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  1. Any Kilt Nights Out There?

    Only one I know of with any regularity is in Ontario.
  2. From Utah

    I'm getting deja vu here. Welcome, from Oklahoma.
  3. Help... how to deal with bubble butt issues

    Typically you measure the waist, which could be at the navel (traditional) or where you wear your jeans (modern). Then measure your hips, around the biggest part of your butt. Then give those measurements plus the length to the kilt maker. They should all be able to get you setup, just might cost more.
  4. Who says kilts are just for the boys?

  5. From Utah

    Welcome, from Oklahoma.
  6. From Utah

    Welcome, from Oklahoma.
  7. Kilt pin

    Very nice. Looks like it's got a decent weight to it.
  8. I am New Here

    Welcome, from Oklahoma.
  9. Greetings from a first timer...

    Welcome, from Oklahoma. My footwear depends on the occasion. For runs I wear my running shoes, for something nicer I wear my Ghillie Brogue. But for normal everyday I usually wear my hiking boots, I really need to get a pair of Ghillie boots.
  10. Greetings from Ohio

    Welcome, from Oklahoma.
  11. Greetings from Louisiana

    Welcome, form Oklahoma.
  12. I know that truck. It's the one that got me to join here. I use to see it all the time, I use to see the drive of the truck at the grocery store every weekend. But then he decided to move back to Massachusetts. That is the truck of our leader KT.
  13. Kilt pins

    I think any place that sells traditional kilts usually also sells kilt pins. Don't think I've ever seen a kilt pin on a utilikilt.
  14. Jonesing for my new fabric Great Kilt

    Pace yourself. 16 weeks of jonesing can't be good for ones health.