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  1. Been a while

    You are looking very good indeed.
  2. Non Celt Kilt wearers

    Congratulation on that weight loss. That is quite a feat.
  3. What I wore yesterday, tie not required.

    No surprises. You are always so well turned out.
  4. Business Casual

    Business casual means taking my jacket off.
  5. Swing Free for Cancer!

    This is a nice idea, but how does one monetize the wearing of a kilt?
  6. New guy

    Greetings and welcome to the forum
  7. Celtic Anemia?

    Very interesting. When I was in process of being diagnosed my physician prescribed that I eat a steak at least once a week. He then put me on the injections, which had a remarkable and quick effect. Later he replaced the injections with daily sublingual 250 mcg, which seem to work fine as long as I let the pastilles dissolve up and I don't chew them. The problem is absorption in the gut, not direct absorption into the bloodstream. 250mcg daily looks like an awful lot, but even sublingual absorption is relatively low, so it has to be regular.
  8. Fruit of the Loom need to go to greater efforts to produce boxers in a wider variety of tartans. I don't like the fact that when I perform public duties I have to wear the nearest approximation. They don't make an exact match for either of the two tartans that I wear regularly. If anyone ever finds cotton or linen boxers in Maple Leaf pattern, I need to know about it.
  9. Non Celt Kilt wearers

    I feel that I must draw Gung Haggis Fat Choi to your attention, as being directly relevent to the question. See here:
  10. Under the Kilt

    I would never dream of having a bath wearing any clothes. I have recently read of slips a man can wear under his kilt to prevent hard to clean skid marks on expensive wool.
  11. They Will Not Let Me Wear A Kilt.

    Sorry about the delay in posting pics. I got really busy with my business. Here is one pic I have online right now. Will post more later.
  12. Usa National Tartan Day Monday April 6Th

    It is also April 6th in Canada.
  13. Tweed Ride Toronto

    This is excellent in an eccentric British sort of way. All I need is a bicycle.
  14. True Story, But Posted In Humour For Lack Of A Better Place

    I paid extra attention to my nether regions while showering, because I have a kilted dinner date.
  15. True Story, But Posted In Humour For Lack Of A Better Place

    you are a naughty man. I approve.