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  1. From Utah

    Welcome from S.E. Wisconsin John
  2. Girls dig kilts!

    Very Nice the Kilt Looks Good Too. John
  3. Been Kilted :)

    Looking Good. John
  4. From Utah

    Hello Again. John
  5. From Utah

    Welcome from S.E. Wisconsin. John
  6. Kilt pin

    I took old inner tube and cut small squares once you pass the pin thru your'e Kilt run it thru the robber that way if your'e pin should come loose you won't loose it. Looks Like a Nice Pin. john
  7. I am New Here

    Welcome from S.E. Wisconsin john
  8. Greetings from a first timer...

    Casual I wear a Black Boots Dress I wear Ghillies. Welcome from S.E. Wisconsin. John
  9. Greetings from Ohio

    Welcome from S.E. Wisconsin. John
  10. Sporran

    It is worth the wait Donny doe's Beautiful Work. John
  11. 2018 Burns Dinner AZ

    Looking Good Sir. John
  12. Sorry about the Job Hope the New Company is doing Well I Was a Scout Master All the Kids are Raised Just the Grand Kids to Deal With Cars Doing Fine No Videos Latley Good to See Ya John
  13. Newbie from U.K

    Welcome From S.E. Wisconsin. John
  14. Burns Day 2018

    Looks Like it was A Wonderful Day. John