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  1. The Amadan

    From Utah

    Is the Samurai kilted?
  2. The Amadan

    Out Of Office 8/11 - 8/19

    Perhaps if you went to the "Introductions" section, of the forum, and told a little bit about yourself (kilt related), before posting further?
  3. The Amadan

    Trying to fing job in model or cinema business

    Perhaps the unemployment office would have suggestions.
  4. The Amadan

    A GREAT WEEK at Mensplace!

    May we suggest an eye exam, and an appropriate forum?
  5. The Amadan

    new family member

    What are you talking about?
  6. The Amadan

    Summertime Kilted - Study Needed?

    Stop in at the introduction section New To The Brotherhood, and introduce yourself. After that, check with the site owner, as to When & Where you can advertise, on your second post.
  7. The Amadan

    Not new, but a new post

    Back at ya!
  8. The Amadan


    Lot of non-kilt related SPAM. I suggest we do not respond directly (within the topic threads). Let them die an ignominious death.
  9. The Amadan

    Hello from New Orleans!!

    Welcome, from south-central Pennsylvania!
  10. The Amadan

    Is this mic on?

    Admittedly, I'm a bit old-school: I've been on the BotK forum (and a member) since (almost) the beginning. Joined the FaceBook page, when it became available. Simply didn't care for the format there, so I left. Shame it's mostly crickets here, as this used to be vibrant site.
  11. Wow, the Spam is strong, with this one. (At least the other spammers were somewhat kilt-related)
  12. The Amadan

    Finally found the BotK website and joined..

    Welcome, from the south-central valley, of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania!