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  1. The Amadan

    Utility Kilts | Finest Quality of Kilts

    It's good with eggs. Let's throw some at it.
  2. The Amadan


    Bigfoot spotted me, the other day. Nobody believed him.
  3. Although the wife & I have plans, that weekend, we're going to try to partake of the McLain Festival, near Carlisle, PA. This is a basic, grass-roots Scottish festival; always a pleasant time. McLain Festival McLain Festival (FB)
  4. The Amadan

    Science Behind Reconciliation With Ex Girlfriend

    I hear it's great, fried with eggs & toast.
  5. The Amadan

    Newly kilted in florida

    Welcome, from the south-central valley, of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania!
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  7. The Amadan


    Welcome, from the lush central valley, of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania!
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    From Utah

    Welcome, from the south-central valley, of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania!
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    Greetings from Ohio

    Welcome, from the lush south-central valley, of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania!
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    Greetings from Louisiana

    Welcome, from the splendid south central valley, of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
  11. Let's see.. Work, rinse, repeat. Tinkering with my motorcycle (in the garage due to cold weather) training our dog (actually, he's training me) building new 5.1 surround speaker system built new home server & HTPC general home improvement projects annoying the wife, in new & interesting ways Heading to an annual dinner gathering of friends, tonight. Will be in my Black Stewart, with matching tie, coordinated shirt, vest & accessories. Must stop at beverage shop, and select a decent bottle of whiskey, for the after-dinner "tasting" session.
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    Newbie from U.K

    Welcome, from south-central Pennsylvania!
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    New Kilt Makre

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    New to the Brotherhood, experienced Kilt-man

    Welcome, from south-central Pennsylvania!
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    New to forum, old to Facebook.

    Welcome, from south-central Pennsylvania!