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  1. Mishawakakilt

    40 reasons to wear a kilt

    47. I'm allergic to inseams. 48. Comfort without the middleman 49. More room for my horse to run 50. Keeps my bangers and mash cool on a hot day.
  2. Mishawakakilt

    Advice from an old kiltie....

    Thank you, good read and good info, helpful info to those wanting to get into their first kilt or two. Bestwishes, MishawakaKilt
  3. I have looked at a fair amount of sporrans and have not cared for the look, design or price of them. Then I got to thinking about my paint ball playing days and the many trips to the army surplus store. Then it hit me, canvas two pocket ammo pouch. The one I have is od green. I'd post a picture but I don't. Know how yet. Googling two pocket ammo pouch, yields a lot of ways and places to purchase, they also come in black and camo etc. I just wear it on my belt, but one might be able to attach it more like a traditional sporran if they wish. a nice alternative , maby not so traditional as a sporran. Let me know your comments on this, if you try it, and like it or not. Best wishes, MishawakaKilt
  4. Mishawakakilt

    New To The Brotherhood

    Welcome to the Brotherhood from Mishawaka IN
  5. Mishawakakilt

    Kiltology #510 - Car Doors

    try this tip and Tell me if you think it works. I have heard several kilties say that the pleats can be uncomfortable on long car trips, as well as they can get stretched out in some instances and won't lay flat . SO before getting in the car, turn the kilt around so it's backwards. If wearing a kilt pin, you may want to remove it or just be mindful of it. When you arrive at your destination, turn your kilt around, tuck in your shirt, and go. MishawakaKilt
  6. Greetings from Indiana, New member to Brotherhood, and new to the Kilting Community. I purchased my first kilt a budget minded entry level Kilt, In Black Watch polyviscose material I have had it on several times, however I have still not worn it out of the house yet. I hope to wear it out soon. Jim