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  1. Does anyone know of any connection with the surname McFall to any Scottish clan? I've not found much in my search.
  2. #everydaykt #1 - two questions today. "Should sporrans only be worn for more formal events, or all the time?" and " Is there a reason Utilikilts only sells the "switchback" design on their website and do you view it as a positive innovation in functionality of the modern style kilt?" Subscribe to my channel for dailyish vids on all manner of kilted questions, insights and general shenanigans. Be Strong. Put a Kilt On. ( and read Kiltology)
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    I know I've not promoted a lot lately, or even been around. Thanks to Amadan for reminding me of my first home.
  4. I am having a hell of a time finding a supplier of lapel-pin style pinbacks. I want a simple post with a locking clasp on the back. does anyone know where I can find these? I see them on many pins, but can't find thes post/clasps themselves online. here is the best pic I have so far of what I am looking for, the pinbacks on the kilt pin on the right.
  5. When looking at a sgain dubh, I highly suggest you save your hard-earned money and buy a quality sgain made by a reputable blade smith. If you are formally dressed, don't cheap out on a piece of mass-produced junk! You wouldn't wear a knock-off cheapie sporran with your hand-sewn heirloom-quality kilt, would you? I have been lucky in my sgains, having them made by many amazing blade smiths. My prized sgain is a custom-made blade from Sgains by Raptor. It is made of Red Ironbark which required special permits to obtain and a hand-made blade. I'm told the tree was about 2,000 years old. it is easily my favorite of all sgains I've ever had. It does not see much use as I know I can never replace it. It is just that amazing. Second in the image is a Damascus style blade, also by Raptor. It also has the heft and beauty of design as the blade previously described, and is #37. I love the simplicity of design which masks the strength of this blade. I do not recall who sent me the 3rd sgain, but it bears mention as the antler handle has petrified mammoth tusk as the blade. Another amazing sgain, but the blade is a little fragile so I rarely use this one. I have a few others, which I have not pictured as you can find cheap sgains all over the web, and I'll not get into those. Hope fully these examples of superior workmanship will help you see the value and beauty of a well-made sgain! Please share with others so they can see the beauty of a well made sgain!
  6. ( if you are seeing this on social media, please visit the entire post on kiltsrock.com ) what is your favorite kilt right now? Tastes and preferences change over time, cycling from kilt to kilt. which one is your "go-to" kilt now? Mine is my new Brotherhood of the Kilt tartan kilt by Got-Kilt. It just feels right. how about you?
  7. If you know of a great pub/bar/restaraunt that is deserving of our attention, and possibly even becoming an Official Public House of the Brotherhood of the Kilt, say so! We are always looking for a great place to enjoy the fruits of out labors ( not to mention show off the kilt we just bought!) so, if you know a great place, post you experiences here. I'll do a bit of research, and if they are as fantastic as they sound, I'll do them the honors of dubbing them an Official Public House of the Brotherhood of the Kilt!
  8. yup...Actual memberships, both annual and lifetime, are now available. here is what you get with membership: ********* One Official Brotherhood of the Kilt Sticker Official Brotherhood of the Kilt Membership Certificate, hand signed and numbered Official Brotherhood of the Kilt Membership card, for use at any Official Merchant or Pub of the Brotherhood of the Kilt 10% discount on all Official Brotherhood of the Kilt Merchandise. 10% (or more) discount at MANY Official Merchants of the Brotherhood of the Kilt. Special Prizes for Monthly Photo Caption Contests Access to Members-only merchandise and areas of the Forum. ************ I am currently in talks with a new Kilt vendor who wishes to be added to the Official Registry, and will find as many more as are willing to join up! here is a link so you don't have to hunt for it: <a href="http://www.kiltsrock.com/shop/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=76" target="_blank">Brotherhood of the Kilt Memberships</a> slainte,
  9. you will begin to receive emails stating shipment of your orders unless you are just renewing. if you have a renewal and need a duplicate certificate, just let me know.
  10. no excuse for the delays. Everyone who joined in the past year will be upgraded to full lifetime members. Life can't stop the responsibilities of the business.
  11. Member numbers are in your profile. Expect your packages to be shipped this week.
  12. I've been busy as hell. got laid off. started a new company. scoutmaster of a scout troop still raising the kids working like hell to keep the truck going doing videos most every night oh and wearing the kilt all the time! what are you up to lately?
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    Looks good! Keep up the good work!
  14. Please welcome Stumptown Kilts to our family of Official Merchants! you can check out their merch at http://www.stumptownkilts.com WELCOME!!!
  15. This is the November 2016 Caption contest that should be shared with everyone! To enter: register here ( on kiltsrock.com. posts on facebook don't count ) and leave a comment on this thread about this picture by midnight EST of the last day of November 2016!!! if you need to register, CLICK HERE ( it is free and I won't spam you with email trying to sell you crap or share any info with anyone ) Best caption wins a MYSTERY PRIZE! ( Yes, it will be awesome, don't worry about that! One prize was a FREE KILT from Got-kilt.com! ) here is the image! best caption wins! enter as often as you like! Members get an added surprise bonus! Order your membership here!:
  16. Welcome! As I work on getting everything working after the overhaul, I want to hear about everyone who is here! Do me a favor and introduce yourself, even if you have been here FOREVER!!! I'm KT, and I'm here to make you laugh, educate you are little about the kilt, and help you build the confidence to wear it wherever you want. I also do all manner of other things, but that will come in time on the blog. so, who are you? Dont' Forget: Be Strong. Put a Kilt On.
  17. today is officially the 10th anniversary of the brotherhood of the kilt! WAHOOO!!!!!!!
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  19. ColoradoRaptor wins! I almost spewed coffee with that one! Well played!