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  1. Dravonshadow

    Wearing A Sword With A Kilt (Ren Fest Attire) Pics?

    I agree with Drac and Downunder. Go to Renaissance leather over by the horses and the stage with Tartanic. Yes talk to Father Dave, he is not a salesmen he is a costume coordinator. If he doesn't have something that won't suit your needs and wants, or goes with your outfit he will point you to who does. Father Dave is a good friend of mine. He performed mine and my wife's handfasting and wedding.
  2. Dravonshadow

    Michigan Renaissance Festival

    Well my wife and I are always there. Even after or wedding in the 13th we were still there. We missed last Saturday do to my sons soccer game, but we plan to be there this weekend.
  3. As the title states I have worn kilts a long time, but I'm new to this site. Most of my posts will be bias, and posted about Got Kilt. They are who I started with, and will continue to do business with. I have bought a Utilikilt, but for the price Got kilt is better.