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  1. Enter to win an international cookbook prize pack from @OutlanderKitchn:

  2. RT @1dontex1st: . @NianticLabs @PokemonGoApp have you tried turning the servers off and on? #PokemonWoe #PokemonNoGo #PokemonGO

  3. @BuschGardensVA Due to your discriminatory policy against wearing a kilts and calling it a costume, I will never visit any bush garden venue

  4. I'll Still be a Geek After Nobody Thinks it's Chic. - Marian Call

  5. Email template limitations make code monkey mad. Individual user or organization wide, really? #mscrm

  6. Maybe f(x) notation is better? SquareCup(RootBeer) = Beer.

  7. Eric Miller

    Gym Idiots... Arrgh!

    A stunt like that is grounds for dismissal IMHO. At a minimum they should offer you the choice of walking away without penalty. It's stunts like this that makes liability insurance cost so high.
  8. Eric Miller

    Michigan Kilt Night?

    I'm within 45 minutes but it's nearly impossible for me to get away. Someday maybe.
  9. Visited @CMUniversity last weekend with my daughter to see the dorms, dining facilities, sport complex, etc. #IWantToGoBackToCollege

  10. Visiting CMU tomorrow. Stuff's gettin' real now.

  11. Eric Miller

    Michigan Renaissance Festival

    We'll be there all day Saturday. Look for a blue harlequin great dane. My sister and brother in law are going. I'll be wearing a traditional MacQueen kilt this time. Too hot for the great kilt.
  12. Eric Miller

    Hello From Michigan.

    Hello from another Eric also from Michigan.
  13. Editing the ribbon is a "pita". Ribbon Workbench removes some of the "p". Could use more tutorials. #mscrm