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    Crafting and kilt-making, Highland Games, Scottish history, cooking, spoiling grand-kids
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    Northern Appalachian Highlands of Southern Ohio
  • Interests
    Crafting and kilt-making, Highland Games, Scottish history, cooking, spoiling grand-kids

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  1. Cruach Mor!

    Some Petty Cash For A Bargain Kilt

    My advice is to save your money until you can afford a proper kilt. Acrylic is a cheap but vivid nightmare. PV is better, but it is NOT wool - fine for a second, casual kilt. I understand the "yancies", but yielding to them can be dissappointing and expensive in the long run. Many have learned this lesson the hard way.
  2. Cruach Mor!

    Not Another New Hobby

    Checker those bad boys!
  3. Cruach Mor!

    Formatting Issues

    OK today.
  4. Cruach Mor!

    Formatting Issues

    They're baaaa-aaack. Loss of formatting on several page categories again. Windows 8.1, Google Chrome.
  5. Cruach Mor!

    New Pistol

    Since you're a .45 ACP fan, check out the Rock Island offerings.
  6. Cruach Mor!

    Good News For Anyone Who Missed Me

    Best of luck, Kevin. Sending good vibes east.
  7. Cruach Mor!

    My Absence Of Late

    Hang in, Tony. I can relate as Dad is 92 next month. You have very big shoes to fill here. I will do my best to help take up the slack.
  8. Cruach Mor!

    Call Her Lefty

    Wishing her a speedy, comfortable and complete recovery.
  9. Cruach Mor!

    Light At The End Of The Atunnel

    80's predicted here Sunday. Short spring. Not a complaint.
  10. Cruach Mor!

    Light At The End Of The Atunnel

    Ahh... So you and your bonnie knees are going. Excellent!
  11. It's been a long, cold winter, but this month things start to ramp up along with the temps, not to mention the grass. This Saturday is the Cincinnati Caledonian Pipe Band Spring Ceilidh. The following Saturday it's breakfast with the Mid-Ohio Mini Cooper bunch. Several more events in May. Looking forward to thawing out and having some fun!
  12. Cruach Mor!

    Formatting Issues

    OK... brand new machine running Internet Exploder under Windows 8.1. All of the formatting issues went poof. Good to go.
  13. Cruach Mor!

    How Many?

    Two that I wear regularly, three more packed away in a cedar chest - all traditional family tartans.
  14. Cruach Mor!

    Question About An Online Company

    I have not bought from them myself, but they have a good reputation on that other kilt forum. As for the differences, and Argyle usually has gauntlet cuffs, while a Breamar has military-style patch cuffs. However, there is some variance in nomenclature among vendors. Best to contact the vendor to clarify.
  15. Cruach Mor!

    I Have...

    Ahh... another ubiquitous post whore thread. I'm in. :-)