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  1. FJR1300

    New member from Wisconsin

    Welcome from S.E. Wisconsin John
  2. FJR1300

    Kilted Chronicles 8: Kilted Fishing Trip

    Looks Nice up There I Have Paddeled the B.W.C.A. and into Canada but not too far in.How was the Fishing. John
  3. FJR1300

    Isle of Skye part 2

    Looking Good as Usual Sir. John
  4. FJR1300


    Welcome From S.E. Wisconsin. John
  5. FJR1300

    Kilted Chronicles 7: Kilted Daily

    A Utility Kilt would be the way to go for hiking and a fanny pak. John
  6. FJR1300

    Independence Day kilt

    Lookin Good. John
  7. FJR1300

    4 th of July

    Every One Have A Safe and Happy Holiday. John
  8. Looking Good I Like the Colors. John
  9. FJR1300

    Binging kiltled

    Donny is the Best. John
  10. FJR1300

    New member from SoCal

    Welcome from S.E. Wisconsin John
  11. FJR1300

    Binging kiltled

    Looking Good Nice Sporran and No chain Well Done. John
  12. FJR1300

    Kilted Chronicle 4: Custom Kilt For Exericse/Hiking

    Highland games and Ren. fairs I like to buy when I can have hands on as far as sporrans I have nothing but Wyvern I also use a sporran belt and not chains because they can make a kilt pill after a while. John
  13. FJR1300

    Kilted Chronicle 3: Wearing The Kilt All Day

    The material is a Poly blend not to bad. john