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  1. TribalWolf

    Argyll jacket & waistcoat from 1900

    It looks great.
  2. TribalWolf

    Finally found the BotK website and joined..

    Welcome, from Oklahoma.
  3. TribalWolf

    Is this mic on?

    I'm with macmanjim. I stay away from Facebook as much as I can. Honestly didn't know that BotK had a presence there until a few weeks ago. Still haven't gone to see the page.
  4. TribalWolf

    Hello from New Orleans!!

    Welcome, from Oklahoma.
  5. TribalWolf

    Advice from an old kiltie....

    I think it's all still valid. Unless any of the companies listed are no longer around, I don't see a need to rewrite it. Unless of course you are really wanting to do another write up.
  6. My can is empty. Anybody else have some?
  7. TribalWolf


    Merry Christmas. Tony, I was looking forward to your usual holiday salutations.
  8. TribalWolf

    Tartan Tuesday Dec. 2018

    Looking good.
  9. TribalWolf

    Heathrow Airport Parking

    Uuuuhhhhhh. They aren't even trying anymore.
  10. TribalWolf

    New.... But Not... Las Vegas Lion!

    Welcome, from Oklahoma.
  11. TribalWolf

    Tartan Tuesday November 2018

    Looking good.
  12. TribalWolf

    Wisconsin state tartan from USA KILTS

    Welcome back. That's a nice looking tartan. From the title of the thread I almost espected that it would be green and gold.