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  1. Irishpiper

    Greetings from the Texas Panhandle

    I'm late in replying .... but welcome none the less! ( From the Gulf Coast )
  2. The Houston Irish Pipe Band was formed on 17 March 2013 (St. Patrick's Day) in Houston, Texas and are an independent, military-style, Irish regimental pipe band. We are the newest band in Texas and the only Irish pipe band in the Southwestern United States (that we know of). Membership in the band is open to those who wish to play in a military-style, regimental Irish pipe band. Unlike civilian pipe bands who generally like to "let it all hang out" on parade, the Houston Irish are dedicated to what the Canadians call "The 3 D's" - dress, drill and deportment and studious musicianship. We only accept those who are willing to respect tradition, have strict bering on parade (in public) and look proper. We do not allow drunkenness, bad grooming, unkempt bandsmen or civilian conduct. Uniformity consists of the ancient Saffron kilt, the khaki Irish caubeen, military khaki shirt, pipers belt, etc.; band dress will mirror the look of the 38th Irish Brigade about the time of the Fall of Rome in June, 1944. Tunes will consist primarily of local Texas, Southern and American folktunes and marches as well as Irish and Scottish pipe tunes. We emphasize "American" because that is who we are - our audience will be local Texans and we wish to fully submerge American and local folk tunes into our band, something we believe is unique. The Marine Corps Hymn, Caissons, Dixie, Bonnie Blue Flag and various other tunes will highlight our expanding repertoire. Our motto is "Ten Simple Tunes Played Well." The band does not compete, although individual bandsmen may. We should have our website up this week. Basic chanter, dress, drill and deportment training is offered free of charge to all band members. Band practice currently takes place at a bandsman's residence off Hwy 59 & Chimneyrock (in the Galleria). For more information, please contact Mick Stewart, Pipe Sergeant, All that having been said, unlike many bands, we welcome *anyone* to come to our practice or join us for a dram or a pint at our host bar, The Harp, on Richmond Avenue. You'll find something that has not been found in pipe band for many years: a smile, a handshake and good Texas hospitality. Many times, pipe bands have a tendancy to be insular and impossible to "break into." We welcome anyone to contact us. Slainte!
  3. Irishpiper

    *** Irish Pipe Band Forming In Houston ***

    For those who are interested in our band, you can find us on Facebook at: DRUMS AND PIPES OF THE HOUSTON IRISH
  4. Up the Irish! The Texas Wild Geese have now reformed ranks and are on the march! We've just gotten the band off the ground and are recruiting for pipers and drummers who wish to play in a REGIMENTAL-style ( read: military ) pipe band in Texas. Our Facebook page is now up:
  5. Irishpiper

    * New Irish Pipe band in Texas *

    FJR, THANK YOU! We stand at three effectives at the moment. Not bad for only being back in service for three weeks :-)
  6. Irishpiper

    Balmoral Vs. Beret

    Our band will be wearing the Royal Irish Rangers Caubeen bonnet with a Civil war-style Irish harp badge ( honoring both Union and Confederate troops who served, 1861-65 ) with a black hackle. The black hackle denotes remembrance of all unaccounted for Prisoners of War ( POW ) in the United States and Allied Force nations since the Second World War ( 1939-45 ).
  7. Irishpiper

    *** Irish Pipe Band Forming In Houston ***

    .... after seven years, the Texas Wild Geese have reformed ranks and are back. The Drums & Pipes of the Houston Irish and will be cranking up soon. Our email has changed ( ) and you can also reach us on Facebook: Drums and Pipes of the Houston Irish. FIND US HERE ..... All the best. UP THE IRISH! Mick
  8. After a delay of nearly a decade, the Drums and Pipes of the Houston Irish are back!

  9. Irishpiper

    Wreath Laying At The Alamo

    < Salute > ... well done.
  10. Irishpiper

    Balmoral Vs. Beret

    The black beret was adopted by the Board of Directors of the Cold War Veterans Association (CWVA) in early 2000 if memory serves correct. I began wearing mine a year later with the CWVA cap badge. Since that time, I have continued it as it represents my years of federal and state service. However, I have had veterans (and not a few non-veterans) come up and ask me about it.
  11. Irishpiper

    *** Irish Pipe Band Forming In Houston ***

    Our band website is now live:
  12. Irishpiper

    After The Highlnd Games

    Hey Bran, Sorry I could not make it to the Highland Games. I was at my parents in Sugarland when the sky fell and they got 3in in less than 7 minutes (total of 6in of rain in one hour). The ground floor flooded so I ran about opening up the French drains outside and helping sweep out the water when the deluge receeded. Give us a report on the Games! How many bands? What did you wear? Beer tent! Beer tent! Glad to know the restaurant staff liked your kilts!
  13. Irishpiper

    Balmoral Vs. Beret

    A black beret seems to me, to be appreciable headgear for use at an American highland games or feis. As long as the cloth DUI backing is removed and a clan badge or club badge attached, I see no harm in it. However, I would not wear a black beret outside of a games, Burn's Supper or local gathering or association dinner due to the problems you may have with veterans. Years ago, I wore the headgear of our veteran's association (black beret with veterans badge, blue blazer, regimental tie, greyslacks, polished low quarters) to a Veteran's Day parade with three decorated Canada veterans we had invited to come down and march with us. Before the parade began a veteran from a well known American veterans organization hastily wobbled over to us and angrily confronted me: "Young man! Did you earn that beret? Did you pass Ranger school?" I explained that this was the headgear of our duly-constituted, Congressionally recognized veterans organization, which obviously did not satisfy. We went back and forth until this gentlemen left. The moral of the story: Be careful of what you wear, and when. Even though you are honoring your heritage, others may not see it that way.
  14. Irishpiper

    Up The Irish!

