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  1. Greetings from Louisiana

    Welcome, form Oklahoma.
  2. I know that truck. It's the one that got me to join here. I use to see it all the time, I use to see the drive of the truck at the grocery store every weekend. But then he decided to move back to Massachusetts. That is the truck of our leader KT.
  3. Kilt pins

    I think any place that sells traditional kilts usually also sells kilt pins. Don't think I've ever seen a kilt pin on a utilikilt.
  4. Jonesing for my new fabric Great Kilt

    Pace yourself. 16 weeks of jonesing can't be good for ones health.
  5. Well let's see. Still working Still Assistant Scoutmastering Still instructing on archery and firearms Lacrosse coaching - season just starting up. Recently joined the board of a new non-profit organization. Still kilted. There may be other things but they aren't coming to me at the moment. Oh. Just remembered. Signing up to get certified for SCUBA.
  6. Newbie from U.K

    Welcome, from Oklahoma.
  7. Howdy Y'all

    Welcome, from Oklahoma.
  8. Christmas Eve outfit

    Sadly I was too busy worshiping at the mighty altar of porcelain on Christmas Eve, and dealing with the remnants Christmas Day. I didn't get out of my sleepwear for 2 days. Looking Stylish as always Mcmurdo.
  9. Greetings

    Welcome, from Oklahoma.
  10. New to the site

    Welcome, from Oklahoma.
  11. acrylic kilt

    It should loosen up.
  12. New kilt and sporran

    Looks good.
  13. Need someone's historical knowledge

    Most clans can be traced back to the 11th -13th century. The Saltire was adopted in the 15th century. Unless you are going for 100% historical accuracy, I would think you would be fine using it. i would imagine that if there we any complaints, they would be way fewer than the number of people that like the product. But that's just my opinion.
  14. New to the Brotherhood

    Welcome, from Oklahoma.
  15. Kilt looks good. Good luck, and have fun at the meeting.