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  1. California Highlander

    Scottish Wildcat Tartan

    ​I saw a sample of the wildcat tartan at the Scottish Highland Games in Pleasanton over labor day weekend at the Clan Mackintosh tent.Really beautiful tartan!
  2. Really wanting another wool kilt..

  3. California Highlander

    Wearing Kilts To Irish Restaurants

    Was in New York recently and went out in my kilt, ended up at an Irish place for some fish and chips and a Guinness. No issues, good food and good time.
  4. California Highlander

    Leveling Up

    Something like that...
  5. California Highlander

    Following Orders But Not Happily.....

    It's your family, but if anyone, friend, family, or acquaintance told me explicitly what to wear or not wear AND then told me it was abhorrent behaviour to wear a kilt, I certainly wouldn't be able to "afford" the airfare for a visit. Instead, I'd go somewhere that was more accepting and tell them that, unfortunately, I'd not be able to make the trip.
  6. California Highlander

    First Gen Scots American Grayson Muir Here...

    Welcome to the brotherhood!
  7. California Highlander

    Found Another New? Kilt Merchant

    Bummer! I was hoping they were 22" unlike all the other 24" too-long-for-me acrylic kilts out there
  8. California Highlander

    Free Stuff Friday!

    Love free! Love Fridays!
  9. California Highlander

    Fs - Wool Kilts - Black Watch, Black Stewart

    The idea of a basic, $130 wool kilt is great. Black Stewart is nice, as wood something just a bit different than what other vendors have, maybe hunting Stewart? Not enough interest to carry these? Even at a $150 price point it seems like it could be a good selling product.
  10. California Highlander

    Who Likes Free Stuff?

    Free is the best way!
  11. California Highlander

    Looking For A First Kilt!

    Celtic Croft has an economy kilt thats 50-50 so it's got some wool. Looks like a great deal for $109. You get to choose your waste, hips, and length. I've seen one review that was positive.
  12. California Highlander

    Celtic Croft Catalog

    Very interested in the economy wool casual. Looks like a good compromise and price point. Hopefully it's online soon.
  13. California Highlander

    Kilted Warriors

    Weath is the "irish" guy in a kilt. Cool movie.