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  1. jthk

    I Made The Paper...again!

    Hi! Congrats! May I ask what kilt you have on in the picture? Interesting to see someone from that part of the world -- my mother's family is from Acushnet/Fall River/New Beige; my grandparents took me to Mattapoisett in the 1980s to go to a toy store. The Toy Box, perhaps? Good for you! I live in western Massachusetts now but my parents still live off of exit 10 from 495. Regards, Jonathan
  2. Comrades, I purchased a Royal Regiment of Scotland kilt and it arrived from Co. Antrim (NI) just a few months ago. It is the kilt currently in use and is MoD issue. It's gorgeous and very sturdy but, sadly, doesn't fit me. I wish it did! It has roll-pleats (which are still sown down), stury black buckles, nice leather straps. I paid $300 for the kilt and international shipping so I'm asking for a "best offer" and I'll ship anywhere in the USA at no cost to you. I have worn it once as an trial around the house and had people offer their opinions. The one that mattered the most comes from a well-known kiltmaker who said that it was absolutely gorgeous but simply a bit too big for me. I'm 5 ft 8 in tall and I think this kilt would be best on a person who is an inch to three inches taller than I am. The basting stitches were still on the kilt until the above-mentioned trial which stemmed from my lovely wife removing the stitches when I was at work so she could see me with the kilt on. https://www.flickr.com/photos/36969218@N02/24563062360/in/album-72157664221611621/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/36969218@N02/24832283786/in/album-72157664221611621/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/36969218@N02/24858535525/in/album-72157664221611621 Measurements: Height = 176 cm Waist = 88 cm Breech = 104 cm Regards, Jonathan
  3. I realize that my reply is 6 years after the post but wanted to chime in as a newbie to the kilt world with a thumbs-up as well. I'm after purchasing a pair of Carolina Lineman boots to wear with my kilts when the weather in rural western Massachusetts gets colder. Fair play! Best, Jonathan
  4. I'm a high school teacher and do not wear kilts Monday-Thursday while I'm working but Friday is "Kilted Friday". On that Friday -- and non-work time on other days -- I tend to wear Utilikilts. I like the comfort and how they hang. I have yet to own a traditional tartan kilt but look forward to that day. I own two UT Kilts and those are very nice as well but are not as well-made compared to Utilikilts. They are lighter which is better for warm weather but the Utilikilts are a bit heavier which is nice for cooler weather. Best, Jonathan
  5. jthk

    New Kilt

    Comrades, The first kilt I purchased, in June of this summer, was the Elkommando from Mountain Hardwear. It's fantastic and I wore it frequently. Soft, light, quick-drying ... The pockets on the side are handy but unlike the Utilikilts, the pockets are stitched at the bottom as well as the top so they move differently. I usually have a small shoulder-bag or a back-pack to carry my supplies anyway. I have been looking at the Sport Kilt Hiker's, but I hesitate ... Best, Jonathan
  6. jthk

    Winter Is Coming

    As a new member here AND on Xmarks, I noticed there is a disturbance in the Force. Could someone help me out with the story? Thanks!
  7. jthk

    Me In A Few Kilts Of Mine

    What would be the manufacture of those black boots?
  8. Hey there Kiltedwoodie, I've only started to wear kilts this summer ... but no, I think I'll stick to troo$er$ for professional functions. Best, JTHK
  9. Hello! Cad é mar atá sibh? How're you all? I'm a 39-yr old public schoolteacher, uilleann piper, and Irish-language speaker living in western Massachusetts. I purchased my first kilt, a Utilikilts Mocker, more than 10 years ago to wear at an event. I subsequently wore it for another event but put it away and forgot about it. While the idea of wearing a modern kilt appealed to me, I was far too concerned about the social consequences to actually wear the thing. Since then, I'm older, much more well-travelled, and in particular am finding the warm New England summers to be a bit more uncomfortable after living in between Galway and Donegal for a while. I dragged out the Mocker a few weeks ago and have been wearing it around the house -- much to the delight of my wife. I then purchased a Mountain Hardware Elkommando hiking klt which I wear for hiking, walking, or around the house. Again, I love it. I attended a music even in NY this week past and found another man wearing exclusively Utilikilts. We struck up a conversation and hung out here and there over the week. Inspiration. For the first time last night -- after much-needed encouragement from my bride -- I wore the Mocker to a friend's party. He was thrilled and any comments I received were positive. I suppose the negative comments were kept to their owner's own mind. I don't like being the centre of attention but I suspect I will have to deal with that if I'm to wear contemporary kilts outside the house more often. I have spent a considerable amount of time on this forum over the past week, reading and learning. Good on youse because there's a lot of very good information here that was quite helpful to me. Thank you for that. Through my searches, I had found a page that listed makers of contemporary kilts and the origins of their products, etc. I have since lost that page and can't find it again. If you are able, I'd love to hear what contemporary kilts are still out there -- I have found Utilikilts, Amerikilts, UT Kilts. Thanks, and all the best. JTHK