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    I am a Martial Arts and Wilderness Survival instructor as well as a full time Kilt maker. I retired from a military career in 2010.
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  1. Kiltedwolfman

    Brogues a plenty!!

    What's the best way to accessorize a custom kilt? Custom shoes! Three styles, three sole options, and available in a wide range of colours. An exciting new way to put your best foot forward. @NOHkilts #livelifekilted
  2. Kiltedwolfman

    I said " Bring it on!" So it did!

    The weather decided to remind us here on Vancouver Island that we're still part of Canada and we can still get winter! Not to worry as impromptu snow days equal time out playing in the snow!
  3. Kiltedwolfman

    Bring on 2017!!

    2016 was a great year for us and as we draw ever nearer to 2017 we want to thank everyone who has followed us on social media, who has emailed with questions about kilts, and especially those who have given us the privilege of making their kilt(s)!
  4. Kiltedwolfman

    Today is the first day of the rest of my life

    Welcome from Victoria BC Canada!
  5. Have a peak at some great bargains on a custom kilt!
  6. Kiltedwolfman

    Box pleats and smiling faces

    Military box pleats look quite nice, but are a pain to make. From a kilt-makers perspective they look like the result of an accident in pressing that became fashion. One "legend" talks about an officer during the Boer war whose batman mispressed his kilt, rolling all the pleats backwards. The officer didn't notice and soon the troops followed suit. Is this tale true? I have no idea, but it does sound reasonable. If you want a quick idea of what they would look like take one of your current kilts and fold the pleats back on themselves. Do about 10 pleats and pin them in place to see how you like the look.
  7. Kiltedwolfman

    Box pleats and smiling faces

    I love knife pleat kilts, but I also love box pleat kilts and am often questioned as to which is better. My answer is always " That's the wrong question to ask, you should ask which is better for you." There is lots of info about both kinds of kilts so I won't get into the details about them here. I will however share this picture of two lads who decided on box pleats on a bit of a whim and as the picture shows, are quite happy for it.
  8. Kiltedwolfman

    Kilt Suggestions

    The MOLLE is fixed in place, but we can add more lines or less lines or go all the way around the fell if someone wants.
  9. Kiltedwolfman

    Kilt Suggestions

    We offer a kilt we call the " Rampage" It has 7 pockets and M.O.L.L.E straps on the hips and we completely custom make them in a variety of fabrics.
  10. Kiltedwolfman

    Time just fllies by!

    One year ago today we opened our new location at 264 Island Highway to start our "soft launch" It was less than 30 minutes and we had our first sale ( a pair of hose ). Now 154 custom kilt orders taken and scores of Off the Rack and other merchandise sales later we want to give our most heart felt thanks to all our clients, fans, and friends. As we kilt on into the future we want you to know that we wouldn't be here without you!
  11. Kiltedwolfman

    Just looks cool!

    It's amazing how you can make 7 layers of fabric press down into a half inch of space,
  12. Kiltedwolfman

    Solid or Tartan, it doesn't matter! Or does it?

    I love box pleat kilts. I think you can get a great looking, hanging and swishing kilt in a box pleat with the bonus of roughly half the weight. Box pleats are my go to summer kilts. Here's a pic of one of our solid grey box pleat Rampage kilts.
  13. Kiltedwolfman

    Solid or Tartan, it doesn't matter! Or does it?

    Solid black has been one of the "hot" kilts for us this summer, alongside khaki. One of the niftier versions of black were these ones here, This one was also quite cool.
  14. Kiltedwolfman

    Oh yeah it's meme time!