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    I am a HUGE knife and sword enthusiast. I am involved in Japanese Iaido, and now Scottish Broadsword and FMA Stick fighting. I am new to the kilt but already looking and making my own since getting them down here in Costa Rica is impossible.
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    From Texas / Lives in Costa Rica
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    I am a HUGE knife and sword fan. Into Iaido and FMA Stick fighting. I believe that he who has the most blades when he dies, wins.

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  1. Raymond

    Stepping It Up

    Yea this past holidays I fell off as well. I need to get cracking at it again. Gaining and that is not good. Ray
  2. Some very nice blades in deed. Please keep posting more.
  3. Raymond

    My Latest Diy Sporran Project.

    Wow.. great looking sporran. I have some beginner tools and have been tempted to try my hand at making a sporran, heck just making a belt would be an accomplishment. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Raymond

    Are You Function Or Froo-Froo?

    No shame to the kilt. A mere fact that women love men in a Kilt. Turn the tables mate and get with the program. KILT ON !!
  5. Raymond

    Are You Function Or Froo-Froo?

    I have to say that I am more about quality. I want my kilts and gear to last. One of my favorite kilts is a Gunn 8 yard that my wife picked out from Buyakilt.com. It is their budget kilt, but I am impresses with the way it wears and have been wearing that one the most. Living down here in Costa Rica it is now summer here and as much as I love the UT Kilts, they do not breathe much. They are great in the cold mornings here. But my Gunn from Buyakilt is great and can wear it all day. So I can not say that I am about foo-foo, but functionality and quality. All the kilts that I have purchased (6 in all) are all great quality. But my Gunn is my go to kilt so far in my inventory.
  6. Raymond

    Merry Christmas To All

    Merry Christmas all, it is a new year coming and the chance to buy and wear new kilts. Also it is a chance to educate those poor slobs who maintain that P@nt$ is the only way to go. THanks for such a wonderful forum and a kilt place to call home. Ray CR
  7. I love it and it has a lot of pockets. It is totally worth the $25.00 at Stillwater.
  8. Hey all, Finally back home and I have a chance to share all the goodies I picked up. My UT Blackout Utility Kilt My Gunn 8 Yard from Buyakilt.com - My wife picked this one out. Also sporting the Stillwater Kilts canvas tactical sporran. Gunn kilt with my CAS Hanwei basket hilt back sword. My Stillwater Black Watch 8 yard kilt with my basket hilt sword.
  9. Raymond

    Hope To Be Coming Back

    Welcome back, have heard about you but good to see you
  10. Raymond

    My New Used Utility Kilt

    Here is the Etsy Store Quirks by Meg -- https://www.etsy.com/shop/QuirksbyMeg Tell here that Ray from Real Men Wear Kilts sent you. She also has a Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/QuirksbyMeg She has more picts there. Ray
  11. Raymond

    My New Used Utility Kilt

    I had a lady make one for me. She has an ETSY store and I can look it up and post it here. She makes custom Tams to fit and color. I love mine.
  12. Pretty good interview there Grain +1!
  13. Raymond


    Was there some point where one was doubting your existence?
  14. Raymond

    Help Required

    # 8 -- Real Men Wear Kilts
  15. Raymond

    My First Marathon

    Dude... you did a Marathon, a lot better than what I could do. So completing it is a huge accomplishment. two thumbs up to you!