most of the gray hairs in the BSA take issue with kilts being worn, most of the time stating its not official uniform. Luckily, attitudes are changing. So for the Cub Scouts, I have never seen a pack that had the cub scouts get anything other than the shirt, hat, and neckerchief. Usually the most common bottoms worn is jeans. So that certainly leaves it to: uniform bottom wasn't chosen, we opted for a kilt. Doubtful that the den leader will have any complaints, but you never know about the Cubmaster. The Cubmaster is the one that has to deal with any parents that might complain, he is also the one who will have to deal with any complaints from the district or council. Back to the MacLaren, it is the official scout tartan, as a scouter you are fully capable of wearing a MacLaren kilt, but you are not limited to it. If you have clan affiliation then by all means wear your clan tartan. If you complete Wood Badge you can join the Clan MacLaren Society of North America as a Wood Badge member. I'm sure there is a ton more scouting related things I can talk about but I'll leave it there for now.
  12. Been a while

    Looking good.
  13. New to the Brotherhood, experienced Kilt-man

    Welcome, from Oklahoma.
  14. New to forum, old to Facebook.

    Welcome, from Oklahoma.
  15. New guy

    Welcom, from Oklahoma.