    Cheers from Texas! Irish piper here and new to the Brotherhood of the Kilt forum. All the best lads. Slainte!
  15. Irishpiper

    *** Irish Pipe Band Forming In Houston ***

    Bran, Many thanks for you kindness of passing on my email. Our band is always open for basic chanter practice for those who wish to learn. Regards.
  16. Irishpiper

    Boston Response To Terrorism

    "My Boston bretheren!" Yankee is a filial term used with dispersion (s/p) (!) against our Northern cousins! BTW, superb, on-the-ground work by BPD, Massachusetts State Police (who know how to wear their smokey's), FBI and various police agencies. When terrorists go to ground, nothing but solid, slow, plodding police work uncovers evidence to make arrests. Well done Boston. Not only that, the people stayed indoors, allowing the Police to sweep the neighborhoods properly and, in time, find the Islamofascist terrorist hiding in the boat. Well done Bostonians!
  17. Irishpiper

    Texas Roll Call

    We provide basic chanter instruction (scale, grace notes, breathing, etc), dress, drill, deportment and rudimentary (flourishing) tenor and bass drum, what we consider the well rounded necessary "basics" of pipe band. Afterwards, we repair to either Keneally's or The Harp for a pint!
  18. Irishpiper

    Boston Response To Terrorism

    Texan here, locked arm in arm with our Yankee brothers. Boston Strong.
  19. Irishpiper

    *** Irish Pipe Band Forming In Houston ***

    branmakmorn, I am not sure if I will be in town next week, but will IM you if my schedule changes. Havent been to the HHG in at least two decades! Thanks bud.
  20. Irishpiper

    *** Irish Pipe Band Forming In Houston ***

    downunderkilt, Many thanks sir. Our objective is to go in a different direction from the standard civilian pipe band experience with the "waiter" dress and "anything goes" attitude (which usually leads to drunkenness, silliness, childish behavior, etc ]. This includes making our practices specific, dedicated and serious as opposed to the loosy-goosy civilian practice where family members, kids, and friends are brought and before long you have a BBQ with a few cold ones. By choosing to be military, we wish to honor the Irishmen who served in the British Army (from both Eire and Northern Ireland) and fought against the Axis in Western Europe and the China-Burma-India (CBI) theatre. Say the words "51st Highland Division" and everyone knows the unit designation since the 'Highway Decorators' had a magnificent battle record garnered by the famous Highland and Lowland Scottish Regiments. The 38th Irish Brigade (within 78th 'Battleaxe' Division) also had a heroic wartime record fighting in Italy alongside all Empire forces - mentioned by many authors - as a forgotten front during the war. We hope to be able to shed light on the men who served in the Med theatre (specifically Italy) as well as Burma (the Royal Irish Fusiliers served in this theatre) and honor their service.
  21. Irishpiper

    *** Irish Pipe Band Forming In Houston ***

    downunderkilt, The Pattern 1937 khaki web waist belts we get from What Price Glory ( which also carries reproduction British WWII Khaki Aertex shirts and British repro WWII (cut away) Khaki Service Dress jackets. The difference with the actual wartime uniform will, indeed, be the wearing of black leather sporrans, which, during the Second World War (1939-45) were not worn by active duty pipers of the Irish regiments. For members of our band who choose to play reenactments, parades, etc we will remove the sporrans and wear ammo boots and puttee's to maintain strict authenticity. A photo of our summer uniform can be found here: Scroll down to the wartime photo of the massed pipes and drums of the Irish brigade beating retreat on the piazza, after the fall of Rome, 1944. Notice the British WWII Khaki Drill (KD) along with Saffron kilts, caubeens (which are British WWII General Service Caps or what the soldiers called "Caps, Ridiculous") and puttee's and "ammo boots." The Irish Brigade's wearing of the caubeen was stipulated later in an ACI which allowed the soldiers of the brigade to wear Ireland's most noticeable headgear.
  22. Irishpiper

    A History Of The 51St Highland Regiment

    What an *excellent* post. Well done. Wonderful photos of Highland soldiers and pipers. God bless 'em, none like 'em.
  23. Just took the survey. 9 questions total. The subject (data collection) is one which all Americans probably have a strong opinion. Would urge BTK members to take the survey.
  24. Irishpiper

    Be very afraid

    Here are some bagpipe / piping instruction resources:
  25. Irishpiper

    New Kilt Project

    Cruach, Can't wait to see the final product!