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  1. Been a while

    Looking good.
  2. New to the Brotherhood, experienced Kilt-man

    Welcome, from Oklahoma.
  3. New to forum, old to Facebook.

    Welcome, from Oklahoma.
  4. New guy

    Welcom, from Oklahoma.
  5. New here

    Welcome, from Oklahoma. And yes yes kilts can be addicting.
  6. Bought my first kilt 2 months ago, now I have 3

    Welcome, from Oklahoma.
  7. Having issues

    ScotFest was this weekend, I didn't get to but I wonder if they were there. I'd say it's been long enough. Time to go down the refund path.
  8. My kilt has arrived

    Nice. What kind did you get? oh and welcome to the forum.
  9. Tartan Tuesday Sept and Inverlorne

    Looks like they were both a good time. That house looks amazing. Gotten so use to seeing you in the wildcat I have to do a double take when you wear something else.
  10. Having issues

    Hey a reply, nice. I wonder if they happen to check the forums. Hopefully this means something soon for you.
  11. Having issues

    They sure aren't winning any awards for speediness. That really sucks. I hope the get their act together soon, and give you a discount or something free.
  12. Newbie

    Welcome, from Oklahoma. I'm not sure how UT kill s are with adjustability, Sport Kilt does work well with the fluctuating waistline. Paul Henry will drop in here from time to time. You might see if he has some options available.
  13. New guy

    Welcome, from Oklahoma.
  14. Tartan Tuesday July 25 photos

    That wildcat looks sharp.
  15. I hope you all had a great time. I Keep expecting my office to send me up there, but they keep sending one of the other guys.