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  1. MacNobody

    Tulsa Scotfest

    I am getting ready to head over there. It's about a 2 hour drive, but I'll be there!
  2. MacNobody

    Non Celt Kilt wearers

    I have no idea. I was an accident, my father was a Fulton my dad (married my mom and later adopted me) was a Gladwell. I'm a mutt with no history. "MacNobody" fits well.
  3. MacNobody

    Anyone use straight razors anymore?

    I've been using a DE safety razor for a month or so now on my head and my face. Great feeling, cheap, and it smells much better when I use something like Taylor of Old Bond Street. I may try the straight razor because like the OP, I despise the current "disposable" society we live in.
  4. MacNobody

    Need A Recommondation

    I posted here so I can find this thread later!
  5. MacNobody

    Fps Gamer Geeks?

    I just started Diablo 3 also.
  6. MacNobody

    Fps Gamer Geeks?

    I just recently got heavy into DayZ. The server I found is fun, but the admins kind of run wild, I don't like feeling hunted by someone who can spawn with a weapon and is on top of me before I know it. Time to find a new server, I think. I played Black Ops on XBox, and was terrible at it.
  7. MacNobody

    Fps Gamer Geeks?

    Ok, this thread seems to have died. I am finally at a place in my life where I have some time to fire up some games. Arma 2 anyone? I play the DayZ mod but would love to learn the game. What else? Anything new to add since last update??
  8. MacNobody

    Meat Yield From A Cow

    Honestly that sounds too much like work. Like you, I am doing this for the health benefits of hormone free meat. I will update this thread when I figure out what I'm doing. I'm also looking for some non-grocery store, free range style chicken. I value Liberty, and a chicken tastes good when it was free
  9. MacNobody

    Who Likes Free Stuff?

    I do. That's my favorite kind of stuff, actually!
  10. I have not seen my gift mentioned, so I am worried that it was not received. The tracking says delivered on 12/21, but nothing posted here yet. Also: If you're my Santa, I have not received anything as of yesterday's mail delivery. **EDIT: Just got a text from my daughter that the package has been received. Now I can't wait to get home!!
  11. MacNobody

    Meat Yield From A Cow

    I will have to talk to someone, I am worried that I am going to be charged for the hanging weight of the beef before the aging and shrinking. I don't want to pay for x lbs of beef and actually go home with x-shrinkage lbs.
  12. MacNobody

    Meat Yield From A Cow

    Looks like a lot of meat.
  13. MacNobody

    Meat Yield From A Cow

    I am wanting to recruit some friends to splitting the cost of a grass fed cow, but I don't know exactly what I can expect, and I know they will ask. Is there a "chart" somewhere that will tell me about how much and what cuts I can expect from half of a cow? The farm I am wanting to use did not have one, and I thought I'd ask the community here while I continue my Google-ing.
  14. MacNobody

    Roll Tide

    Howdy! My dad's side of the family is from Evergreen, and I spent many years there. If I could find a decent job, I would have a better case for moving back to LA (Lower Alabama) but it doesn't suit my Queen, so I am living and working in Arkansas.
  15. MacNobody

    2012 Secret Sporran

    Sorry Ed, wasn't me. I am jealous, though!