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  1. FJR1300

    Good Morning from Texas

    Welcome from S.E. Wisconsin. John
  2. FJR1300

    Stop by the shop today

    Cool I will have to check it out when the Ren Fair opens. John
  3. FJR1300

    Hello, fellows!

    Welcome from S.E. Wisconsin. John
  4. FJR1300

    New to the Brotherhood

    Welcome from S.E. Wisconsin. John
  5. FJR1300

    It's a.....

    That is Awesome little girls are fun to dress up frilley diaper covers cute dresses I had two daughters. john
  6. FJR1300

    Well, that was unnecessary ...

    I Know What You Mean. John
  7. FJR1300

    Well, that was unnecessary ...

    Sounds to Me Like You Won. and it Might Have Been That Liquid Courage on His Part. john
  8. FJR1300

    Kiltie from London

    Welcome from S.E. Wisconsin. John
  9. FJR1300

    Greetings from Indianapolis!

    Welcome from S.E. Wisconsin. John
  10. FJR1300

    Tartan Tuesday March 7

    Looking Sharp Glen as Usual. John
  11. FJR1300

    Seven Nations


    I Like Seven Nations I Have Seen Them Play Many Times. But on Sat. March 11 House of Blues Chicago The Wife and I Will Be Iin Front of Gaelic Storm Can't Wait We Do It Every Year. john
  12. Looking Good Glen. john
  13. FJR1300

    Greetings from Louisiana

    Welcome from S.E. Wisconsin. John
  14. FJR1300


    Sounds Good Hope the Weather is Great for a Ride There Were a Lot of Bikes out Around Me Today. John
  15. FJR1300


    Glad to Hear You Two are Getting Back to Riding Just went to the Bike Show in Chicago-Rosemont last Weekend not too Bad Then went to Twin Peaks for Lunch. John
  16. FJR1300

    hello from TN

    Welcome from S.E. Wisconsin John
  17. FJR1300

    Big news

    Awesome A New Kilty is on the Way Congrats to you and the Misses. John
  18. FJR1300

    Hello from Salt Lake

    Welcome From S.E. Wisconsin. John
  19. FJR1300

    Happy Birthday all!!!

    Happy Birthday to us. John
  20. FJR1300

    A Happy Christmas to all

    Back at you and Have a Safe and Happy New Year. John
  21. FJR1300

    My annual salutation

    Have a Merry Christmas Tony and the Rest of the BrotherHood. John
  22. FJR1300

    My new piece

    Very nice Looking. John
  23. Welcome from S.E. Wisconsin. John
  24. FJR1300

    Greetings From The GoreTex Vortex

    Good to hear from you. John