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  1. FJR1300


    Sounds Good I Wear One To Work But Then Change In To A Uniform. John
  2. FJR1300

    Weight and Gain

  3. FJR1300

    A Blind Dilemma

    Good One John
  4. Not Again That Never Happens!!
  5. Here We Go Again Help Me Mr Wizard. John
  6. FJR1300

    Is this mic on?

    It's Good To Know That You Are Still Around Kevin. John
  7. FJR1300

    Is this mic on?

    It use to be a Fun Place Good People having a Good Time Now Not So Much. john
  8. FJR1300

    Robert BURNS night

    Enjoy and have a Good Time. John
  9. FJR1300

    Savannah 2019 Saint Patrick's day

    Bit of a Drive for me Have an Awesome Time Nice Shirt. John
  10. FJR1300

    Hello from New Orleans!!

    Welcome from S.E. Wisconsin John
  11. FJR1300

    Is this mic on?

    Good Day Sir and How Might You Be? John
  12. FJR1300

    Finally found the BotK website and joined..

    Welcome from S.E. Wisconsin. John
  13. FJR1300


    Merry Christmas To All. John