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  1. 23.5" length. Jesus I had like 20 tape measures around the house until I actually needed one haha...I am adding another photo below of all three I forgot to upload earlier. I also have this old sporran but it does NOT have a chain, I'll throw it in if someone buys this stuff or give it away to a forum member who needs it.I also have some used kilt hose but don;t know if that is taboo for someone to wear used socks or not, so I'll probably just throw them out. Here is the sporran! http://imgur.com/a/ZtQFK I'll come back here and post the ebay link and offer 25% off to any BOTK member. Keep on kilting! Edit: Getting dragged out for the evening. Here is the listing. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=191285917624 I'll stand by my offer of 125 until 9. Then 25% afterwards. Thanks everyone. I hoip all is well.
  2. I'll give everyone until 9 CST tonight before I list it on Ebay. Thanks everyone for looking and keep on kilting!
  3. I'll have to check the length once I get home from work as that I don't know. But it goes down to your knees. Also let me know if someone is interested and I will make a Ebay sale that way it can work as an escrow service in case either of us have any issues.
  4. Uh, posted pics in the OP thread... http://imgur.com/a/lQIxL
  5. Or Kilt: $75 Jacket: $35 Vest: $15 Shipped. In case you just wanted one of the items.
  6. Good Morning! I have like many, gained a few pounds. I have some old kilt items I would like to see go to a first time wearer. If they don't sell here, I will post on Ebay. I have a Semi-Trad Modern MacNaughton, Waist 33-36. Only been worn around a dozen times. A Merrel Vest. Pin striped and silk back. Large Single Button Short Cut Jacket which shows off the kilt beautifully! 42-ish All these items I would sell for $125 Shipped. (CONUS) I will be posting this on Ebay for $200 if no one wants it here. I would prefer this to go to someone just getting into kilting, or for a gift. But no reasonable offer will be refused. Keep on kilting! photos... http://imgur.com/a/lQIxL