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    New Kiltie Here

    Welcome from S.E.Wisconsin
  2. FJR1300


    I heard in a song that when old fishermen die if they don't go to hell they go to Fiddlers Green My Question is when Old Kilties die if they don't go to Hell Where would they Go!
  3. FJR1300

    Kilt Belt

    It always pays to have scraps of what ever laying around Looks Good.
  4. FJR1300

    A Question For You All

    To me it sounds like he is trying to be like you if he is doing the same thing after the fact that is after you have brought something in to eat or after you have discussed something like knife making then he follows up with some what of the same thing. Is this fellow as well liked as you.
  5. FJR1300

    The Turkey-Holic Starts His Binge

    Sounds Great we will have to work Thursday but have 17 family members coming over on fri. that will be the first time my wife has had thanksgiving with her son in 20 years. Can't wait it will be pretty cool.
  6. Thanks KT just ordered two.
  7. FJR1300

    Christmas Sale

    Can't wait because I don't have a sgian yet.That is very nice!
  8. FJR1300

    If You Could Spare A Thought:

    Sorry about this will keep her and your'e family in our prayers
  9. And a welcome from s.e.Wisconsin
  10. I would Love to be there but from S.E. Wisconsin it would be a loooong drive.
  11. FJR1300

    New Kilt Pin Contest For Members!

    Number 18 Thank you.
  12. FJR1300


    A day late and a dollar short But Welcome from SE wisconsin.
  13. FJR1300

    November 2012 Caption Contest!

    Oh d@mn what was that next step.
  14. FJR1300

    Us Kilties - Go Vote!

    Did last fri. Thank God now all of the ads will come to an end.
  15. FJR1300

    Botk Kilt Pins In The Shop!

    Can't wait to get it! Just ordered one Thanks KT.
  16. FJR1300

    Grandsons First Kilt

    Pretty Cool My Grandson wants one he is 13.
  17. FJR1300


    Welcome from S.E. Wisconsin.
  18. FJR1300

    Hi All

    Welcome from S.E.Wisconsin
  19. FJR1300

    Central Wisconsin

    Hey Old Hippie yes there is I am down in kenosha county.
  20. FJR1300

    Howdy Y'alls

    Hello and welcome from s.e. wi
  21. FJR1300


    Greetings from another New B south east wi.
  22. FJR1300

    Kiltology #458 - Persistance

    This is very true my wife also could attest to this!
  23. FJR1300

    Looking For A First Kilt!

    Have you checked out Stillwater kilts there standard is pretty nice I have one in MacLaren.
  24. FJR1300

    A Good Day!

    Went shopping with my wife yesterday and got a lot of good compliments on my SWK MacLaren kilt. But the best was when we were loading the car, a young man about late 20s stopped and said that is just Awesome where did you get that. Told him it was from SWK then I told him to check out He seemed really stoked. Very refreshing to have the younger generation interested, and very pleasing to bring a smile and good memories to some of the older generation