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  1. Alaskan Kilted Guy

    Not new, but a new post

    Hello again everyone! I haven't stopped by here in quite some time. I just wanted to drop in with greetings and salutations! AKG
  2. Alaskan Kilted Guy

    Back, from the Isle

    I am a bit envious of your trip!
  3. Alaskan Kilted Guy

    Get A Badass Sporran!

    My wife commissioned an Alaska Native craftsman to make me the sporran. It's made of leather, seal skin, polar bear, and whale baleen. I am pretty sure my wife is the best one around.
  4. Alaskan Kilted Guy

    Get A Badass Sporran!

    Ok. So I am spoiled and can get materials not accessible to people in other places of the world. My new sporran: Leather, seal skin, polar bear, and whale baleen all assembled and put together by an Alaska Native craftskman. I try not to brag, but this is likely the most badass modern sporran there is. If not... I'd like to see it. Share it here.
  5. Alaskan Kilted Guy

    Winter Is Coming

    F uck 'em. They banned me, and it didn't negatively impact me one bit.
  6. Alaskan Kilted Guy

    Mlb Postseason

    Well, the Cubs are done. Oh well.
  7. I just bought my son and I tickets for the opening night of The Force Awakens. Who else has their tickets?
  8. Alaskan Kilted Guy

    I Find This Appalling.

    Crazy. We need to start a letter writing campaign. Or email campaign.
  9. Alaskan Kilted Guy

    Converted A New One

    Right on!!
  10. Alaskan Kilted Guy

    Mlb Postseason

    It would be mayhem for sure and things are looking good for the Cubs so far.
  11. Alaskan Kilted Guy

    Mlb Postseason

    Who is everyone rooting for. I am a Giants fan and they're done. I'd like to see the Cubs do well.
  12. Alaskan Kilted Guy

    Winter Is Coming

    Hang out where you feel comfortable. I wouldn't discourage anyone from hanging out at either place. Both have their own feel and strong points. Didn't work for me there and I said something that the powers that be over there didn't like, so they banned me. I do know folks that find enjoyment at both places.
  13. Alaskan Kilted Guy

    Where Do You Carry It ?

    Good call. Sometimes I carry my instead of carrying in a sporran or on my hip. I carry this in p@nt$ sometimes too.
  14. Alaskan Kilted Guy

    Aurora Borealis

    You're welcome. They sure are amazing!
  15. Alaskan Kilted Guy

    Aurora Borealis

    Here's some photos I took of the Aurora Borealis tonight. Thought you all may be interested in seeing these.