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  1. you will begin to receive emails stating shipment of your orders unless you are just renewing. if you have a renewal and need a duplicate certificate, just let me know.
  2. no excuse for the delays. Everyone who joined in the past year will be upgraded to full lifetime members. Life can't stop the responsibilities of the business.
  3. Member numbers are in your profile. Expect your packages to be shipped this week.
  4. I've been busy as hell. got laid off. started a new company. scoutmaster of a scout troop still raising the kids working like hell to keep the truck going doing videos most every night oh and wearing the kilt all the time! what are you up to lately?
  5. KT

    Safe accessible home

    Looks good! Keep up the good work!
  6. today is officially the 10th anniversary of the brotherhood of the kilt! WAHOOO!!!!!!!
  7. KT

    Catch KT everyday

  8. #everydaykt #1 - two questions today. "Should sporrans only be worn for more formal events, or all the time?" and " Is there a reason Utilikilts only sells the "switchback" design on their website and do you view it as a positive innovation in functionality of the modern style kilt?" Subscribe to my channel for dailyish vids on all manner of kilted questions, insights and general shenanigans. Be Strong. Put a Kilt On. ( and read Kiltology)
  9. ColoradoRaptor wins! I almost spewed coffee with that one! Well played!