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    texas moving to northern ireland in one year
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    Owner of slainte sporrans, wearer of many hats (literally, only 100% wool or linen ones though) collector of ties, cheese aficionado, tea drinker, animal lover (and amateur veterinarian!), coin collector, antique collector (and magazine-educated archaeologist!)
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    I move nearly every 1-3 yrs (not military) so there is no real purpose in putting in a location. will be Northern Ireland (NOT R.O.I.) in march 2015
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    Owner of slainte sporrans, wearer
  1. It is on the 29th of Jan. From 5:30 to 7:00 with tea and shortbread at 5:00. A live band will be playing. Seating is limited so arrive early!
  2. sgianendubhsiast

    Are You Function Or Froo-Froo?

    I totally agree with Raptor, start off with a nice well made kilt and you can customise it to your liking, whatever level of formality you want. I personally prefer function, but i certainly try to make my sporrans as fancy as possible but i wear my "Rob Roy" sporran with a dress shirt and waistcoat to any formal event and i feel compleately comfortable. Of course if i was going to a tartan ball etc i would wear a PC and all the trappings but in most "formal" situations i do not believe it is necessary.
  3. Awesome!I will have to come up sometime.
  4. sgianendubhsiast

    New Skunk Sporran Has Arrived!

    That is awesome! That is the next one I want to make for myself. As soon as I find a "nuisance" skunk....
  5. sgianendubhsiast

    Anyone For A Kilt Night In Harrison Arkansas?

    Aye, I haven't seen anybody in this area kilted really, but most people at least know what it is, and this one man made a joke about it: the bottom half of the "tr@u5ered man symbol" on the restroom door was worn off, so when he walked in he said "until you turned around I didn't know if they were playing a prank on me or what"
  6. sgianendubhsiast

    Kilted After Church.

    I haven't worn mine to Kirk as I received it a day or two before we moved and we haven't found a church here yet but otherwise I would wear it nearly every Sunday.
  7. Just moved here and it would be great to hang out with some kilted brothers and sisters in the area.
  8. sgianendubhsiast

    Happy Birthday Drac.

    Happy Birthday!
  9. sgianendubhsiast

    Need To Decide Between 2 Awesome Tartans

    I say MacKay, plus you have the fact that Billy MacKay is a great footballer (at least as Northern Irish footballers go...)
  10. sgianendubhsiast

    Roll Call

    Moving to Arkansas as we speak, moving to NI in march 2015
  11. packing for our move to AR, Getting ready for the "St Louis Scottish Games and Festival"

  12. sgianendubhsiast

    Making Progress

    Its not the weight you lose, its the FAT you lose- my Father who is a certified personal trainer.
  13. sgianendubhsiast

    Hey Kt, Check Your Pm Box ;)

    Sorry for being impatient but I sent you a PM about 2 weeks ago, no reply. I know that you are busy with your "non-kilt related" life but please check your inbox. Slainte!
  14. sgianendubhsiast

    Great To Be Here.

    Failte a brathair-Cochull a a felidh! (Welcome to the brotherhood of the kilt!) I will now like my own post.
  15. sgianendubhsiast

    St Louis Scottish Games And Cultural Festival.

    Ach! Maybe next year eh?